Sheri’s Ranch — An Undercover Brothel Review

My Experience with a Courtesan at Sheri’s Ranch Brothel

Sheri's Ranch Courtesan

Perla Is a Courtesan at Sheri’s Ranch

By guest blogger, Nedd Ludd.

I’m on the road to Pahrump, Nevada to do research for my “undercover brothel review.” I’m incredibly excited, but also a little scared. It’s been nearly 20 years since I’ve been to a brothel.

Before leaving Las Vegas I stop at the bank and withdraw $500, hoping I can get away with spending no more than $300 of that.

My trip starts at the Red Rock Casino. Driving west on Hwy 160, I enter the incredibly beautiful Red Rock canyon. The city of Las Vegas and 150 years disappear. It’s 1870 and I’m a cowboy on horseback riding to a “cathouse.” The romance of that vision gets me even more excited.

After about an hour of driving, I stop and, somewhat self-consciously, ask directions of a young guy at a gas station at the intersection of Highway 160 and Homestead Road. He answers as if it’s the most natural question in the world: “Make a left on Homestead and go about seven miles to the end of the road. You’ll find both the Chicken Ranch and Sheri’s.” The landmark at that intersection is a white castle-like building known locally as the Kingdom Gentlemen’s Club.

The final leg of the trip down Homestead Road is uninspiring—a two-lane potholed road that does not in any way prepare you for the beauty and delight of your destination.

Just before reaching the brothel I stop at the Terrible Herbst Casino. (I find it’s always best to check with the locals.) I ask the bartender which of the two brothels is better. He calls over one of the waitresses who regularly gets the skinny from her customers.

“I’m told the girls at Sheri’s are prettier,” she says. I tip her and leave.

Approaching the brothels, the scenery improves dramatically. It’s the Wild West again—open spaces, horses grazing and big sky. I decide to eyeball each place and then make a choice.

Pulling into the Chicken Ranch parking lot I notice a sign outside that says, “Ladies Welcome” and I see eight parked cars. I decide to move on and check out Sheri’s. There I see twice as many vehicles. What I’m most impressed with is that both places look a lot more inviting than when I visited in 1995. Back then, both were just a group of trailers strung together.

At the Brothel — I Meet the Girl for Me

I decide on Sheri’s. The exterior of the place is attractive, with large reproductions of the erotic art of Olivia on the walls. There are two entrances—above one door the neon says “Sports Bar” and above the other, “Girls Girls Girls.” I opt to enter the sports bar. I’m so nervous I’m afraid my voice will crack like a 13-year old if I don’t have a drink before I ask for the so-called “line-up” of girls.

The dark and loud bar could be any one of a hundred local joints in Las Vegas. There are sports programs playing on the TV’s and a pool table to my right. The difference is that there are several hot young girls sitting off to my left wearing skimpy lingerie. They smile at me as I move to the bar. (What a friendly place!) I sit down and order a beer. The bartender immediately asks me if I want to see the girls.

“I’d like to have a beer before I see the line-up,” I said.

The beer—a Heineken—is reasonably priced at $5.00. The bartender serves me, and 15 seconds after she sets it down—I timed it—a woman comes over and introduces herself. She’s tall, maybe 5’7”, with blonde hair and brown eyes. She’s as beautiful as any woman I have ever been close to. She has enormous breasts, a flat stomach and a small, tight, world-class ass. She’s wearing a black g-string and a pink bra, and is extremely friendly. I offer her a drink, which she declines. I like the fact that she doesn’t hustle me for an expensive drink.

She asks me if I have been to a brothel before. I lie and tell her, “No, and I have no idea what to expect. I don’t even know if I can afford to be here.” This is not actually a lie, since I assume that prices have gone up since 1995.

She is very complimentary and skilled at putting me at ease. This is good because I’m surprisingly anxious. I’ve been close to hundreds of nearly naked, gorgeous women in the Vegas strip joints, and I’ve had more hot lap dances than I can remember. But today I’m going to get naked with this girl and anything can happen.

After 20 minutes of conversation I learn that she lives in Los Angeles and comes to work at Sheri’s two weeks per month. She claims that when in L.A. she has a completely different career and does not do any kind of hooking. She’s very likable and I’m impressed at how intelligent she is.

By this time I had seen about ten other girls in the bar. All of them were attractive, but my girl was outstanding.

I tell her, “It’s not going to get any better than you. I don’t need to see a line-up. But I don’t know if I can afford your time.”

“Well, let’s go to my room and talk about it,” she says.

“And if I decide I can’t afford you, there will be no hard feelings, right? And I can come back here for a line-up?”

“Absolutely,” she replies.

With that, I let her take me by the hand and lead me away.  

Negotiating the Price at Sheri’s Ranch

We leave the bar and walk out into the area you’d be in if you came in by the door marked, “Girls Girls Girls.” It looks like a large living room with upholstered chairs and love seats. This is where the girls present themselves to customers for the so called “line-up.”

I’m impressed with the tasteful décor. Recently renovated, it has none of the stereotypical “whorehouse red” velvet. It’s a classy, comfortable, brightly-lit room that would put anyone at ease.

We walk along a long corridor. To my left are large windows that open onto a landscaped central courtyard, with a beautiful swimming pool, highlighted by a rock scape waterfall in the center. As we stroll along I occasionally drop back a few paces so I can admire the work of art that is her magnificent ass—her firm, round cheeks “covered” by only that black g-string.

We pass a room with a Jacuzzi and another outfitted as a dungeon.   As we walk, she compliments me on how I’m dressed and tells me she loves my salt and pepper hair, and that I’m really sexy. As much as I’d like to believe these things, I’m still thinking clearly enough to know we haven’t even begun negotiations yet.

Finally we arrive at her room. It’s clean and comfortable but unremarkable—simply a bedroom with a queen size bed, a large bathroom and a walk-in closet. It’s surprisingly free of any personal items and nothing about its décor can be described as erotic. There are no pictures or photos on the walls, no sensuous fabrics. The mood might actually be heightened by some of that old-fashioned “whorehouse red” velvet.

She invites me to sit down on a love seat opposite the bed and asks me what I want. I’m pleasantly surprised to see, in the good light of the bedroom, that she’s actually prettier than she looked in the dim light of the bar. A natural beauty, she is wearing very little make-up. I estimate her to be 27 years old, tops.

I say, “Please make this easy for me.”

“Okay,” she says, and then immediately shuts up.

“Classic salesmanship,” I think to myself. I say, “Do you charge by the activity or the time?”

“We charge by activity. I’m a reasonable, easy-going girl. I like to have a good time. I like to play. I like to do massages, blow jobs, sex in all different positions, kissing, all the good stuff, but I don’t do anything anal. If you want to stay all night long and have two girls it could run up to $10,000.”

To which I respond, “I’d like to spend an hour to an hour and a half here with you this afternoon.” I then make a lame attempt to negotiate a better price by saying, “I’m the kind of guy that will be back if I have a great time this afternoon.”

To which she responds, “Well, if you want to spend an hour and a half and have a ‘girlfriend experience,’ it will be $2000.”

I am genuinely shocked! “Two grand is completely out of the question!” I say.

“Well, the average is $1000 an hour,” she says.

At this point, I stand up as if to leave and say, “I guess I’ll just have to be satisfied that I’ve had the pleasure of your company today. I’m sorry I wasted your time.”

Apparently convinced by my performance, she counters with, “Well, why don’t we do a really nice party for $500?”

“That would be $500 for a half hour?” I ask.

“Well, I’m not that much of a stickler for time, maybe up to forty minutes. So if you’d like to start out like that we can, and if you decide you want to stay longer we can do that as well.”

“Well, $500 is the absolute top I set for myself here today.”

“You sure you can’t go $700?”

“Let me show you what I’ve got,” I say, and I literally pulled out my wallet to show her the cash. “$507, that’s it.”

She laughed and said, “Okay, but let me take a look at your pecker to make sure you’re all right.”

I’m wondering what she thinks she can tell about my sexual health by a visual inspection. Does she have x-ray vision? But I’m not about to argue, so I unzip my pants and pull it out.

“You have a nice pecker,” she said. I admit to her that I’m self-conscious about the size of my cock. “Believe me, baby,” she says, “You’ve got a big dick.”

I really, really want to believe her, but at this point I’m still capable of thinking with the “big head.” So I give her the cash.

“Let me go take care of business,” she says. “I’ll get you another beer. Just make yourself comfortable. Mi casa, su casa. Take off your clothes and I’ll be right back.”

As she’s leaving she put on a CD by the Dixie Chicks.   I strip down to my boxers and look around the room, opening the drawers and closet. I find condoms, a dildo and lubrication.

Five minutes later she reappears and asks, “Are you sure you can’t put another $200 on your credit card so we can spend an hour together?”

I’m a little annoyed. “No, let’s just go with what we discussed.”

“Okay, baby,” she says, and she peels off the g-string.

Omigod. No hair or tan lines! Now in just her pink bra and high heels, she is the embodiment of all my teenage centerfold fantasies.

Sex in a Brothel — Surprisingly Passionate

As I stand there, stunned and staring, a slow, very romantic song called, “Cowboy, Take Me Away,” begins to play. I grab her hand and start slow dancing with her. The combination of her huge breasts pressed up against my chest, the sweet smell of her hair, and the feel of her smooth, tight ass in my hands literally makes my head spin. I feel like a 16-year-old at the high school dance, only this time I’m grinding with a naked Playboy bunny.

I kiss her neck and turn her face up towards me. I can’t resist kissing that beautiful mouth. She responds with one of the most passionate, erotic and romantic kisses I’ve ever had. We continue like this for the duration of the song, with me getting increasingly intoxicated with lust. I’m enjoying this so much that I ask her to play the song a second time.

When it ends the second time, we have been together no more than six minutes and my little head is now firmly in control. I tell her, “I’ve gotta be with you for an hour. I’ll pop for the extra $200.”

“Just show me your credit card so I know you’ve got one, and we can settle up when we’re all done,” she says.

We jump into bed and make out a little while longer. Then she looks at me and says, “I want to suck your dick. I don’t think you have any objection, do you?”

“To be honest with you, I’d rather eat you,” I say.

“You any good at it?” she asks.

“I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.”

So she lies back and I head south. Reaching my destination I realize I have hit the Trifecta—not just shaven silky smooth, but peachy pink and sweet smelling. I eat her like a man dying of starvation. After licking her for a few minutes, I slide a finger inside of her and find—jackpot!—she’s wet. I know now that this is going to be a great great time and worth every penny.

Ten minutes of my tongue’s attention and she comes, or at least, she makes me believe she has come. Then, after popping a condom on me, she gives me an enthusiastic blow job.

Now it’s time for the main event and she hops aboard, riding me hard and fast. I’m very impressed with her energy and enthusiasm. Watching her buck up and down, I’m reminded of the song we slow danced to, but I mentally change the title to “Cowgirl, Take Me Away.”

After a bit I suggest we change positions and she tells me she likes missionary the best, so I think, “Why not?” We grind away in that position for a while and then take a little break.

“Would you like to watch me play with myself with a dildo?” she says.

“Hell yes,” I say. She goes to the bedside table and comes back with a small dildo. I appreciate how diplomatic she is, choosing one that’s smaller than my equipment. As I watch and stroke myself, she works it in and out, caressing herself at the same time.

Now apparently close to coming, she hollers, “Squeeze my tit and suck on my nipple,” which I do until she comes, loud and hard.

Now it’s time to finish doggy style, so she flips over and sticks that incredible ass up in the air. I slide in and start hammering away. I’m crazy with desire! She’s talking dirty, the bed is shaking, I’m shaking. It’s a transcendental moment and I explode, Peter North style!

We both catch our breath, clean up, and get dressed. As we walk to the office to settle up on the extra $200, I see what seems to be a married couple, probably about 40, getting a tour of the place from one of the girls. (At least some of the girls, including mine, do threesomes.)

Back in the bar, she buys me a drink and we chat a bit longer. There are a half dozen men in there and one couple. After a few minutes a red light starts flashing and a siren blares, indicating that all the girls need to appear for the line-up in the next room. She excuses herself, kisses me on the cheek and walks out of my life.

I finish my beer and head home with a big smile on my face.

Would I Do It Again?

So the question of course is, was it worth it? Well, I had an intensely erotic experience with a truly beautiful woman who had a killer body and outstanding sexual skills.

It was a perfectly legal experience, free of disease or guilt or the risk of arrest.

There was no chance of me getting scammed or beaten up by a pimp.

No doubt, it was expensive. $700 is definitely a lot of money to me, especially when I think of how hard I worked to get it. But when I think of how quickly $700 goes for other forms of entertainment, it’s almost a bargain.

Would I do it again? Yes, I definitely would and will, and I look forward to my next visit, though I can’t afford to do it as often as I’d like.

I’d encourage anyone coming to Las Vegas who’s in the market to buy sex to seriously consider a brothel. Bear in mind that it will take a minimum of $500 to make the trip worth it.

I also recommend that you make an afternoon of it. Indulge yourself in that fantasy of being a cowboy, riding the range heading for the whorehouse. If you’re going at night, you might want to look into the brothel’s free round-trip transportation (call at least one hour in advance to reserve your ride). You don’t want to be driving in the dark through the mountains on Highway 160 if you’ve been drinking.

[For more information on Vegas brothels, escorts, freelance prostitutes and massage parlors, see our brothels and escorts page.]

132 Responses to “Sheri’s Ranch — An Undercover Brothel Review”

  1. Brian

    Thanks for the review, very nice.
    Great to hear you were satisfied and treated well with a $700 experience.

    Other reviews seems to be way more @ Sheri’s.
    Heading to Vegas in the Fall…..I might make Sheri’s my first brothel experience thanks to your review.

  2. Brian

    Sorry….rookie here but have to ask.
    How is it considered eating an escort to be a low risk disease free activity?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Brian, remember that at a brothel, the girl must get a battery of tests every time she leaves the brothel for 24 hours or more, plus once every week or two (I’d have to look it up) even if she doesn’t leave the brothel.

      She’s not allowed to have sex with any customer who has any type of lesions or sores on his dick or face or anywhere she’s going to come into contact with him.

      So oral sex would be a low-risk activity. You can’t transmit any STD I know of to her without an open sore on your mouth, and she’s already tested free of STDs.

  3. sucker

    Man, now I’m extremely pissed about my experience at Sheri’s lol.
    again I will emphasis DO NOT CALL THEIR CAR SERVICE, I was straight up told by both the women i partied with that they would work with me more on price if I get myself to the brothel “next time”. Nedd you had a great experience, why didn’t you post the woman’s name?

    • Nedd Ludd

      The woman was worth what she asked me for. She was gorgeous and incredibly skilled. Out of respect for her I chose to omit her name so as not to screw up any negotiations she might have with customers in the future.

  4. Eddy

    Great review… Really nice writing style! Written with great humour.

    I’m travelling to Vegas again in a couple of months and wondered what would be the best way to get to Sheri’s without having to hire a car? Like Nedd, I will most likely go during an afternoon.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Eddy, Sheri’s will transport you back and forth by free limo 24/7–just call at least an hour in advance to reserve.

      Just be aware that the actual cost of that limo will be charged to the girl you select, and she will negotiate a higher rate to cover that charge. So, in the end, you pay.

      It will likely cost you more than renting a car for a day, but it’s a lot more convenient.

    • Candy

      Call the Brothel, Isn’t the Limo a free service if there is a certain number in the group?

      • Arnold Snyder

        Candy, the way it works is you pay a deposit for the limo, no matter how many are in your party. That is applied toward your party with a girl.

        If you don’t find a girl you want to party with, you lose the deposit.

        Either way, the girl is essentially going to add that limo fee to the charge for the party.

  5. Sass

    Sorry another rookie. Does the experience finish as soon as you cum. What happens if you book for a hour but cum within 25-30 mins. Do you get a chance to go again?

  6. Chip

    I visited Sheri’s a couple times in 1997. There was a lot of velour, white leather couches and I also had a drink before I went for the ladies lineup. I know it’s changed a bit and the prices are higher but I also know it would still be worth it. It’s on my road-trip list for net year.

  7. tropicfun

    looking to bring my wife for the nuru couples massage/threesome.
    I obviously wouldn’t want to cum in 10 mins and end the time we have. our last erotic massage on vacation in Cancun was 45 mins with my wife cumming 9 times and me once. amazing experience but it wasn’t a true Nuru massage but was only $500. Is your couples massage more of a “timed” experience so we can throughly enjoy ourselves with the lady of our choice?

    • Arnold Snyder

      tropicfun, just explain to the girl as you talk about the price exactly what you want, and you will have it. For example, you can negotiate for a fixed time with unlimited orgasms if you want. Have fun.

    • Michelle

      I’m interested in a nuru massage in Cancun. Sounds like you and your wife had a great experience. Where and who did you book yours with?

  8. dave

    I partied at Cheri’s a year ago. Good time. Prices went up . I paid $1,000 for an hour. It was fun.She wore a shiny pick bra in the sports book,too!
    Slim and blond ,large breasts. At the bar, she scratched playfully on my legs B-4 we went back to negotiate.

  9. Art

    What is you address. I need to use GPS to get to Sheri’s from my motel. Or give me directions.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Art, take the Las Vegas Strip or I-15 south to Blue Diamond Road, which is also NV-160 west. Blue Diamond Rd/160w is about a mile and a half south of Tropicana.

      Take 160 west all the way to Pahrump (about an hour from the Strip). Watch the speed limit signs in Spring Mountain (the mountain you drive over en route to Pahrump)–it’s a speed trap.

      Turn left near the edge of Pahrump on Homestead Rd. You can’t miss it–it’s at the big building that looks like a castle. Drive about seven miles to the end of Homestead Rd and Sheri’s. You’ll see signs. You can’t miss it. Here’s the address for Sheri’s:

      10551 Homestead Rd
      Pahrump, NV 89061
      (866) 820-9100

  10. Jobu

    If you were looking for a massage with happy ending, or striptease with handjob, something like that other than full sex, how is the pricing done? By time? Their website menu shows roleplay, lingerie show, etc etc but I have not seen anything on pricing for those types of things. Thanks!

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jobu, the prices always depend on the girl you choose and the time that you go.

      If you can go on a weekday afternoon, the price may be $300 or even less. That would likely be for 30 minutes. An hour would be more.

      If you go on a Saturday night, the price will be more. I can’t imagine anything for under $500 on a busy Saturday night.

  11. Bill

    Sorry newbie with a slightly volgure question. When you cum is it always only in the condum?

  12. johnreese091

    Great review. Very helpful. I am more of a AMP guys and am new to this. I am planning to visit either Sheri’s or Love. Can you suggest which is the better place for a newbie.

    • Arnold Snyder

      John Reese, they’re both great places for a newbie. Love Ranch has a bit more luxurious rooms without costing more. Sheri’s rooms are more basic motel-style rooms. The girls are similar, which means they’re attractive at both places and good at their job.

      You might want to click through to the brothel websites where they post photos of some of the girls who are actually at the brothel at that time, see if one stands out to you. You can find the links in each brothel’s review.

      I think you’ll have a great time whichever brothel you pick.

  13. Jason

    If you are having a threesome with your wife, do you have to use a condom if the only intercourse is with your wife? Are you allowed to cum on her?

      • Jason

        Thanks. So that means if you get the Nuru massage, you will need to wear a condom?

          • Don

            Is saliva not considered a body fluid ?
            It IS, isn’t it ??
            So my question is – how is kissing allowed ??

            Sorry, it’s not that I want to be a spoilsport; am mad about missing too; but I was under the impression that it’s not allowed, being a body fluid.
            & I do remember reading in some of these ranch reviews, that kissing is a no-no for a few ladies at least. But some other experiences here share the joys of kissing !

            Utterly confused !!

  14. Heather

    Anyone do the threesome experience? I’m bi-curious and also VERY eager to watch my husband get a BJ and get f*cked by another woman, my biggest fantasy. Want an escort as to avoid another woman possibly catching feelings. I want to participate in the threesome but I don’t mind doing a lot of watching. I’m very visual with a sex drive like a 15yo guy. Any experiences, please share. We go to Vegas twice a year.

    • David K.

      Heather, my fiancee and I will be visiting June 12-16, we’ve done many 3somes with independent escorts on the east coast. This will be our first legal brothel, I’ll let you know how it goes…

      • Kenny

        Hey David K. Love to hear how your experience went. My wife and I are interested in our first time experience in a legal brothel, and just wanted to know some pointers on how and what we should do and expect, extremely nervous, thanks!

  15. Vik

    If I don’t ‘party’ they will still ferry me back to Vegas I’d I use their cab?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Vik, the way it usually works is you pay a $100 deposit when you reserve the brothel limo. If you book a party with a girl, the $100 deposit goes toward the party. If you don’t book a party, they will still ferry you back to Vegas but you don’t get your $100 back.

      A friend just visited Love Ranch Vegas last weekend and I can confirm this is still the deal there. You should double check when you call whatever brothel you go to that this is still the policy and amount.

  16. Ken

    I am coming to Vegas in August, and I can only go as high as 700. I was looking at going to the Chicken Ranch, do you think 700 is enough for half and or just the straight lay. I am 39 and a virgin and figured there isn’t a better way to end that period of my life. Any advice would be helpful.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Ken, I’d go to Alien Cathouse. Beautiful, friendly girls, a fun and easy atmosphere, and $700 will get you a relaxed, full service session, especially in August. You’ll find they are experts in helping you stop being a virgin.

  17. Buddy Ray

    Is taking the limo ride really a big sandbag on negotiating with a girl?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Buddy Ray, a girl will use it as part of negotiations but it’s not necessarily a big sandbag.

      Think in terms of it adding $160-$200 to the price. Then, during negotiations, if the girl says she needs $400 of the price she’s asking to pay for the limo, you know you can get the asking price reduced at least $200 to the $160-$200 it really costs.

  18. Jonathan

    I am planning to go to Sheri’s Or Chicken or Alien from las vegas. I will be renting a car to go there. I will be in Vegas Tues/Wed/Thurs/Fri/Sat (August). For best prices, should I go Wed, and Thurs correct? Any specific time? Early afternoon and etc? I am looking to negotiate 400 to 500 max for 1/2 an hour to 40 minutes. What is your recommendations on where to go? Should I bring my own condom as well?

    • Jimmy

      My buddies want to stop at Sheri’s on a Tuesday this March. It will be our first time visiting. I know which girl I am interested in meeting and when she’s available but, as most, I’m nervous about pricing. How much do you think an average price would be for a bubble bath and nuru massage?

      • Arnold Snyder

        Jimmy, getting a girl wet in a bath and covered with gel tends to be more expensive than more basic services because she’s got to redo hair and make-up, etc., after. But rates are generally lower in the afternoon, if you can go then.

        I’d count on upper three figures to $1000ish for 30-40 minutes in the afternoon. You be the first to name a price, make it much lower than that, and specify an hour so you have room to negotiate. Otherwise she will likely start the negotiations somewhere ridiculous, like $2000+.

    • Joshua B

      Wow thanks for the review and for answering all the questions. Apologies if this was asked but how much do you think a threesome (i.e. two of the guys at Sheri’s) would cost for an hour? I’m guessing like $3000 but I’m not sure what did be realistic.

      • Arnold Snyder

        Joshua B, a threesome will usually cost more than just adding the price of each girl if she were alone with you. Also, it depends on the specific girls and when you’re there. A Saturday night will always be more expensive than a Wednesday afternoon. So a threesome might cost $2000 to $5000+, depending on the girls and when you go.

        $3000 is probably in the ballpark for most evenings and most girls. Be sure to be the first to name a price and be sure to name a price much lower than $3000 to start the negotiations. Otherwise the girl will start the negotiations at something ridiculous, like $10,000 and you’ll end up paying more than if you started at $1000.

        • Dave C.

          Getting 2 ladies to party with? Let one lady pick the other lady!
          Your 2 choices may not be a good idea at all! They may hate each other.
          Don’t do it that way.
          Just ask her.

  19. Arnold Snyder

    Jonathan, yes, for best prices, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday afternoon would be best. Any time in the afternoon is fine. The brothel will provide condoms. You’d probably get the most for your budget at Alien Cathouse. You’d probably get the largest selection of girls at Sheri’s.

    You might look at the Alien Cathouse website before you go and check out that day’s lineup. Then call and make sure that the girls you’re most interested in are actually there that afternoon. Same with Sheri’s.

  20. Terri Gallegos

    How much per hour with husband and myself? And if the price is reasonable with free transport, could we do an hour and a half? We would be coming from Las Vegas.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Terri, it depends on the girl and when you go. If you go Saturday night of Labor Day weekend, the price could be $2000+. If you go on less of a big weekend or especially a weekday afternoon, it could be $1000. See today’s post about how the free transport to the Vegas area brothels works.

  21. Jody

    I was at Sheri’s last year and had a great time but it was very expensive. I was thinking of going back but the lady I saw is no longer there and none of the others are doing it for me, so I have my eye on a couple of ladies at Chicken Ranch. I know it depends on the lady, but do you think $2000 or so could get me a two-hour GFE?

  22. Jody

    Thanks. I know $2000 is pretty low and I’ll probably wind up spending more like $3000 for two hours GFE, but it’d still be less than the $5000 price I was quoted to me by three different ladies for the same thing at Sheri’s last year.

  23. Don

    Thanks for all the questions and patient, informative answers.
    For a 1st-timer guy, what’s your recommendation for the least expensive, or reasonably priced one among Alien/Chicken/Sheri’s for a 2-hour NURU with no-limit orgasm (could be head, handjob, or straight-up sex) ?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Don, I believe Sheri’s is the only one of the brothels with a full-out Nuru massage set-up, though I’m sure the other brothels can do something similar.

      A regular massage with a happy ending is one of the less expensive items on the menu at any of the brothels. You might be in the $300 area. But a Nuru massage involves the girl getting covered with the gel all over her naked body, which she uses to rub the gel all over you, so it will probably cost as much as or slightly more than intercourse plus a blow job. Think $700 to $1200 an hour, the lower end on a Wednesday afternoon, the higher end and up on a Saturday night.

    • Don

      Hello Arnold,
      I meant “1st timer” as a “1st time visitor” to any such place.
      (not virginal 🙂)
      Awaiting your suggestion.
      THANKS a ton.

      • Don

        Oops !
        Didn’t see your response to my earlier question.
        Thank you so much, Arnold.

        Not aware of your response I added my 2nd Q. You can ignore that, unless you have anything to add, like special precautions​ a 1st time visitor should be aware of.

        THANK YOU.

        • Arnold Snyder

          Don, just be aware that the first person to quote a price sets the “anchor” for negotiations. If the girl starts negotiations at $2000 for a Nuru massage, you’re going to end up paying more than you would if you started negotiations at $300 for a Nuru massage. Also be nice, but anchor.

  24. Terry

    Just left Sheri’s, $3,000 1 hr Neru massage, I countered with $500, she said $200 minimum and for that you get a 10 minute hand job. There are hundreds of escorts on Twitter, rates usually $4-600. I would see an escort before going back to Sheri’s

    • Arnold Snyder

      Terry, those escorts on Twitter won’t give you a hand job for $600. That’s their rate to show up, collect $200 just for showing up, then demand $1000 minimum.

      Next time try a weekday afternoon instead of a weekend night and you start the negotiations at $300 before she says $3000. If you can’t reach a deal with the first girl, go out and find a second girl to negotiate with.

  25. Christopher Tracy

    How does the payment process work when you use a credit card? When she walks off with your card after negotiations, does she bring back a receipt to sign so you can be assured you were charged what was agreed upon?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Christopher, yes, it’s exactly like giving a waitress your credit card in a restaurant. They bring back the slip for you to approve and sign. They use discreet billing.

  26. Jimmy

    I have some tiny little purple spots on my scrotum known as Fordyce spots. They are 100% harmless and not at all contagious. But I’m worried that they might fail the infamous “Dick Check”. Will a courtesan reject me if she sees these? Would it help if I brought in a doctor’s note or something printed off the Internet proving that there is no cause for concern?

  27. Arnold Snyder

    Jimmy, if you have anything from a doctor saying these are Fordyce spots, I’d bring that with something from the Internet explaining they’re not contagious. You may run into someone familiar with the condition, but if she’s not, that should get you through.

    You might even want to call the brothel and ask if you can clear the way ahead of time by faxing in this info.

  28. Morris

    Hi – OK, I have three questions. One, how long does a tour typically take at Sheri’s or Chicken Ranch? And two, is it true that if you schedule an appointment online with one of the girls, they ask for some kind of deposit? What happens with that? And three, is a condom required even for a shower party?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Morris, the tours are pretty short. Maybe 10-15 minutes.

      You don’t have to pay a deposit to schedule an appointment with a girl online. You couldn’t, because they can’t discuss price until you’re there alone with the girl in her room.

      A condom is required for a shower party if there’s going to be any kind of contact in the shower.

      • Tom

        Arnold, thanks for a great web site. Question: There’s a particular girl on Sheri’s site that I would like to book on a Thursday afternoon. I have checked and she is working then. I’m hesitant to reserve however, thinking it will significantly raise her charge. But I would hate to drive all the way out there and have her not be there. What are your thoughts?

        • Arnold Snyder

          Tom, if you have a thing for this girl, I’d reserve. You’re really not committed to anything until you reach an agreement on services and price in the girl’s room after you’ve met her at the brothel. If you can’t come to terms with her, you’re in exactly the same situation as if you had no reservation. You go out to the bar and look for another girl.

          Also, be aware that not every girl at the brothels will allow their photos on the brothel website. I doubt you’ll have trouble finding someone else you like, if it comes to that.

  29. April

    I am taking my husband to vegas in April for his birthday (he has no idea) what would it cost for him a blowjob on a weekday afternoon would you say?

    He would love a threesome, but I am so self conscious with myself (very overweight) and of course I know this would cost more.

  30. John ford

    What should I expect to pay for a 45 minute threesome with my fiancé and a ranch girl? I know they all have different prices. But just a general idea. It’s our first time, going to go during a weekday morning.

    • Arnold Snyder

      John Ford, weekday mornings are a good time to get a good deal. But a threesome is a premium experience–some ranch girls will want to charge double for it.

      I’d say $1k would be a fantastic deal and I wouldn’t be surprised if girls are asking $2k.

  31. Whitney

    Weekday morning-early afternoon @ chicken ranch. What would an hour or even 45 minutes range for basic “sex service”

  32. Rouge McCormick


    Newbie here… Friday late morning-early afternoon I plan on going to either Sheri’s or Chicken Ranch. Kinda leaning toward Sheri’s after reading this story but haven’t officially decided yet. Obviously I understand all ladies are independent contractors at both ranches. I’m looking for “basic sex” at a reasonable price. I’m a virgin, and I don’t plan on letting that be known to the ladies because I’m sure they’ll use that to their advantage and charge me more. Between the two ranches, which do you think would cater to my needs as a newbie and give me a reasonable priced service for that specific time frame on a Friday?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Rouge, Sheri’s and Chicken Ranch are right next door to each other.

      In the late morning/early afternoon, you should be able to find good deals at either place. Sheri’s tends to have a bigger selection, often prettier girls.

      I’d start at Sheri’s, see if any of the girls turn you on. If you don’t find anyone you like or can reach a deal with, you can easily walk next door to Chicken Ranch.

      The most important advice I can give is to be the first to name a price for what you want. You start the negotiations at $300 to $500 for an hour, then let yourself be talked up a bit. Otherwise she’ll start negotiations in the stratosphere and you’ll end up paying more than you otherwise would have.

  33. Rouge McCormick


    Another question I just thought of… Would you recommend that virgins and/or newbies make appointments for there first time?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Rouge, no reason to make an appointment unless you want to or you really want to lock in some girl on the brothel website. But photos can be very different from the real girl and often the chemistry just works better with someone who won’t allow her photo on the website.

      Never fear, every girl there will be skilled and sensitive with virgins and newbies.

  34. David

    Hi Arnold,
    I have a reservation with a beautiful Sheri’s girl in a couple of months. I have been to Sheri’s before, way back in 2006 and had a very good time. However, I am now 68 —obviously on the older side, but still fairly healthy with an appetite for sex with a gorgeous courtesan. But, to be sure, I’m not as full of vim and vigor as in my younger days. Takes me longer, shall we say, to “get there….” I’m assuming the young women at Sheri’s are accustomed to, and patient with, us older gents? These days, I’m more turtle than rabbit, and at the same time, also willing to pay for a relatively longer time (more like two hours than 30 minutes, for example). I have the means…. Can you put my mind at ease?

    • Arnold Snyder

      David, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. You won’t run into anyone who’s inexperienced with older men. Any girl you choose will tease you mercilessly for an hour or two hours or however long you pay for.

      She’ll probably enjoy the time with an older guy who’s courteous and gentle with her and isn’t in a rush.

  35. Jordan


    Almost got the nerve up to try out Sheri’s ranch. Just had a couple more questions. How early is too early in the day to go…. I will likely have a flight at 4-6pm on a Friday out of Vegas on the day I would have the opportunity to go, which would mean I would need to be at the ranch at 9-10 in the am probably if I plan to stay 2-3 hours …. is that gonna make me the weird dude that there in the early morning when nobody else is? Does being there that early limit which women are available? On the bright side I would expect the prices to be slightly lower in the am. Should I try and take a later flight or will I still be able to find what I’m lookin for early in the am?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jordan, you pretty much always feel like the only guy in the brothel no matter when you go because they don’t let guys pile up in the lobby or bar.

      On a Friday, all the top girls will be in the brothel and if you show up at 9-10 am, they’ll be there in the line-up for you to choose. They’re not gonna sleep through a crack at a guy who wants to stay 2-3 hours.

      And yes, prices will be lower because they know there won’t be a lot of other chances to make money that early.

      And don’t be nervous. They specialize at putting you at ease fast.

  36. Jordan

    Thanks for the info Arnold. My plan was to try an hour or so for basically a 50/50 GFE with a big breasted blonde. Then hang out for 30 min or so in the sports bar(will it even be open that early?) long enough to hit it off with someone to spend another hour with either with the same service or possibly a massage with happy ending. I had aspired to a threesome but I figure I can always work my way up to that on another visit if this one goes well. For the services I was talking about do you think 2-3K is enough cash to take given the morning hours or should I budget for more? I bet that’s an awkward negotiation when you have more in the wallet but are telling them you can’t go any higher because you want another girl after (I realize the blonde may come at premium cost) thanks again for all the answers, this site and the advice helps us more shy guys step outside our comfort zones.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jordan, the bar is always open round the clock. $2-3K ought to be plenty.

      Your plan sounds like a lot of fun. Glad you’re going for it.

  37. Speakeasy

    First timer to go to a brothel (and Vegas at that)…which brothel will I have the best prices? I know there are different “levels” of women but in general I’m looking for cheapest way to have some fun. For a blowjob, would anchoring with $200 be a low blow assuming it’s a weekday morning? Also, what would I anchor if I chose to go straightlay?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Speakeasy, I’d try Chicken Ranch or Alien Cathouse. I’d say you’re okay anchoring with $200 for a blowjob on a weekday morning. Just be aware they have a $300 house minimum at some nearby brothels (I don’t think it’s $300 at these two places, though).

      I’d start at $300 for straight intercourse on a weekday morning.

  38. Duck

    Great write up. I also liked your humor a lot. You sounded like how I would write it up with self depreciating humor. So looking at the way the website says it and not seeing any one else asking in your posts I have to ask…would the only time I would find out if a hot lady would do anal sex is when we get to the room? Is there any way to find out prior or someone to ask? Are all the hot chicks against anal? I am also assuming that would be a probable increase in cost…any idea how much more? I know it is a lot of questions but you definitely seem like the expert. Thanks!

    • Arnold Snyder

      Duck, yes, the only way to find out is to go with the lady to her room. But if she doesn’t do that, every girl you see after that will be willing to do it. The brothel will send those girls your way so you see what options you have.

      Yes, I’m sure there are hot chicks who will do anal. There are hot chicks who will do pretty much anything, and there are porn stars in the brothels who have done anal on film. It just takes special preparation.

      I would assume the price will be somewhere around twice as much as a half and half at that time of day and day of the week, but it’s going to depend on the girl. If you’ve got some discretionary money, I’m sure you can find what you want in the brothels near Vegas.

  39. Ryan James

    Hi Arnold, I went to Sherri’s and wanted an hour and said I had 900$, the girl said her rate is 3500$ an hour and 900 would get me about 15 minutes. This was my first time so I asked if she could do 20 minutes and she said she would be flexible. After reading all the posts did I get a really bad deal? It felt uncomfortable negotiating but now I feel I should have insisted on 45 minutes. Any advice will help. Next time I go back I can spend around 2000$ would that be enough for a 2-3 hr gfe? Thanks

    • Arnold Snyder

      Ryan, it just always depends on the girl. Personally, I consider $3500 an hour outrageous, but maybe she’s so gorgeous she gets it.

      You’ll be more comfortable negotiating next time and that will help.

      The best time I ever had in a brothel I paid $45. I believe that was for an hour (though not recently).

      $2000 should be enough for a 2-3 hour gfe, but depending on the girl that may or may not include sex. The superstars are getting a thousand an hour just for companionship right now. But I also see girls on Slixa doing 3-hour dinner dates for $800, so $2000 would cover sex too. Brothel girls’ rates should be comparable.

      • Ryan James

        What is an average price for an hour threesome. Would 1500$ cover it or what about 2000$, 1000$ for each girl. For The ones you consider superstars do they just turn down 1000$-1500$ for an hour solo or do they ask 3500$ expecting to agree to 1000-1500 after negotiating if the guy isn’t new or a sucker. I’m wondering with my 2000$ budget next time if I’m better off going for gfe with sex or a threesome.

        • Arnold Snyder

          Ryan, I generally assume a girl’s real final price is 1/2 to 2/3 what she first asks for. Even a guy who hates negotiating ought to be able to get 20% off her first price. You got 22% off your girl’s initial price with a single counteroffer.

          Figure with a threesome each girl’s price plus a surcharge.

          A few years ago, the average amount customers spent at Sheri’s was $900. Figure it’s $1000 now, with a lot of that for 30 minutes rather than an hour. A good negotiator could probably get a threesome for $2000, but it would probably be for 30-40 minutes rather than an hour.

          But if you’ve chosen to get a threesome with the two top porn stars in the house, it could easily be $4000-5000 for 40 minutes to an hour.

          On the other hand, I was told a couple of years ago at Alien Cathouse that there were definitely girls there who would work for $300 an hour. A threesome with those girls might run $600-$700.

  40. Veno

    I recently read a review about these placing being racist against black guys. Is this true?

      • Luis

        I’m planning on going for my birthday & I’m wondering how much will the gfe or shower cost me

        • Arnold Snyder

          Luis, depends very much on the girl you select and when you go. On a night in a big fight weekend, it may cost 2-3 times what it would on a Wednesday morning. A porn star may cost 2-3 times what a pretty girl-next-door type would cost.

          A gfe will usually involve paying the girl for 2-3 hours of her time. That may mean $1000 to $2000 before you even start talking about sex. If all you’re looking for is kissing with sex, that will be a lot cheaper. Showers, baths and nuru massages tend to be more expensive because the girl gets her hair and make-up mussed up.

          I’d assume $1000 to $1200 for 30 minutes on a Wednesday morning with a pretty girl who’s not a star and more from there for more time, Saturday night, a star, etc.

  41. Mike Reynolds

    Great report and article. I’m out in Vegas, I go every year, but am yet to visit a brothel. I’ve considered it every time but never had the bottle to do so. Mainly worrying about the cost… Having read your report I think I’ll certainly man up and be heading to Sheri’s ranch.. Thanks again

  42. dylan

    im heading out to vegas next week and planning to go to sheris ranch on friday afternoon. This will be my first time at a brothal i have a couple of question. first is there free transportation services all day and do you have to spend a min to get it? Second im trying to decide on the gfe and a 50/50 party. what would be the difference in price between the 2 parties. third i have a budget of around $500 and was wondering how long of a party i should be able to get for that price?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Dylan, see our post on how the free brothel limos work. Basically, you pay a deposit and it is credited toward your party with a girl at the brothel. If you leave without having a party with a girl, the brothel keeps the deposit but you still get the limo ride back to Vegas for no extra charge.

      With a GFE at Sheri’s Ranch, you typically start with a dinner date in the brothel’s private dining suite. There will be a charge for the dinner and the special suite, plus the girl’s time. Then there’s the price for whatever you want after the dinner. With a high-end independent escort, you’re looking at roughly $1200 to $2000 just for the dinner date, plus whatever you negotiate for after dinner. I’d expect Sheri’s girls to be in that ballpark.

      With a budget of $500, I’d go as early as possible on Friday afternoon. Depending on the girl, you may be able to get a 50/50 party for 20 to 30 minutes for that. Don’t be afraid to politely say no to a girl who’s asking for too much and check out another girl.

  43. Brian

    Visited Sheri’s Aug 2019. An attractive mid to late 30s lady showed me around. Great personality but wanted $3k for FS. When I asked for only a massage and BJ she came down to $300 for 15 mins. She explained that Sheri’s minimum was $200 for 7 minutes! Yes that’s right. This place has gone sky high since I visited about ten years ago and got FS for $250. So I didn’t stay. She didn’t seem to be impressed by my telling her that German brothels charge 70 EUR for FS and the women are knockouts. But it’s the truth. After visiting a lot of German brothels I can’t stomach the high prices and lower quality here. Supply and demand I suppose. Thanks for the forum!

    • Arnold Snyder

      Thanks for the reports, Brian. That’s a major price change at Sheri’s.

      And only two years ago you could get a half hour at Alien for under $500.

      Good to know.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Brian, one comment on Sheri’s price. A house minimum of $200 for 7 minutes doesn’t mean a minimum of $200 for every 7 minutes. It means the house minimum has gone up from $150 to $200 and you get at least 7 minutes for that.

  44. Brooke

    I’m going to Vegas for one day and night with my boyfriend and we’ve both been dying to have a threesome. We are pretty young, 21 and 23, so we can’t afford much. Around how much would it be for a half an hour on a Wednesday night? If we can’t afford 30 mins, is it worth it to just do 15?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Brooke, be sure to be the first to name a price, and make it low. Like offer $600 for an hour. Then the girl will gently imply that’s ridiculous and name some price that shocks you, like $3000-$4000. She may even say something like she gets $10,000 an hour for threesomes. Don’t believe it and don’t panic, but don’t openly say you doubt it.

      Then you start reducing the time, and countering her amount with your lower amount. You’re young, so play that up to encourage the girl’s mercy. You saved up all year for this special adventure. This is what you’re spending your college graduation present on. That kind of thing.

      Get the time and price down to her lowest 15-minute price, and then beg for an extra five minutes. Twenty minutes will feel like enough. Fifteen would probably feel tight. Plead for an extra five minutes and she’ll usually say something like, “I’m never too strict about time.” That means you’ll get the extra five minutes without her admitting that she’s going to give you the five minutes.

      Good luck getting a good deal!

  45. joel bondo

    Lucky man. My experience last night was absolutely terrible. I feel completely robbed. One thousand dollars for barely any pleasure. The girl was nice, but she gave me a false fantasy, and I got screwed. I’m trying to contact them to see if I can get some compensation.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Joel, I hear this too often about all brothels & escorts. Here’s my tip for dealing with this.

      Every escort, in a brothel or not, has a strong incentive to get the party over with as fast as possible. She’s an expert at making a guy come, and once he comes, she’s free to move on to the next guy and more money. So, unless the girl thinks you may have a lot more money to blow on her, these encounters tend to be fast and competent, but cold.

      What you have to do is find a way to slow things down so you get an emotional connection going instead of just an orgasm. The best way I’ve found of doing this is to include a striptease in my party negotiations. The girl will usually include it for free, but the idea is that she starts dancing around for you, taking her clothes off slowly. In one memorable experience, a girl in a Reno-area brothel stripped out of four different outfits for me, giggling and dancing and posing and flirting the whole time.

      The stripping not only slows things down but it gives the girl a chance to show off her beauty and encourages her to flirt with you more. You supply her with plenty of compliments and she’ll put on a real show. By the time you get to the sex, she will usually be turned on too and the entire experience is a lot more fun.

  46. Ryan

    I plan on going. but ive been wondering this. i keep hearing its one orgasm and done. so say you start with a blow job and you cum. is it over then? or does it go on?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Ryan, it’s whatever you negotiate.

      If nothing is specified, the standard is one orgasm and done. But you can specify that you want two orgasms or unlimited orgasms within an agreed-upon time.

      • Scott

        Going to Vegas for New Years. I am expecting prices to be super high. Oh well.
        My question is – how do they feel about taking pictures? Will they pose for pictures? Can you bring your phone’s to the room? I am looking for a few outfit changes. Or should I maybe think more escort then brothel?

        • Arnold Snyder

          Scott, you can negotiate pretty much anything in a brothel, including photos and outfit changes.

          And you’re right, New Year’s is not a great time for bargains.

  47. Mike

    Arnold, did you happen to notice any ladies with bigger, rounder butts? Maybe a Latina with a nice-sized booty?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Mike: All of the Las Vegas area brothels have been closed for almost a year now. When they are open, they provide photos of their current lineups and ladies coming soon on their websites. So, you will be able to see photos when these venues reopen. The current lineups at all brothels in Nevada change frequently. You can also call the brothels to ask if a specific lady is or will be available on any specific date. Some of the Northern Nevada brothels are open for nonsexual escort services if this appeals to you. Otherwise, you’ll just have to wait until the state allows brothels to reopen as brothels.

  48. Tony ray

    I have a question, am planning on going to either sheris ranch or chicken ranch and I’m going to use their “complimentary free ride”. I’m looking for half and half 1 hour party, at what price should I start with? Also I’m planning going in the morning. Thanks, any advice would be helpful



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