Sunday Night Football at Palomino Club

Bunny Gets Naked at Palomino Club

Palomino Club is the only Vegas strip club advertising a Sunday Night Football viewing party. It’s the Bears vs the Rams tonight, with the kickoff at 5:20 pm. The club will be opening its doors at 4:30 pm today (and every Sunday for their SNF party).

The party is sponsored by Radio KOMP 92.3, the Rock Station, that will be remote-broadcasting from Palomino during the game. They’re advertising $150 bottles all game long, $30 domestic beer buckets, buy 1 get on free shots at half time, free taco bar and prize giveaways.

Palomino has a full bar and totally nude dancers. You won’t find this booze-and-pussy combo at any other strip club in Vegas because it’s a violation of state law. But Palomino got grandfathered in 50 years ago. So, all dancers get naked on stage and in the private VIP shows.

You must be 21+, but dancers only have to be 18+. You’ll find Palomino’s package deals here, or call the club at 702-642-2984 for reservations, transportation, or more info. Nude, full bar, 21+


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