Spice Up Your Relationship: An Unconventional Date Night At Vegas Strip Clubs


Strip clubs aren’t traditionally known for being a couples-friendly establishment. Back in the day, it was even frowned upon because entertainers were worried about the wife/girlfriend/date being jealous, rude, and/or cheap, or just because she was there the male would be. Things have since changed. Gentlemen’s Clubs & Cabarets are generally much cheaper than a nightclub and offers a more comfortable environment (such as providing free transportation, seating, and more affordable VIPs, alcohol, hookah and/or food). Due to this substantial price difference between nightclubs and strip clubs, strip clubs have become more desirable for couples (who aren’t interested in dancing themselves).



If you and your partner aren’t frequent strip clubgoers here are some tips to make the night as enjoyable as can be:

 1. Determine beforehand the shared experience desired by both

– Strip clubs offer lap dances on the floor, and private VIP areas (generally for 15 minutes, 30 minutes & hour time blocks) A couple should know beforehand whether or not dances are an option for them (individually or as a couple). If dances aren’t an option, then the two of you should have a few hundred in single dollar bills to throw on stage throughout the night. The business is centered around its entertainers so you should budget accordingly for them rather than just buying drinks. 

2. Create a budget that both are comfortable with 

Strip clubs offer Stage entertainment, drinks (21+ clubs), Hookah (some), Food (some), and transportation (some). Decide how much of which the two of you desire, determine a price point that’s acceptable for the two of you and stick to it once you’re at the club (and don’t forget to tip)!

3. Allow the entertainer the space to entertain 

– Oftentimes what happens at strip clubs which is extremely frowned upon is the guests start feeling the drinks, and the entertainers and begin to welcome dances. It then turns from the entertainer doing the work to the guy and/or girl getting comfortable trying to dance themselves, exposing parts of themselves, wanting to get on stage and dance, and so on and so forth. DON’T BE THAT COUPLE! A strip club can be fined or worse, shut down if it’s revealed customers are acting in such a manner, not to mention if those antics occur chances are someone’s job is on the line. If you’re wanting dances then ensure you’re on the receiving end of them from a professional. It’s also frowned upon for a female guest to take it upon herself to entertain her male companion. 

4. Attention ALL FEMALE couples and groups

Pick a few clubs you’re interested in checking out and call beforehand to ensure they’ll cater to your group. A lot of clubs do not allow females on their own, as a pair, or even as a group 


There are 24, about to be 25 strip clubs in Las Vegas! With that many options and so many different rules and thought processes behind each club it may be a better bet to hire a pro to book and host your evening. If that’s something you might be interested in please visit our partners at Maximize LV: https://MaximizeLV.com


For a look into ToplessVegasOnline’s club rankings please click here: https://toplessvegasonline.com/best-las-vegas-strip-clubs/


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