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Annual Palomino Houseboat Party!

  Annual Palomino Houseboat Party! The most coveted industry invitation in the Las Vegas men’s club world is the Annual Palomino Houseboat Party on Lake Mead. The lake was the place to party Monday afternoon and evening. For several years Adam G has hosted the hotel and club concierges, and club promoters for a blow-out… Read more »

Interview with the ‘Talent Man’ at Sapphire: AJ Trunk

Interview with the ‘Talent Man’ at Sapphire: AJ Trunk The comedian Lily Tomlin had a routine I’ll never forget. She rhetorically asks the audience, “What if we all grew up to be what we wanted to be when we were kids?  … It would be a world with nothing but firemen, cowboys, nurses and ballerinas!”… Read more »

Nevada Paranormal Task Force Investigates Palomino Club Haunting

Is the Palomino Club haunted? Last week, an investigator for the Nevada Paranormal Task Force (yes, this is a real group) posted a photo on Twitter that he took inside the Palomino, reportedly when “the lights were off.” The photo shows a blue streak of light slanting across the room.  Now, here is the haunted… Read more »