Sisolak Promises to Keep Nevada Closed Until It’s One Big Cattle Ranch Again

This is What We Get for Living in a Fake State Carny Operation

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak, the party hack swept into power in 2018 on the back of the Democrats’ Russian Collusion hoax, has promised to keep Nevada closed as long as possible for the Democrats’ ScaryVirus election-rigging hoax.

Sisolak, who has a lifetime record of achievement as impressive as the average loaf of Wonder Bread, also says he would match up the advice of his fake doctor “medical adviser” with anyone else’s fake doctor any time.

This, my fellow Nevadans, is what we get for living in a fake state, a carny operation populated largely by cheap-labor fake citizens, all herded in to vote illegally by the Culinary Union while we look the other way.

The Carny in Chief has decided to fold up the big tent.  As he holds all power over the licenses for the milk bottle game and freak show, there’s not a damn thing we can do about it. 

Hey Rube!  Las Vegas Welcomes You

Before the age of TV, multiplex theaters, and Xboxes, there were traveling carnivals. The carnies would rent a lot on the outskirts of town, set up their tents and portable stages, poster the lamp posts all week, then skin the rubes for all they could get before packing up and moving on to the next sign of civilization. Carnies categorized all of humanity into two distinct groups — carnies and rubes. If you weren’t a carny, you were a mark, ripe for the picking.

Many books have been written about the carny life, most from the exposé perspective, revealing how the games were rigged and how the rubes were lured in, then cleaned out. Some have been written by carnies themselves, describing the hardships of the life and the us-versus-them mentality that pervaded their world. Whether you were running a ring-toss game, hawking beer and ice cream, or belly dancing in the “For Men Only” tent, if you were with the carnival, you were “in the life,” and carnies were your only family. It was all of you together against the rubes of the world.

Because of my lifelong interest in tricks, scams, games, and cons, I’ve read a lot about carnies. For most of my life, I’ve thought of the carny lifestyle in a sort of nostalgic way. I say “sort of nostalgic” because it wasn’t my personal nostalgia — I wasn’t there. It was a world and a lifestyle that existed for the most part before my time. Or so I thought.

Then I moved to Las Vegas.

Nevada has taken a lot of the hardship out of the carny life. We don’t have to pull up stakes every Monday and caravan to the next town. We’ve got the rubes coming to us!

This whole state was once one big empty lot on the outskirts of America. So, we set up our tents here, and we’re not moving. Why should we? Vacant lots this size are hard to come by. Besides, this is not your standard carny operation of half a century ago. We can’t just fold up and fit the whole kit and caboodle into half a dozen panel trucks. That Mirage volcano just doesn’t break down and squeeze into a few cardboard boxes so easily.

Every resident of this state is part of this carny life, and we all know it. We all understand that it’s us against the rubes, and we’ve got to keep the rubes coming, or we starve. We’re pretending to be a state of the union, just another one of the fifty united states, but we’re not really a state, and we all know that too.

We’re just a big scam operation. Our politicians aren’t really politicians. Our judges and lawyers and police aren’t really judges and lawyers and police. Those who hold such positions in this Carnival of Carnivals operate on the nudge-nudge-wink-wink system, and everyone who lives here knows that too. Just bring in the rubes!

You want to gamble? We got gambling! More gambling than you’ll find in the rest of the world combined! You can win millions! Come on in!

You want naked girls? We got more show girls and strip clubs per square mile than any six big cities combined! We’re just dripping with hot nubile flesh! Come on in!

You want to get laid? We got legal whorehouses all over the damn place! Our girls are tested weekly for VD, and there’s no pimp with a switchblade lurking around the corner, not to mention vice cops to bust you! There ain’t no vice in this state, so come on in!

You want to get wasted? Hey, this ain’t California where the bars all close at two a.m. There ain’t no clocks in Nevada, and we don’t prosecute drunk drivers! The whole damn state is shit-faced, so come on in!

The Inviolable Rule of Any Successful Carny Operation

Now, the inviolable rule in any successful carny operation is that the carnies take care of their own. For example, many Vegas night clubs and strip clubs give locals free admission and big drink discounts, so card-carrying carnies can get buzzed on the cheap.

You think all those coupon books with half-price show tickets and 2-for-1 buffets are for the tourists? Think again. Half the people who live in Vegas have never even been to a grocery store. And every casino has a break room where the dealers, waitresses, keno girls, and pit folk can all eat for free. The rubes pay the bills in this town!

There ain’t no state income tax in Nevada. Our highways are maintained and our teachers are paid by the millions of bucks the rubes drop in our con games. People who move to Nevada from real states soon discover the benefits of being a carny. Free food. Free shows. No taxes. Just a never-ending supply of rubes with loose money.

In Michigan, there’s the auto industry. In Florida, oranges and beaches. Washington: big tech, fish, lumber. Texas: oil, cattle ranches. Wisconsin: cheese, beer. Pennsylvania: steel. California: produce and porn. New York: banking, publishing.

But Nevada? What’s our industry?

We empty the wallets of everyone who visits here from all those real states.

Grift is all we’ve got, and now Sisolak has shut it down!

Mob Soldier Sisolak Dutifully Busts Out the Joint

Sisolak first moved to Las Vegas in 1978, when the city was still run by the mob. Now he’s a loyal soldier of the DNC organized crime syndicate, which extorts multibillion-dollar kickbacks on U.S. foreign aid from places like Ukraine, shakes down U.S. banks for payola under the guise of protecting consumers, and allowed Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile ring because he had them all on film.

Now, you don’t have to be a Republican to be appalled by what’s going on here. I’m a political cynic. I realized long ago that politicians are murderers, rapists, thieves and thugs.

Sisolak is an alleged wife-beater and thug so he fits the governor job prerequisites perfectly — elites pick criminals and deviants for office because they can be controlled. I’ve never voted except strictly as a favor to my wife.

So I find there’s a grim amusement to be had in watching Sisolak bust out this state and destroy all the people who voted for him.

I honestly don’t see how Nevada will survive Sisolak, who will smother the tourist industry here either until the election or until he’s absolutely sure it’s stopped breathing.  Nevada wages are notoriously low, as carny wages have always been, so unemployment compensation, even at the ScaryVirus fed-supplemented level, won’t begin to cover what workers here have lost in free meals, tips and the like.

And there are an estimated 100k workers in Vegas in the gig economy (not counting all the shut-down small businesses). They’ve all been laid off since at least March 16 and although it’s been three weeks since the feds approved and funded unemployment comp for them, Sisolak hasn’t gotten around to updating Nevada’s application form yet. So none of them can get the money.

Plus, we’ve been putting working people back in new houses in Las Vegas at the fastest rate since the peak of the last housing bubble. Just a little more of Sisolak’s mandatory shutdown, and we’ll be in the throes of yet another housing crash.

I’m at the point in my life where I’ve got enough money to ride this out. I’m going to watch the sinking of Nevada from a safe perspective, like a guy on a lifeboat watching the Titanic go down and listening to the screams.

What makes it hard is that I have so many friends who are stuck on the sinking ship. So many people who are in the process of losing everything they’ve worked for their whole lives.

And honestly, the Titanic was fun. I enjoyed playing blackjack and poker here. I loved going to the world-class Vegas strip clubs. I saw Little Miss Nasty three times and was never bored.

I loved the restaurants, with the top chefs in the world creating every kind of cuisine. I milked the 2-for-1 buffets with the best of them.  I will miss it all.

Now it’s time to put my face mask on and go stand in line at Costco with the rest of the carnies. Sure hope they got a load of toilet paper in.


Parts of this post are adapted from my 2002 Blackjack Forum essay for card counters, Hey Rube!  Las Vegas Welcomes You.

If you’re still one of the people who believe Covid-19 is the equivalent of the Black Death, or that the shutdowns are necessary, see the evidence here and here and here and here and here and here (I could provide a hundred links) that it has a hospitalization and death rate equivalent to or lower than the flu, that at least one-third to half the population has already had the virus without knowing it, and that shutdowns have had no effect on rates of transmission or numbers of deaths.

And here is the CDC’s national all-cause mortality data for February 1 through April 11.  All-cause mortality in the U.S. in 2020 has been BELOW AVERAGE for this period.

Remember, because of the aggressive way in which we code Covid-19 deaths (you don’t even need a positive Covid test result to be coded as having died of it), and because the virus virtually only kills people with two or three pre-existing conditions (which are the real cause of death), changes in total all-cause mortality will be the only reliable way to measure deaths from the virus.

Right now the data tell us they’ve simply been giving the same old numbers of heart attack and cancer and flu deaths a new name.  If Communist Bat Soup Death Plague were really killing people, we would be seeing ABOVE AVERAGE all-cause mortality numbers for this period.  See more discussion on this here.

As Professor Johan Giesecke, one of the world’s most senior epidemiologists, coronavirus advisor to the Swedish government, first Chief Scientist of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, and advisor to the director general of the WHO, puts it, “Covid-19 is a mild disease and similar to the flu.”

It’s not even a “bad flu.”

And forget about the lies you’ve been told about Red Death in Sweden.  Sweden and Michigan have almost the same population. Sweden has let their economy remain open, while Michigan has turned into a police state. Yet, Michigan has 1,000 more deaths than Sweden.

Meanwhile, studies show that unemployment raises your risk of death by 63%, so we have that to look forward to.  The coronavirus hoax has already wiped out 22 million jobs, and that number is rising by a million a day.

In three months, you won’t be able to find a single person willing to publicly admit they ever supported the lockdowns.

22 Responses to “Sisolak Promises to Keep Nevada Closed Until It’s One Big Cattle Ranch Again”

  1. jj solari

    haha this is great stuff. over and above that i was raised in a carnival which you probably actually heard of “Kraft 20 Big Shows” – owner by Italians! it went up and down Ca. Anyway there is nothing like hate and frustration to bring out the best in a good writer.

      • jj solari

        no, he ran games. milk bottles. the cats. the games werent really rigged. they were just….how can i put this…..they deceived you psychologically. the rows of cloth cats were mostly empty air and the two base “bottles” were weighted but if you hit exactly at the hole the three bottles created they would go over as if in a windstorm. I havent seen “hey rube” in print for a billion years. as a child of the troop you were NEVER in danger. you got to ride every ride for free forever. the games were honest but cleverly deceptive. it was honest deception, if you actually puzzled them out you could beat them every time. which of course was not allowed. if you just kept winning you found yourself outside the carnival. you cant have NOBODY win but you cant have everybody win either. it does do one thing for you if you are a child of a carnival and you have a functioning brain….you never have a problem mixing with the dregs of humanity. because you’ve BEEN the dregs of humanity and you realize the loyalty of other dregs strengthens you against the snobs. interestingly i went from the carnivals to the Mouseketeers. one extreme to the other by the time i was 12. There aint NO group I cant mix with comfortably: the mega rich and uber famous and the toothless poverty stricken dregs of humanity.

        • Arnold Snyder

          JJ, what a fascinating comment. I knew you were a Mouseketeer but I can’t believe you started with your father running the milk bottles.

          Nice to think of you riding every ride for free.

  2. jj solari

    getting back to Sissylak, I took a gander at him and he looks like cares as much about the health of Nevada inhabitants as I care about Sissylak’s. Apparently he’s getting enough food, from the looks of ‘im. Never trust a man with a K in his last name has been a rigorous rule of mine. Only sociopaths even run for office. bureaucrats are astoundingly devoid of human empathy. sociopaths have one thing in common: they make you miserable and then say it’s for your own good. people who are not candidates for ossice must have some need to be punished because they keep insisting that without candidates in office there would be no civilization. in fact just the opposite is true: with no one in office civilization would be rampant throughout the galaxy in 100 years.

  3. BennyHill

    People get the government they deserve. Have a problem with all this, look in the mirror. The CA transplants who are too stupid to realize they voted THEMSELVES out of CA and replaced themselves with illegal aliens will continue to vote for these clowns. Nevada is dead.

  4. Nunya

    We want naked girls! Seriously. Even as a kid, I knew the plates you tossed nickels onto were greased. The basketball hoops WOULD fit a ball but really the only way to get it to go through was when the carny would place it perfectly to show the rube that it did work. The shooting gallery guns had bent sights. But it was fun anyway.
    So what is the governor’s motivation – control? Why destroy the city that takes care of all the residents? I don’t see how he could think this would help Sleepy Joe get elected.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Nunya, Sissylak (h/t JJ) is literally a wife beating sadist (source) who ran for governor on being “a single dad.”

      He supposedly for 20 years ran a “communications company” that I can find no record of and that he refuses to name. Then Harry Reid’s machine put him on the Board of Regents and after 10 years of non-accomplishment there they made him a county commissioner, where he accomplished nothing.

      In his campaign as governor he claimed to have diversified Nevada’s economy, which is exactly as undiversified now as it was when I moved here 20 years ago.

      The only thing he’s good at is following instructions from Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi or the CIA or whoever is controlling him.

      This is an election rigging hoax run by the DNC, Brennan rejects from the CIA, and the Communist Party of China, a fitting end to the Russian Collusion and Ukraine Quid Pro Quo coup attempt hoax triad.

  5. Aaron

    I just saw a drudge report article that mentioned the strip being open by Memorial Day. The US death toll keeps going up but it seems less important now then a few weeks ago. I think folks are getting used to the fact that its here. Also the fact they are lumping in multiple cause of death into COVID makes me less worried too.

    • Benny Hill

      Memorial Day is not happening. June is more likely. However, check what the unions are quietly telling members…. July 4th….

      The city will be in flames by then.

      • Arnold Snyder

        Benny, and August is the second slowest month of the year in Vegas. Only December is slower.

        A July 4th reopening would mean September. Summer vacations will already have happened or be planned for elsewhere.

        It would mean the tax revenue for the year for Vegas and Nevada would be roughly cut in half.

  6. Tom Foolery

    The thing I find so disappointing is how many mindless drones out there support this idiotic governor and his equally idiotic quarantine (which has no end in sight).

    I was at a locals casino the night he announced the closure of all casinos in NV, and I was shocked when all of the dealers I talked to supported him 100%. Like someone else said, people are getting exactly what they deserve when they vote for hacks like Sisolak. Other than Arnold and the people commenting on this blog, I personally know of only 3-4 people who want to reopen and get back to work. I find that scary as hell.

    I love Vegas, but it hurts to watch our great city fall apart in slow motion. We could very well be done.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Tom, most of those dealers are getting full pay right now. They support Sisolak (for now) because he gave them a multi-month paid vacation.

      They have no idea that it won’t last much longer and half of them won’t be returning to work after.

  7. BennyHill

    South Point shocked me last night. Theh would not have let everyone go if they thought they were opening in early May. They also drove home the point that going on unemployment was actually better then current pay. Sad but true, however that will run out. This is the greatest vote buying scam of all time. PS: CA is locked down forever. “This isn’t the time..”

    • Arnold Snyder

      Benny, in my view, this is the casinos playing hardball. Now the state has to pay all these people rather than the company. They’ll be paying a lot for Medicaid for these people too.

      Wynn CEO Maddox makes it clear that his employees go on the state’s dime as of May 15. Last I checked, MGM employees go on the state’s dime as of May 1.

      They have to make it expensive for the state and specifically Sisolak. This is now war.



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