Super Bowl in the Vegas Strip Clubs (Updated)

Sapphire Football Viewing Screens

Sapphire’s Football Viewing Screens

Las Vegas strip clubs are known for their lavish Super Bowl viewing parties. This year, with the Covid restrictions, the strip club parties, like all of the Super Bowl parties in town, will be hindered by the pandemic regulations. Don’t expect lap dances or any physical contact with the girls. All clubs are limited to 25% of their normal occupancy limits. Masks are required unless you’re eating or drinking.

Even though the Vegas crowds will not be anywhere near the town’s normal Super Bowl weekend crowds, there will be more out-of-towners in Vegas to bet on the game than most weekends during this pandemic. With the clubs’ 25% occupancy limits, you absolutely must make reservations in advance at the bigger clubs to assure you gain entry. The Super Bowl is on Sunday, February 7, with the kickoff scheduled at 3:30 pm.

These are the Vegas strip clubs that are currently advertising Super Bowl viewing parties:

[NEW] Spearmint Rhino is also havising a Super Bowl viewing party. The club will open at 1 pm on Sunday, Feb 7. They’re advertising bottle and food specials, including $100 bottles and burger, fries and a beer for $5. Call for reservations and limo pickup at 702-796-3600 or visit the club website.

Palomino Club will be opening at 3 pm. They are not requiring reservations, though I would advise them, especially if you’re in a group. They’re advertising drink and bottle specials throughout the game. Call the club at 702-642-2984 or visit the club website.

Sapphire has multiple package deals available on their website that include transportation, entry, and bottle options for groups of 4 to 8 guests. The club is advertising “100’s of Sapphire cheerleaders” with “halftime dollar dances,” so I’m not sure how those dances work this year. Call the club at 702-869-0003, or purchase tickets online now.

Crazy Horse III is advertising a $799 package for four guests that includes transportation for all, free entry, an “open bar all game and unlimited tailgate fare with halftime pizza selections.” That’s a pretty good price for an open bar all game for four guests. Call the club at 702-673-1700 or visit their website here. Reservations mandatory.

Play It Again, Sam is advertising a free party that starts at 3 pm, with “free food, free drinks, free prizes, drink specials, shot specials.” This is a locals joint, so you may not need reservations and they don’t have a limo to pick you up. If you can’t get in to any of the above clubs, you might give Sam’s a try. Call the club at (702) 876-1550, or visit their website here.

7 Responses to “Super Bowl in the Vegas Strip Clubs (Updated)”

  1. Bill

    Vital Vegas reporting hustler, spearmint rhino and play it again were shutdown last night.

  2. Abby Normal

    Rhino closed down by city last night. 48 hours suspension until they reopen. Right after the SB.
    Happen to any other clubs?

  3. Abby Normal

    Rhino called at 1am and cancelled my reservation for 6. Said something changed and they weren’t going to be open. Not sure if they are lying or got shut down. I might swing by today to check.

  4. Carter

    I was in Rhino in November. Essentially the girl sat next to me the whole time in VIP. Her dances were “no contact” but she didn’t really dance much (maybe one or two songs) and couldn’t take her top off. Did a hour with her. She was still hot but it wasn’t the same experience as what we are used to at clubs.

  5. Steven C

    Talked with a dancer I keep in touch with. She says no nudity on the main floor but dances are still taking place.
    I’m trying to decide if she’s in sales mode or if vip is still enjoyable.
    Shes usually pretty reliable.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Steven, the situation right now is that none of the clubs can legally allow any physical contact. So, if some dancers are allowing physical contact, that’s a risk they’re taking. The problem I have with reporting on the clubs is that if I learn of dancers who are taking chances, I can’t report on that kind of activity without putting the club’s license at risk. So, I’m not even out looking for that kind of activity. And if you submit a report to me telling me about such things happening, I won’t publish your report. Since I have no way of knowing if you’re reporting something real or a competing club trying to get a rival biz into trouble, I can’t even allow readers’ reports. Until this town gets the okay to open up again legally, about all I can do is report on which places are open as “bikini bars,” because that’s all the state is permitting right now.

  6. Scott W

    Sam’s is a great value play.

    The big bonus is their video poker. Are there any other strip clubs with gaming?



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