Spanish Brothel Sells Sex with Dolls

sex doll

Katy – Ready for Work at Lumi Dolls

A new brothel recently opened in Barcelona that has no prostitutes. Lumi Dolls is the first brothel in Europe, and probably anywhere in the world, that sells sex with lifesize dolls. Four different models are available — a European (blonde – see pic), an Asian (brunette), an African (curly blonde), and a Japanese anime-styled doll with turquoise hair.

All of the dolls are flexible, about 5’5″ tall, weigh around 90 pounds and have three working orifices. Customers are advised (but not required) to wear condoms. Dolls are thoroughly disinfected after each use.

An hour alone in a comfortable furnished bedroom with the doll of your choice will cost you 80€ (about US$85).

Anime sex doll

Aki – An Anime-inspired Sex Doll

Prostitution is legal in Spain, but traditional brothels are not, as it is illegal for the owner or manager of an establishment to profit from prostitutes.

Former Las Vegas mayor Oscar Goodman always wanted to establish a red light district in downtown Vegas, but was prohibited by state law that restricts legal brothels to less-populated counties.

But a brothel with sex dolls would probably be legal anywhere in Nevada. Depending on the success of Lumi Dolls in Spain, I suspect it’s only a matter of time.  [Update:  It’s here at last.  Read our post about the first sex doll brothel in Las Vegas.]

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