Stripping for Higher Education

An article in the Daily Mail Online cites an academic study of strippers in the UK conducted by researchers at Leeds University that found that almost one-third (29.4%) of strippers were currently enrolled as students at various colleges and universities. Almost 200 strippers from clubs and pubs across the UK were interviewed in the survey. The researchers were surprised to find that not only were many strippers college students, but many also came from middle-class families.

Those who were less affluent were stripping to pay for their tuition and books, while those who were not in need of education assistance were stripping for extra spending money as well as social interaction. One student was quoted: “It’s just like party night! I prefer to go to work than go out on a weekend really.”

According to Dr. Kate Hardy and Dr. Teela Sanders, who conducted the study, most of the student/strippers felt that stripping was a perfectly respectable occupation. One club manager said that September was a peak time for students to inquire about stripping jobs and another acknowledged that he put out flyers to attract incoming frosh to audition.


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