Spearmint Rhino: “Shape Up … or Ship Out!”

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Leading Club Warns Dancers: Don’t Smell So Bad!

Letter to Spearmint Rhino Dancers


Country singer George Strait has a hit song titled, “She Let Herself Go.” The ironic title is about a wife who finally allows herself some freedom, luxury and fun after a suffocating marriage.

I don’t think the message that Spearmint Rhino is sending to their dancers is meant to be ironic, or subtle. Among other things the club’s management is pointedly telling some dancers to fix their makeup, fix their hair, watch their weight …. and even wash more frequently! Ouch.

TVO spotted this open letter posted on the wonderful dancer app, Dancers Resource. By all accounts it was written by the management of global ultra-club Spearmint Rhino. Spearmint Rhino has one of the largest and longest tenured clubs in Las Vegas, as well as locations in New York, Dallas, Pittsburgh, Florida, Minneapolis, London, Melbourne and Los Angeles.

Spearmint Rhino Has a Warning for Dancers

The letter specifically states, “Unfortunately, we have noticed that some girls might be letting things slide a little/taking the ability to lease space here for granted.”

They continue …. “This message is meant to be a wake up call for those girls.”


“If you haven’t been putting in a consistent effort on your hair and make-up-fix that. If your outfits are old, outdated, dirty or even smelly or do not suit your body, fix that.”

Spearmint Rhino CEO John Gray

The note adds: “If you have gained or lost weight in a way that isn’t flattering, fix that. If you are in a rut and have been doing the same old moves on stage forever without trying to improve, fix that.”

Management reminds their independent contractors that they are a reflection on the club. The club, or the ” venue” as they say, has much at stake.

The message is giving dancers a grace period between now and Christmas to get things right. If things don’t improve …. Scrooge Rhino will be delivering lumps of coal to some girls by the tone of the Holiday Message from Management.

The posting on Dancers Resource generated hundreds of responses from dancers. About 65% of the comments were supportive of the effort to improve standards in every club, especially their own clubs. Another 35% were angry at the letter for its mean tone or hypocritical stance. They often cited Spearmint Rhino’s past lawsuits and reputation.

TVO on Spearmint Rhino

Honestly, I’m not a fan of Spearmint Rhino because they have tried to charge me, and other locals a $40 cover charge to visit their Las Vegas location.

When I’ve been there, the inside staff have been professional, and the girls are always very attractive. In prior TVO columns and weekend updates I’ve always noted that the dancers at Spearmint Rhino are said to be the sexiest performers in Nevada.

The outside security has been overbearing and all too eager to act tough. I find that tiresome and easy to avoid.

I’d like to know what TVO readers think of Spearmint Rhino in Las Vegas, and elsewhere.

What Do You Think of Spearmint Rhino?

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5 Responses to “Spearmint Rhino: “Shape Up … or Ship Out!””

  1. Hugh

    I always thought that SR hired only top quality dancers. I wonder if other joints will be cracking down, as well. I’ll be in Vegas in January, solo ,so I think that I’ll do some investigating.

  2. In Sin

    I’ve never been To SR, but I understand what they are saying. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen lazy dancers on stage not even trying. This will not entice me as a customer to tip or to buy dances. I’ve only seen a few dancers that let themselves go; most Vegas dancers take care of their appearance. This should be a wake up for everyone that has a job, not just strippers.

  3. Bill

    They aren’t messing around. Have to think they have a lot of issues as you would think that would be a discussion with the girls individually if they see an issue.

    • Scott

      To me… this smells like a more strategic matter than just buttoning up a few sloppy dancers. This seems like a move to designed to shift their entire model of contracting, management, staffing, onboarding, etc. Kind of like demanding 100% of staff submit resignations in a second Presidential term.

      • Bill

        Maybe, it seems strange, I haven’t been there to know how they are but I can’t really imagine the girls are not looking good and it seems like they are trying to find reasons. I mean the dancing thing sounds like an excuse to find a reason



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