Straight from the Russian Circus to the Vegas Strip Clubs

For a Limited Time Only:  Russian Acrobat Mystic Performs a Topless Sword-Balancing Act at Legends Room

Legends Room Las Vegas dancer MysticTall, blue-eyed Russian acrobat Mystic, who has gallons of beautiful naturally-blonde hair, has been performing since she was seven years old, traveling the world with the Russian circus.

But for now, she’s performing at the Legends Room for an awestruck audience.  I was at the club Friday night and the dollars were raining down.

What does a circus performer do in a Las Vegas strip club?

How about a sword-balancing act? Or, better yet, a topless sword-balancing act?

Legends Room Las Vegas stripperAt any moment, that sword could come plunging down and she’d be not only topless, but headless!

And what’s a lap dance with a Russian acrobat like?  Let’s just say Mystic is limber, can make any move you can imagine, and finishes the dance with a little circus flourish.  

Legends Room Las Vegas strip club dancerMystic will be at Legends Room for a limited time before moving on to another circus or a Vegas casino production show.  But she says she’s enjoying her time at the club.  She likes performing at Legends Room for the same reason she likes performing in circuses — she likes to make people happy.

See her now before she returns to the Big Top.

The Legends Room is a high-end Vegas topless club—nice and dark for lap dances, with plush sofas and easy chairs you can sink into with the club’s top-tier dancers.

Russian Acrobat Dances at Legends Room Las VegasIt also offers much friendlier prices than is the norm for a Vegas club of this caliber.  And it’s Las Vegas’ first cryptocurrency-friendly strip club, where bitcoin, ethereum, and LGD tokens are as acceptable as cash or credit cards.

In fact, LGD tokens, the Legends Room’s own cryptocurrency, are even better than cash, because using LGD gets you a 20% discount on all products and services — including admission, drinks, and dances.

You can purchase LGD at the club at any time with no transaction fee.  If you purchase enough LGD, you get a lifetime membership to the club.

See our Legends Room review or the club website for details.  All photos above by Hew Burney.


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