Sophia’s Opens – Initial Report on a New Vegas Topless Club

I’m happy to report that Sophia’s has finally opened after nine months of “Coming Soon” announcements on Facebook. I stopped by on opening night (Friday) to check the place out.

It’s not one of the darker clubs in town, but the interior looks good. It has been totally remodeled since the old Badda Bing days. It’s a two-level club. The main room is downstairs with a big central stage, a couple bars and a small VIP room for 3-song dances. A domestic beer costs $8.

Upstairs is for high-rollers. No drink costs less than $16 upstairs (so consider yourself warned). This is where the 30- and 60-minute VIP room is, as well as the swank private suites. Thirty-minute VIP dances in the group VIP are $200 (plus $50 for drinks). Sixty-minute VIP dances in the group VIP are $400 (plus $100 for drinks).  No private booths in either VIP.

The 3-4 dancers I saw in my short time there Friday night looked good.

As this was the soft opening night, there was a decent crowd but it wasn’t really a strip club crowd. Not many guys sitting on the rail. Stage dancers saw few tippers. Opening night crowds are often friends of the management and staff.

There will be a Grand Opening on Saturday, July 9. Between now and then there may be some price and policy changes as they iron out the bugs. I’m told the kitchen will be up and running by the Grand Opening date. I’ll post the kitchen hours, menu offerings and prices when available.

Cover charge is $40. Locals free (with NV ID).

Other prices and policies may be in flux for a while. I’ll update Sophia’s information as necessary on the club review page.

6 Responses to “Sophia’s Opens – Initial Report on a New Vegas Topless Club”

  1. Scott

    Sophia’s is a completely upscale club. They specialize in ultra-premium VIP experiences in the luxurious 2nd floor oasis. The balcony area features comfortable semi-private leather couches and beautifully appointed private rooms.

  2. Mavrik

    Hey Arnold
    First of all thanks for your review. We might just check it out next week.
    Your review says you saw 3-4 girls during your short stay there. Was that reall all the girls they have there? Should we just stick to Sapphire if that’s the case?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Mavrik: I didn’t mean to imply there were only 3-4 dancers in the club. I didn’t hang out long enough to see a lot of dancers and because it was an opening night crowd, it wasn’t a big lap dance scene. I’ll go in soon on a regular night to get more of a feel for the place.

      • Mavrik

        Ok that’s good to hear.
        I look forward to your next more thorough review of Sophia’s.
        Thanks again for all the work you do here.




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