Stripper Blogs and Websites – A View into the Dancer’s World

A lot of the most interesting and entertaining information about strippers can be found online at blogs and websites that are created by strippers. If you’re interested in how dancers view their job, the clubs they work in, and their customers, spend a little time at some of these sites.

If you read the stripper blogs and forums, you’ll come to understand that dancing in strip clubs is first and foremost a job. You’ll learn that the women who strip are not prostitutes and that if they want to be successful as strippers they have to take their work seriously.

You’ll learn what kinds of customers dancers like (aside from the obvious—guys with money) and what kinds of customers they hate (even if they have money). You’ll read story after story about irritating customers, amusing customers, appreciated regulars, good and bad club managers, DJs, and even other dancers that strippers have to put up with.

If you’re interested in learning more about what the world looks like from a dancer’s perspective, these are some sites I recommend:

Stripper Web

This one’s my favorite. It’s all discussion forums and it’s fascinating. I love reading the Newbie Board because it humanizes dancers more than any other stripper website I’ve seen.

Many of the forums at this site allow only dancers to post, and the new dancers are straightforward about their feelings for the job and the difficulties they’re having with the work conditions, customers, management, etc. The dancers who respond to the newbie’s questions are so supportive that you can’t help but feel respect for their generosity and kindness.

Here’s a typical thread in which a desperate would-be dancer asks advice on what to wear for her audition.

There’s a board where dancers discuss specific clubs, a board where dancers discuss private party shows, and even a customer forum where customers can ask dancers questions.

Survive the Club: A Stripper Blog

From the masthead:  Learn how to be a stripper. Should I be a stripper? Should you become a stripper? Your online source for stripper tips, help with stripper problems. Stripper 101: Learn how to strip.

This blog deals primarily with the common problems strippers face—how to deal with everything from pole dancing injuries to psycho customers to drama in the dressing room.

Quote: “We know men are going to judge us and when they are angry, we know the easiest target is our jobs. That’s something that’s hurt me, but it’s something I can live with. It really helps me detach from someone actually—when they are so low as to call me names because of my job. Goodbye, sir. You are done.”

The Stripper Diaries


Dancer Bella Hack shares personal stories and answers questions from dancers and customers.

Quote: “I don’t like making men cum because it’s not my job. In fact, many times I can tell when a guy is about to bust a nut so I switch positions. I’m not the only one with this tactic. I discussed it with a dancer in the dressing room a while ago … Yes, I know, I’m a dirty, hustling tease. That’s the job I signed up for.”

How to Be a Stripper

Ballet-Stripper-ShoesAnother how-to blog that answers questions on the stripper lifestyle. This blog is connected to a website where you can purchase an e-book for $19.95 titled “How to Be a Stripper.” The blog hasn’t been updated since 2012, but I found it fun to read this dancer’s advice on how to pick a stripper name, how to increase tips, and what to expect during amateur night. There’s a Stripper Shoe of the Month section that’s amusing. Here’s my favorite.  Ballet toe shoes with 7 1/2 inch heels.

Strip and Grow Rich

This is a how-to guide that focuses specifically on how dancers can make money, money, and more money. I found this dancer’s businesslike attitude fascinating. She covers sales techniques for selling more lap dances, which cities offer the best money-making opportunities for strippers, and how to sell dances to customers from the stage.  She even recommends Zig Ziglar’s books on how to close a sale, and gives examples of how she has used his closes.

I have recognized her advice occasionally in the way dancers in Vegas have approached me.

There’s lots of free info, but paid memberships are available to dancers who want all the inside info. I’ve only read the free stuff, but there’s a lot of it.

If you really want to know what dancers are like, on the stripper blogs you can get it in their own words.

13 Responses to “Stripper Blogs and Websites – A View into the Dancer’s World”

  1. hot strippers

    I started when i was 18, made $25 to do a party, it beat working as a bouncer for $6 an hr in south beach. Then i started working at a strip club, for yrs lap dances were $10, then we increased the price to $20 per dance. I quit for a few yrs while studying, then came back. Why? Well working as a medic for $12 to pay bills wasn’t cutting it, so I went back to dancing, making much better money, and gave me more time to sleep so i can study better. Many yrs later, I got accepted into medical school and finished. Dancing can help a lot. You can always ask me. Im always supportive of exotic dancers and how much it can benefit you

  2. Alex

    I am shocked at how often people think that stripping is about looks. There is a crowd for everyone, the only think you need is a hustler attitude.

  3. Maria Perez

    There definitely aren’t enough blogs that cover the life of strippers. The life of a stripper is not what most people envision. We are moms, wives, girlfriends, and members of the PTA. Thanks for sharing these sites.

  4. Kaia Dallas

    I stripped many years ago. (Tables dances were $20 back then, not sure what the going rate is now.). Overall, I think it made my life better. If someone was thinking about doing this, I would say “go for it.” I made a lot more money than I would have at a regular job, was able to buy things I needed, do some traveling, and meet interesting people.

  5. Monica

    Unfortunately, many of the stripper blogs come and go without much notice. I really like looking through the forum on the stripper web and reading some other articles written by fellow dancers. I would like to see this list updated because there some good ones out there that did not make the list.

  6. Justin Peard

    Great article with great references. I have been advocating for women in the adult industry for over 20 years. Worked in Gentlemen’s Clubs for years in Australia and Japan. Back in 1997 there were not many references online for traveling dancers to access and research clubs to make sure they were safe before going to them overseas, and ask advice of other dancers. It is wonderful that sites like Stripper Web & your other references above in your post have been created by Dancers to impart their valuable knowledge and experience to others that may be already dancing and looking for help or those who are just starting out. Back in Tokyo many years ago so many dancers used to ask us if we knew of any other great clubs around the world that were safe to work in and at that time we didn’t.

  7. MonaAmature

    Sorry I meant 49 c cup boobies opps also I’am an starving artist so I use . Body paint in most of my shows most of the time at small crappy bars doing table dance nude.

  8. Rochelle

    Hi Arnold,
    I came across your article whilst searching for other blogs and how they were approached. Thanks for some of the links. I myself was a dancer internationally for over 10 years, and I am now entering the world of life after dancing, which is an interesting time. I am now an agent but hand in hand with this, I have created a stripper blog of the secrets of dancing and life of a dancer: Showgirls International.

    I am really enjoying it and really want to get some of my memories down. It’s also fun bouncing ideas of my friends and reminiscing about some of the madness! Might collate it into a book one day…

  9. Alexander Marcus

    Hi, My name is Alex.
    I am curious, I have visited many blogs and gotten a great deal of insight on the profession, but I have not heard much about the down time.
    Does stripping create a distance between family and friends or can you still have normal relations with parents, siblings and friends you grew up with?
    I am a writer, you may point me to any articles that answer this question, I would be glad to read it.
    Thanks, Alex

  10. Theresa Fisher

    Hi –
    I’m the health and science reporter at an upcoming website for journalism related to sleep and wakefulness. It will be launching towards the end of the month. We’ll be running articles on sleep habits of people in different industries, including simple Q&As and more in-depth “sleep diaries,” in which people chronicle their sleeping habits for a few days. I’m focusing on industries where people work off-hours (so, not a typical 9-5 job). If you’re willing and interested in being featured in some capacity, or even weighing in for an article, please let me know. You can call me at 914 500 3434. Thanks so much!



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