Super Bowl Parties in the Vegas Strip Clubs

The Big Game is on February 5, just two weeks from this Sunday, so you best start making plans now. Vegas will be packed, so don’t wait to start looking for a room. Likewise, you can expect big crowds for the strip club parties. Every year these parties get bigger as more guys realize they want some T&A with their NFL.

Here’s the play:  After you go to the casino sports book to place your bets, head over to the strip club of your choice to watch the game with topless cheerleaders, drink specials, free food, raffles, prizes, and lap dances. There will be no topless babes in the casino sports books, so don’t waste your time there after you’ve placed your bets. In Vegas, everything goes better with tits.

These are the strip club parties that have been announced so far:

Palomino Club — the Only Super Bowl Party with Naked Girls

Palomino Club Las Vegas Dancer

LaDonna Dances at Palomino Club

For the first time ever, you’ll be able to watch the Big Game this year with naked girls. That’s because, for the first time in its history, Palomino Club (club review / club website) will be opening early to screen the Super Bowl. Palomino is the only club in Vegas with a full bar and dancers who lose their g-strings, both on stage and in the private VIP rooms. If you like pussy, this is the only party in town.

The game starts at 3:30 pm, so the club is opening at 2:30 pm and the club limos will be running all day. My advice is to call and reserve a ride early, because this may be the best Super Bowl party deal in Vegas.

For its first Super Bowl party ever, Palomino is pulling out all the stops. Free cover if you use Palomino’s free transportation (702-642-2984), free cover for locals driving themselves, and only $20 cover for taxi and uber/lyft dropoffs. See all of Palomino’s package deals here. (Reserved seats for the Super Bowl party are going fast.)

The party includes a free buffet, giveaways, and drink/dance specials for the entirety of the game. Palomino’s free buffet includes Saimin noodles, egg rolls, crab rangoons, teriyaki chicken, and teriyaki meatballs. But the one thing Palomino has that none of the topless clubs have: Pussy.

Sapphire’s Super Bowl Bash with a Halftime Dollar Dance Bacchanalia

Dancer at Sapphire Las Vegas

Kyle is a Sapphire Gem

Sapphire (club review / club website) may be the biggest gentlemen’s club in the world, but I guarantee you this party will sell out — so don’t wait until it’s too late to make a reservation. Porn Stars Nikki Benz, Chloe Amour and Samantha Rone will be hosting the festivities, along with UFC champion, Miesha “Cupcake” Tate.

You haven’t seen anything till you’ve seen Sapphire’s halftime dollar dance tsunami. Hundreds of topless girls doing full-contact lap dances for just one buck. Bring a fistful of dollars and get smothered in titties for ten minutes, which beats the hell out of watching Lady Gaga prancing around for ten minutes.

Sapphire has two levels of tickets: The $75 package includes limo transportation, free entry, line pass, lavish buffet, main room seating, and the halftime dollar dance orgy. Lap dancers are available throughout the game.

The $150 package includes limo transportation, free entry, line pass, an even more lavish buffet with the best food of the Vegas strip club parties–from barbecue, sushi and gourmet Mexican food to salads, desserts and more, all served at the proper temperature by a professional catering staff, VIP seating in the Showroom with the biggest HD screens of all the strip clubs, and a halftime dollar dance orgy. Lap dancers are available throughout the game.

For the halftime dollar dances, get yourself a pile of ones before the halftime buzzer, and get ready for a ten-minute smorgasbord of breasts. (See my full description of Sapphire’s dollar dance scene in The Best Lap Dance in Vegas).

The $75 and $150 are the pre-event prices. If you wait until the day of the game, you may have to pay more, assuming tix are still available.

Sapphire also has group packages available with bottles and various levels of services, so if you’re in a group, call the club for details at 702-869-0003, or check out all the solo and group deals online here.

Crazy Horse III Has an Open Bar Package

Crazy Horse III (club review) is offering a $229 package this year that includes transportation (pending availability), free entry, line pass, free buffet, and an open bar throughout the game. CH3 also has a $79 package without the open bar and buffet.

Treasures Has Three Package Deals Including Dollar Dances

Treasures (club review) has a $81 package, an $107 package, and a $157 package. All include limo pickup between 1 – 3 pm and return limo to your Strip hotel, and free entry. The $81 package includes a free buffet and a well and domestic beer open bar till the end of the game. The $107 package includes a free buffet and a call drink and import beer open bar till the end of the game. The $157 package includes a full New York steak dinner and a premium and import beer open bar till the end of the game. Treasures will be having dollar dances at halftime.

Spearmint Rhino Drink Specials and International Food Stations

Spearmint Rhino (club review) is advertising $200 bottles and international food stations. Their poster lists half a dozen liquor sponsors, so I assume there will be drink specials throughout the game. Rhino has completed its remodel and now has private VIP rooms.

Centerfolds Features a Pig Roast and Porn Star Austin Lynn

Centerfolds (club review) is advertising a “pig roast” and porn star Austin Lynn for their halftime show, plus raffles and giveaways. Doors open at 3 pm. No other details provided.

Sophia’s Indian Motorcycle Raffle after the Game

Sophia’s (club review) is advertising free cover with limo pickup, and a raffle drawing for an Indian motorcycle after the game (must be present to win). Sophia’s is the club that was taken over by OG. I know in the past OG has had free food and halftime dollar dances, but they’re not providing any details on their website or Facebook page yet.

Hustler Club Teagan Presley and Custom Motorcycle Raffle

Hustler Club (club review) will feature Teagan Presley performing at halftime and after the game. The Count’s Custom Hustler Motorcycle will be raffled off. Customers have been able to enter the drawing during the playoffs, and I suspect you will also be able to enter during the Super Bowl.

Babes Pours Free Cannonball Shots at Every Touchdown

Babes (club review) party starts at 2 pm, with $20 buckets of Bud and Bud Light, plus free Cannonball shots at every touchdown. With the over/under around 59 points, you may be thoroughly wasted on Cannonballs by the end of the game. No cover charge.

Other clubs that have had Super Bowl Parties in the past but have not yet advertised one this year include Deja Vu Showgirls and Play It Again Sam. I will update info as it becomes available.

16 Responses to “Super Bowl Parties in the Vegas Strip Clubs”

  1. todd

    Thank you for the advice. I was close to pulling trigger on Owner’s booth.

  2. Arnold Snyder

    Todd, I think Palomino will have a good crowd for Super Bowl because they’ve been getting a good crowd for Sunday night football. Good crowds mean good dancers.

    You get endless free mixers with a package at Palomino and those free mixers are a better dancer magnet than even the best booze. The dancers get thirsty and they don’t want to turn into alcoholics. So the way to look at a package at Palomino is that you’ll not only get booze for you, but you will be able to invite endless beautiful girls for a drink. Some will have a cocktail, but most will go straight for the bottled water and juice. Should make for a great evening after the game.

    With a package for a crowd like yours, they will make sure you have an excellent view of the game (probably the best in the club). They don’t have the biggest screens in town, but you’ll be close enough to the monitors that you won’t need the biggest screens in town.

    It’s a terrific club and they throw great parties. I think you’ll have a great time.

    • todd

      Awesome incite.

      We have 4 guys. I’m considering the Ringside or the High Roller. Maybe the King of Clubs. Which would you recommend of the three or some other package? Want the best time/best view wouldn’t mind saving a buck but the money isn’t a big issue.

      • Arnold Snyder

        Todd, the Ringside package’s big feature is you get your own stage. This is a package I’d recommend for 10-20 guys there for a bachelor party on a Friday or Saturday night.

        For your group, where you actually want to watch the Super Bowl, I’d go with the King of Clubs or High Roller package. Both include unlimited mixers, including Red Bull, which is a dancer favorite and always very expensive in Vegas strip clubs. Seriously, when the dancers see you have unlimited Red Bulls, I think you’ll all have beautiful girls in your laps all night long.

        The High Roller package guarantees you the best seats in the House including the Owner’s Booth, which is literally the booth used by the owner of the club. King of Clubs guarantees you the best seats in the House, including the Owner’s Booth, unless someone else has bought the High Roller package.

        But they will still make sure you have a great view of both the game and the stage with the King of Clubs package, even if the Owner’s Booth is taken. Just make sure to specify when you order the package that you want a great view of both.

        So I think you’d have a great time with either package. Now it’s up to you whether you’d prefer to save some money or whether you’d prefer to pay extra to make sure you’re the very top dogs in the club. (You’d still be very high-up dogs with King of Clubs.)

        I’m going to get you some more details about the Owner’s Booth, probably later tonight or Monday.

          • Arnold Snyder

            Todd, I double checked the Owner’s Booth, because my memory of it was that it wasn’t my favorite for watching a fight or a game.

            My memory was right. I’d go with the King of Clubs package and be sure to tell them it’s important to you to have a good view of the game.

  3. todd

    Treasures just called. 100-110 (wasn’t listening) for rail liquor all inclusive. 125 for premium liquor options. I didn’t ask for the Steak dinner option. Plus taxes.

    To be fair, this is always the best drinking option place I’ve found. I’ve been taking a group of guys to Treasures every year for at least 7 or 8 years in a row now. I think it goes much further back. Long enough that the managers know me and I go there once a year…

    The talent varies year to year. Last year 2019 sucked. The game sucked, the talent wasn’t around. It was one of the worst events I’ve been to there. 2018 was excellent. 2017 was very poor but not as bad as 2019. I’d not we didn’t see the normal upstairs manager last year and maybe that was the issue. Also no ladies came up, even at half time.
    Since some of us dabble with pro’s the dances are secondary to the event/liquor options so we are likely to go again. Would love an updated list.

    • todd

      Palomino is drink specials, free food and a radio station being there doing give aways. You much buy an existing package listed on website. All packages come with a table except the individual person package. This is the full nude club.

      I Will need to way cost of additional liquor vs. fully nude ladies around. (Read Review). (weighing options will be how much extra I’m willing to cover for the group to get them to go there..) Dying to go somewhere else this year.

      • todd

        Crazy Horse III is 129.00 premium liquor included. Food and fare. Beverages from kickoff to end of game.

        Sapphire has all sorts of packages. Cheapest open bar looks like 199. many different packages.

        That’s all I’ve seen listed so far.

        • Arnold Snyder

          Todd, I’ll have a post up with all the Super Bowl parties this coming week. If you want to try someplace new, the stage show at Palomino is terrific. But I have to say, the Sapphire Super Bowl party always sells out, and it’s because of the dollar lap dance tsunami at halftime. The buffet is always great too, and the triple movie-screen size HD screens with Dolby surround sound are the best viewing in town. But the halftime topless lap dance party is unsurpassed, with all of the club’s 9s and 10s there for the party. Palomino always has talent too because they have very loyal dancers, but on Super Bowl Sunday, the best of the topless club talent tends to go to Sapphire.

          • todd

            Arnold, Thanks for the information. What are your thoughts about game viewership at Palomino?

            I’m weighing how much I think my friends are worth. With Palomino I might want to get one of the larger packages but I’d have to cover for my cheaper friends… They did tell me that we can stay and we get to keep the party going afterwards without additional cost (not sure about mixers) with the booze package we’ve purchased. With the larger packages there is almost zero chance we’d finish the liquor. I do worry about the view of the game as well. I’ve been there once and don’t remember seeing many tvs not that I was looking up…

  4. Arnold Snyder

    Most clubs haven’t posted their Super Bowl party plans yet. Sapphire is ahead of the game and has a whole bunch of options on their website depending on the size of your group and precisely what you want. Call them at 1-702-869-0003 to make a reservation and choose a package. They have everything you’re looking for. You’ll have a blast. Great party!

  5. Jason

    When are you going to do a 2018 super bowl party list of what’s going on where and how much?

      • Ken

        Any news on the 2018 SB parties? Coming for a Batchelor party with about 8 guys. Want to be able to show our guy a great time and knock out the SB watching while doing so. Any suggestions for a place that has hot women and food and beverage….and good tv’s?



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