Strip Club Music – A Rap Ban?

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Strip Club Music-Rap Ban?


In a post this week one of TVO’s favorite Instagram sites, TheDancersResource, showed their readers a wall sign from an unnamed strip club. The sign was a final warning to the DJs and club staff to refrain from playing rap music. In no uncertain terms  ….


“Ratchet” is a slang term in hip hop.  It’s a derogatory term used to refer to a slutty woman. It is from a Louisianan dialect form of the word “wretched.”

The Instagram site is primarily used by dancers. The reaction to the club sign was swift and forceful. Most dancers cited it as an example of a racist club with bigoted managers. They were almost uniform in their condemnation and said it was how the club was trying to chase away black customers, and dancers. They are probably right on the club’s motive.

TVO replied to the post with a simple point. “The club should play what the customers want to hear.” It’s a private business and they get to decide the atmosphere and environment they want. Laws of public accommodations notwithstanding, if a club wants to have an urban vibe, or a rock vibe, or a country vibe … that’s up to management and ownership.

What music do you like in a strip club?

Top 25 Strip Club Songs

Recently, the writer Erica Allen offered the following Top 25 Strip Club Songs

“Hot in Here” Nelly 2002

“Girls, Girls, Girls” Motley Crew 1987

“Pour Some Sugar on Me” Def Leppard 1987

“Closer” Nine Inch Nails 1994

“Milkshake” Kellis 2003

“You Shook Me All Night Long” AC/DC 1980

“River” Bishop Brigs 2016

“I Kissed a Girl” Katy Perry 2008

“Welcome to the Jungle” Gun ‘n’ Roses 1987

“I Luv Dem Strippers” 2 Chainz & Nicki Manaj 2012

“I Just Wanna Love You (Give It 2 Me) Jay-Z 2000

“West Coast” Lana Del Rey 2014

“Rocket” Beyonce 2013

“Wild Thing” Tone Loc 1988

“Poison” Bel Biv Devoe 1990

“Simply Irresistible” Robert Palmer 1988

“Freak Like Me” Adina Howard 1995

“Like a Virgin” Madonna 1984

“Movement” Hozier 2018

“S&M” Rihanna 2010

“Cradle of Love” Billy Idol 1990

“Feel Good” Chet Baker 2020

“Cherry Pie” Warrant 1990

“Baby Got Back” Sir Mix-A-Lot 1992

“Drop It Like It’s Hot” Snoop Dogg 2004


Several final thoughts from TVO.

I found it interesting that the oldest song on the list was 1984, “Like a Virgin” by Madonna. That would mean that if the average guy was 16 when Madonna’s single was a hit song. That same patron is 55 now.  Hmmm …. that’s not exactly old man music.  All the other songs on the list puts the patrons in their 40’s or 30’s.  Since the average dancer is probably 22 …. there is little wonder that there is a disconnect among the stakeholders.

Erica Allen’s Top 25 is a pretty fantastic list. The songs cut a wide range of styles and eras.  There is room to operate. I would say the club sign’s phrase “mainstream” probably includes everything on this list.

If a club owner wants to please dancers more than the customers. that club will close soon. I don’t pretend to know enough about “urban” clubs. If the owner wants that to be his market … don’t come to me for advice. I can’t help you.

My solution … more DJs that are my age and lived my life!


TVO’s Top 5 Strip Club Songs

5. “Hot in Here” Nelly 2002

4. “Freak Like Me” Adina Howard 1995

3.”S&M” Rihanna 2010

2.”You Shook Me All Night Long” AC/DC 1980

1.”Girls, Girls, Girls” Motley Crew 1987

Author’s Postscript:  After filing this article I happen to hear the Allman Brothers’ classic, “Tied to the Whippin’ Post.”   Put that at the top of my list!

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5 Responses to “Strip Club Music – A Rap Ban?”

  1. Erik d

    It could be racist and trying to keep out black customers but to me it’s most likely a case of customers complaining about the musical selection.

    I don’t have a top list but as I got of age for strip clubs in the late 90s/ early 2000s and I’m of german heritage I have to give a nod to rammstein for du hast or stripped as great songs for the clubs I go to. I still will often do double tip rammstein where the girl dancing to rammstein gets twice the tips from me

    • Scott

      After “du hast” I’ll ask the DJ to play “Der Kommissar” …. the dancers will be totally exhausted and completely confused.

  2. Hugh

    Well, as a middle ages 54 year old cat
    I can honestly say that I would much prefer to visit a club where I don’t have to hear rap “music”.

    • Scott

      Thanks Hugh. Have you found a club that fits that bill for you? If so… what club? Others, like me, probably want to know!

      • John

        I also like the sound of that age 40 some of the music they play I just really don’t like. House music for example I can’t tell one song from the other so I tend to wait for the DJs to play some music I actually like or can tell the songs apart so I can keep track of how many dances I’m getting. Then again if I’m in the club and the music really sucks I just ring the next club as they’re more than happy to pick you up from the previous club.



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