Some Covid Restrictions Will Be Loosened Soon for Vegas Strip Clubs (Updated)

Due to the declining reported bat plague death rate in Nevada, the governor has announced that fire-code occupancy limits for bars and restaurants, including strip clubs, will be eased throughout the state. On February 15, clubs that are currently limited to 25% of capacity, will be allowed to operate at 35% capacity. Assuming the death rates do not rise, on March 15, the capacity limit will go to 50%.

On May 1, again assuming no rise in bat plague horror stories, the fire-code capacity limits will be set by individual counties and cities in the state. As Las Vegas mayor, Carolyn Goodman, was very opposed to restrictions on Las Vegas businesses, this could mean that the clubs will open up with far fewer restrictions on May 1. That is, unless Clark County authorities feel differently and have more clout than our mayor. I guess we’ll have to wait and see how it goes. I wouldn’t advise making big travel plans yet.

Note:  Technically, “strip clubs” are not allowed to be open at all right now, but half a dozen have opened as “bikini bars,” so they will have their capacity limits raised along with other bars. There has been no word from the governor about strip clubs being allowed to open ever. We’re hoping that the new timeline that will allow cities and counties to take charge of Covid restrictions on May 1 will see strip clubs finally being allowed to open as strip clubs.

The four clubs that were temporarily shut down on Super Bowl Sunday — Rhino, Hustler, Minks, and Play It Again Sam — were shut down for violating Covid restrictions, including allowing dancers to perform topless. So, don’t get your hopes up about being allowed to see titties in Vegas before May 1.

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  1. Erik d

    Aaron, yup and as per moorea they will even be toptional, which scares me the female nipple must transmit covid, all jokes aside I haven’t heard from bare whether they will be or not when they open and sapphire responded that they hope but don’t know, they sadly play by different rules being they are a strip club and in the city of vegas rather then paradise if I’m correct

  2. Bob

    I have a Vegas trip planned for last wkend in April. Planning on visiting Palomino and Treasures. Aside from mask wearing, you think vip dances will be business as usual? Or do they only offer a covid dance 6ft away?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Bob: I will be surprised if any of the clubs can advertise “normal” VIP dances, i.e., full contact, topless (or nude), etc. I get reports that some dancers are looser in VIP rooms than is “allowed,” but I also get reports from readers who try VIP room dances and are disappointed that the dancers don’t allow physical contact. Some dancers might bend rules for regular customers (who they know are not cops), but until you see full contact lap dances happening out in the main rooms, good luck with whatever you find in the VIPs.

  3. Aaron

    Welp, sounds like may 1 might give us more flexibility. Hopefully the powers that come their senses by then. Meanwhile i guess iowa titties will have to do..
    We have one bar here that never closed andnever required masks all of 2020 despite the mandate.

  4. Bill

    Understood keep us updated as to what happens. It is somewhat positive but I don’t trust Sisolak to not see his shadow again

  5. Bill

    Thanks, but with the new guidelines is it allowed to even be topless or is the bikini top still the bastion of hope against covid radiating into your body through the nipple?

  6. jj solari

    I guess the Get Rid Of Trump Flu has done it’s job. Which is really what was actually going on with this astoundingly successful bucket of bull hahahahahahaha Now that bureaucrats know how stupid and gullible and listless and indifferent we really are expect the trains to show up with mandatory boarding “protocols” to long rows of brick buildings in Manzanar.


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