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Ride Free and Get Free Admission

One of the benefits of the Vegas Taxi Shakedowns is that many of the strip clubs have cranked up their private limo/shuttle services for customers. Long before the height of the battle, the clubs realized that it would be much more cost efficient for them to provide their own transportation for customers than paying cabbies or casino limo drivers $100 a head for delivering customers.

When the spiff went back down to a more reasonable level—like $25 to $30—the clubs found that it was still more cost efficient for them to transport customers themselves than pay cabbies to do it. At the current $75 level, believe me, they want to drive you in themselves. There’s no gimmick. It’s a free ride.

Many Vegas strip clubs now offer not only free transportation to and from their club, but also free admission for customers who take the club limo, and/or low-cost package deals for customers to get transportation, admission, and drink specials.

Some of the clubs that offer limo/shuttle service offer it round-trip. They will pick you up at your hotel, bring you to their club, then take you back to your hotel when you want to leave.  The clubs all have multiple limos so there’s often no wait.  There are no drink requirements in return for the free limo service.  There are no time requirements at the club.  There are no strings attached whatsoever.

Vegas Strip Club Free Limo Tips

A few things to keep in in mind if you use these services:

1) If you call a club and request this service, make sure you specify exactly what you will receive. Will you get a free ride back to your hotel later? Will you and anyone else coming with you get free admission to the club? Do they have any special drink or dance deals for customers who use their limo service?

2) Ask how long it will be before you can expect their limo to arrive.

3) For the ride back to your hotel you may find that it’s more convenient for you to just use a cab, as the popular clubs often have cabs waiting outside and the club limo may be in use picking up or dropping off other customers.

4) Be aware that the “limo” may, in fact, be a shuttle bus or some kind of SUV with the club name on it.

5) Make sure you call the strip club directly and talk to someone at the club to arrange this. If you simply call a limo service or use a hotel limo you have access to, you will not get any special treatment.

6) Any info I include here may be different than what you find, as strip club policies change frequently. If you find something other than what I’m reporting here, let me know in the Comments box below.  Thanks!   — A.S.

Las Vegas Strip Club Limo Deals

Free Admission When You Take the Club Limo, Plus Drink Discount

Sapphire: $15 reservation fee for limo transport to club, waived if you purchase a buy-1-get-1-free drink coupon or a bottle (a no-brainer). Free admission (a $45 savings) if you take the club limo.  Call: 1.702.869.0003 (Club review / Club website)


Free Transportation Plus Free Admission

Palomino Club: Free transportation to club for groups of two or more, plus free admission (a $30 savings each), no strings attached. You can often get a free ride back to your hotel as well, as long as you’re willing to wait for a limo that’s heading back to the Strip or Downtown.  Call: 1.702.327.7258 (Club review / Club website)

For guys going to Palomino Club solo, call 1.702.327.7258 and ask for the Flying Solo package ($60).  This includes free round-trip limo transport, free admission, a line pass, and two drinks (available Sun – Thurs only).

Or get a guaranteed free limo, free admission, and reserved VIP table for the night by purchasing one of the club’s bottle packages in advance.  This is a real value at this club, which often reaches its customer limit at peak times.

If you’re coming to Palomino Club solo, you can save $20 on the club’s admission charge (meaning admission for only $10) by either driving yourself or taking a cab to Jerry’s Nugget, a casino located across the street from the club.  Walk across the street to the club and tell the girl at the door that you arrived by your own transportation (you walked).

As long as the club doesn’t have to pay a cabby spiff, you will be admitted for the reduced $10 admission.


Other Clubs with Free One-Way Limo Transport to Club Most Nights

Can Can Room



Club Lacy’s 

Crazy Horse III

Deja Vu Showgirls

Diamond Cabaret

Hustler Club

Little Darlings


Spearmint Rhino


33 Responses to “Las Vegas Strip Club Free Limo Service”

  1. Quinn

    Great deal, however I wonder about those clubs that do not have transportation back. The last thing I want is to be stuck at a club with no safe way back to my hotel. May I ask what clubs have the most active taxi traffic?

  2. Arnold Snyder

    It would be unusual not to see cabs waiting outside Palomino, Spearmint Rhino, Cheetah’s, or Sapphire in the late evening hours. But all of the clubs listed above usually have cabs waiting outside. My advice would be to pick a club based on my review of the club, not on whether or not you might have to wait a bit for a ride back to your hotel. In most cases, you’ll find that any of the clubs listed above will be able to accommodate your return via their free limo service, as all actively try to win their customers’ loyalty, hoping you’ll return the following evening, or on your next trip to Vegas, again in their free limo.

  3. Quinn

    Thank you Arnold. That is good news. I don’t mind waiting, just always had a fear of getting stuck at a place after closing. That is why I have only been to clubs that were a fairly safe walk GGG downtown, Club Paradise across from Hard Rock, and Deja Vu (much easier walk than one would think, walk through the Fashion Mall all the way to the back to Macy’s. In the back of Macy’s there is a side door out to the street. Walk button stops traffic at the intersection of both streets and you are all but right there at Deja Vu). Sounds like I have been foolish in my concern. I will branch out a bit, in my trip next month. Sounds like I have much to experience. Thanks again.

  4. Arnold Snyder

    If you try any of the limo services, feel free to report your experiences here (and any other club info).

  5. Arnold Snyder

    I should add that all of the big strip clubs have door men or valets or hosts or even managers up front who will assist in getting you a cab.

  6. Quinn

    Thank you again Arnold. That is good to know. I actually called both the Palomino and Little darlings earlier today and both were extremely helpful. The Palomino also assured a ride back in the limo/shuttle. Of course any driver or doorman that assists should and will receive a healthy tip.

    • Shawn

      Hmm. I just sent an email to Palamino’s asking about return limo and was told “NO – they didn’t offer that”??

      • Arnold Snyder

        Things change fast in Vegas strip clubs. In June, Palomino was offering round trip limo service. Now they only guarantee the trip to the club. They have also recently stopped offering free transportation to the club for solo customers.

        • Shawn

          Yep – you are right Arnold. Just got a 2nd email saying Palomino doesn’t pick up single patrons …. Whats a poor solo guy to do on a business trip, LOL. Any suggestions Arnold? Your site has been my #1 resource!

          • Arnold Snyder

            Shawn: Tell the cabbie to take you to Jerry’s Nugget. You’ll have to pay the cab fare, but it’s right across the street from Palomino. (Jerry’s Nugget has the best coffee shop in town, desserts to die for. Get an eclair while you’re there.) That way Palomino won’t have to pay a spiff to the cabbie, and you can tell Palomino you got there in your own transportation and they’ll likely charge you only $10 for entry, not $30. (If you complain about the $10, they may just waive it and let you in.) If you get there on a busy night, they may charge you for two drinks up front, but a few other clubs have also been doing that lately. Good luck!

  7. Cheo D.

    Very good information, Arnold, especially the gathering together of all the offerings.

    Some years ago in the early days of this service, some were not providing solo pick-ups. Would it be right to say that now they all would?

  8. Arnold Snyder

    As far as I know, all will provide service to a solo customer. If you experience anything differently, let us know.

  9. lvb

    I don’t think it’s a problem when you’re staying on the strip, just off-strip, or downtown. You might have an issue if you’re staying off strip like GVR, Red Rock, South Point. I think this is worth asking when calling the clubs for a ride. Not sure if all taxis are taking plastic but it’s always a good idea to carry a little cash to get you back to your hotel quickly. Never had an issue with any of the clubs listed not having available taxis to take you away. Even though it’s a free service, you should tip the driver/cashier/host/manager. Never know when that good karma rubs off into free bottles or bar tabs.

  10. ferdberfel

    This is all very useful information but I have two questions…

    1. Let’s say I call for a limo, they come and take me to the club and I walk in and don’t like it. I don’t see any girls I think are cute. Can I just ask the limo to take me back to my hotel? Or if I leave in a cab, will the club get pissed at me because they sent a car for me and then I didn’t spend any money there? Is there some sort of expectation that if they come and get me, I will stay for a certain amount of time or spend a certain amount of money?

    2. You say not to take a cab to a strip club. What if I take the cab to somewhere near the strip club? Like, I take a cab to Jerry’s Nugget and then walk across the street to the Palomino? What are the pros and cons of that?

  11. Arnold Snyder

    1. If you don’t like the club after their limo picks you up and brings you there, you’re free to leave. From the club’s perspective, it still saves them a lot of money if you arrive in their limo, even if you leave immediately, because if you arrive in a cab, they have to pay the cabbie $60 for dropping you off whether you leave immediately or not. This is why they offer free limo service with free entry.

    2. If you take a cab to a close-by location, instead of to the strip club, you will get free entry (or pay the lower local’s price) because they don’t have to pay the cabbie’s spiff. But you have to make sure you tell them that you arrived by your own transportation and didn’t take a cab, because otherwise, if you’re an out-of-towner, they will assume that you did.

    But of course you’ll still have to pay for your cab ride.

    This free limo service isn’t a gimmick. The clubs lose thousands of dollars every night to cabbie spiffs. Do them and yourself a favor and take the club’s limo.

  12. Cheo D.

    The clubs need to put some more effort in spreading the word about the free rides. As you mention in the CHToo news item, the advantage is significant for both the club and the customer.

  13. Bear

    Coming to Vegas and staying on Freemont St. New to strip clubs but would like to try it out. If you had one night free and you were wanting an awesome experience what would be the first club you went to?

  14. Arnold Snyder

    Bear, this answer requires us to know a little more about who you are and what your definition of “an awesome experience” is. (Whatever you do, don’t go to Glitter Gulch, the only strip club on Fremont Street.)

    At all of the clubs below, the dancers are gorgeous.

    If you’re under 21, then I’d say Little Darlings is the best choice. There’s no alcohol, but the stage dancing is nude and it’s a fun crowd. To avoid the cab fare and the $33 entry fee, use the coupon on our homepage and call for their free limo at 702-371-2181.

    If drinking is definitely on your menu for “awesome,” then you ought to check out Sapphire, the “World’s Largest Gentlemen’s Club.” It’s a swank joint that lives up to its name.There are three stages and the lap dancing is high contact. To avoid the cab fare and Sapphire’s $33 entry fee, call for their free limo at 702-869-0003. (There’s a $10 limo reservation fee, but this fee is waived if you take them up on their offer to get your first two drinks for $18. Do it.)

    If you want to see nude dancing and drink alcohol, Palomino Club is the only place in town. Great stage show and beautiful, talented dancers. Avoid their $30 entry fee by calling for Palomino’s free ride to the club at 702-327-7258.

    If your’e looking for the strip club that has the best drink prices for out-of-towners, Deja Vu Showgirls is the place. There are drink specials just about every night and you can dodge their $33 entry fee by calling for their free limo at: 702-366-1633. (Use the coupon at the bottom right of our homepage.)

    All of the above clubs are low hustle. You don’t have to worry about dancers nagging you for drinks and lap dances.

    For a more thorough survey of the top Vegas strip clubs and how they compare to each other, check out these articles:

  15. Chiliman

    My experience was that I had no difficulty with round-trip limo transportation from Sapphire and Treasures, even as a solo customer. I was staying a few blocks off the strip. I tipped the drivers $5 – $10 and they seemed appreciative.

  16. Richard Lee

    my friends and I are thinking about hitting up two or three strip clubs for the first time. Based on this website, we should take the free shuttle/limo ride. However, if we are outside club A, and we call club B to pick us up at club A, what will they think? And it doens’t make sense to take a taxi from A to B since club B will charge us the entree fee now.

  17. Arnold Snyder

    Club B will be very happy to pick you up at Club A and bring you to Club B because Club B does not want you taking a cab from anywhere because they don’t want to pay the cabbie’s $50-75 spiff. And this is especially true if there is a group of you as they will save hundreds of dollars by transporting you in their own limo or shuttle. Plus, you won’t have to pay the taxi fare and you will also all get free entry at Club B for taking their limo instead of a cab. I repeat: Do not take a cab to a strip club in Vegas. Save your money and don’t risk a DUI bust. Let the strip clubs transport you on their dime.

  18. Melissa

    Arnold, your website is excellent! Thank you for your hard work 😉

    Of the clubs with free transportation which would you say is the most couple friendly? My husband and I are heading to Vegas at the end of the month and I’m looking to pop his strip club cherry!

  19. Arnold Snyder

    Little Darlings has been the most couples-friendly club for the past few years, but there’s no alcohol and the dancers are nude. If you want alcohol and you’re comfortable with nude dancers, then Palomino Club would be my choice. If you want alcohol but would prefer topless dancing as opposed to nude, I’d opt for Deja Vu Showgirls.

    My wife and I like these clubs because they have good stage shows, you’ll often see other couples in the crowd (and at Little Darlings women alone and in groups), and the dancers and staff are all couples friendly. If you want to get a couples lap dance, the dancers will be happy to entertain both of you.

    Sapphire is also couples friendly and topless, with alcohol, and my wife enjoys that club with me, but the first time I took her to Sapphire she was shocked at the lap dance scene, which can get pretty wild out in the main room. One thing Sapphire has in its favor is that it’s the “World’s Largest Gentlemen’s Club,” maybe something every Vegas tourist ought to see just for the bragging rights. But the drinks are more expensive there and the limo is not “round-trip.” Sapphire will transport you to the club and give you free entry, but you’ll have to catch a cab back to your hotel. The others are round-trip free limos (but remember to tip the limo driver).

  20. Big Lar

    I used the VIP65 deal for the Sapphire on 12/2/15 as a solo. Tipped the driver $10. Within 30 seconds I had a “10” in my lap. On the way back, my dancer (VIP room) said she’d get me a limo back. Since she was called to perform on stage I asked the bouncer for a ride back. No big deal. Tipped the driver $10 going back. I highly recommend going solo as my friends talk too much.

  21. BG

    Great information on this site Arnold, thanks! However one option you’ve not mentioned on your site is many (though not all) clubs will waive entry fee if you or your group is driving themselves (e.g., via rental car) even if you’re not local. For example, if you call Spearmint Rhino ahead of time and ask to be put on their VIP list, they will nearly always let you in free if you have self-transportation.

    Calling ahead of time has also worked on occasion at Sapphire though sometimes it doesn’t or sometimes they’ll charge the entry fee but give you a 2 drink voucher.

    But – even if you’re an out of towner – if you have self transportation, it’s worth calling the club ahead of time to see whether they’ll waive the entry fee, especially if you don’t plan on drinking or have a designated driver anyway…

  22. Wlliam

    Thanks for the tip BG of calling ahead – I usually drive to Vegas so I have a car, and while I wouldn’t mind taking a limo both ways after you tip for each trip it doesn’t seem like you’ve saved much off the cover.

  23. Anonymous

    I’ll be going solo in few weeks and I saw strip club crawl package online. Are these legitimate and if I choose 1 club, they charge $10 for limo with a drink.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Anonymous, these packages send you to whatever club pays them the biggest head fee for sending you. Sometimes they’re a good deal for you and sometimes you could do better without them.

  24. Ed j

    whats the better between hustler club. dejavu or cheetah? is the limo really free or is there a hidden catch? from minnesota and planning going on easter sunday with wife.. are they all couple friendly?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Ed J, Hustler is the best of those three, but Sapphire and Palomino Club are much better than Hustler, both for guys and couples.

      Palomino is the best for a couple going to a strip club for the first time, because the stage show is fantastic. Sapphire is the best for a couple in which the woman is fantasizing about lap dances because the lap dance scene here is the best in Vegas.

      There’s no catch to the strip club limos–they really are free. Palomino’s is free round trip. Every other club is free one way–to the club. Sapphire makes you pay a $15 registration fee to ensure that you’ll actually be there for the pick-up. That is refunded if you buy a 2-for-the-price-of-1 drink ticket at the door.

      Palomino is the least expensive, even though the dancers are first-rate. Drafts are $6, bottled beer $8. Sapphire is the most expensive of this group, with a beer or glass of wine at $15.

      Sapphire has the most dancers, with 400+ at peak hours (maybe 200 on Easter Sunday). Palomino & Hustler are next, with 100+ dancers at peak hours. Deja Vu has very few dancers.

      If you take a cab to these clubs, the admission at Palomino will be $30, the admission at Sapphire $45, and the admission at Hustler $50. Deja Vu was $35 last time I checked and Cheetahs $40, but I wouldn’t recommend those clubs.

      If you go to Sapphire, I’d recommend either a couples package or two solo packages for you and your wife, because it can be hard to find a seat at peak hours and it gives you a break on the drink prices: see here.

      At the other clubs, a package isn’t as important on a Sunday night.

      • Ed j

        Thanks. Looks like Palomino it is. No minimum or package purchase is required? Can just do our own thing once there w/o pressure

        • Arnold Snyder

          Ed J, correct. There’s no minimum and no package purchase is required to enjoy Palomino. If you take the free club limo or get there any way other than a cab or limo, there’s no admission fee.

          At peak hours on Friday and Saturday nights (sometimes weekdays if a big convention is in town) they may charge a 2-drink cover at the door, but you won’t run into that on Easter Sunday. If you decided to go on a Friday or Saturday night instead, you won’t get hit with the 2-drink cover if you go a little early (say by 9 pm). The show is always great.

          Palomino is a low-hustle club. They’ll probably offer you a bottle or VIP package at the door, but you can say no and you won’t run into high-pressure sales tactics.

          Dancers may be shy about approaching you as a couple, because sometimes the women in couples don’t like it. If you want more attention from the dancers, sit on the rail and tip the dancers and talk to them/compliment them when they come over. The dancers will hear about the nice couple that likes dancers and is tipping them.

          Or talk to one of the hosts and explain that you’d like more attention from the dancers. He’ll get the word out and that’s all the invitation they’ll need.

          I think you’ll have a great time.



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