Spearmint Rhino’s Two-Drink Minimum Policy

I went back to Spearmint Rhino last night to double check on their new pay-in-advance-for-two-drinks policy. If you recall, I went there on Friday night and was told by the cashier at the door I had to pay for two drinks in advance at $11 each.

But when I went back on Saturday night and showed my Nevada ID I was simply waved in. I asked the cashier why on the previous night I’d been told I had to pay for two drinks in advance. She said this policy would be in effect on crowded nights, at the discretion of the manager. Friday night, the manager had decided to enforce the pay-in-advance policy.  Saturday night, he decided not to enforce it. (Though he may have enforced it later that night, unbeknownst to me.)

There are no specific times or days of the week that this policy is enforced. Assuming you intend to drink two or more drinks, the policy will save you a couple bucks, as the minimum drink price inside is $12.

I also checked out reports of a new additional “room charge” for the VIP rooms in Rhino. A dancer I talked to had never heard of it.  There is an additional bar tab for half-hour and hour dances, but that’s been the Rhino policy for years and is common in many Vegas topless clubs.