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Best Brothels Near Las Vegas

Sheri’s Ranch in Nevada 10551 Homestead Rd Pahrump, NV 89061 1-800-506-3565 Sheri’s is located less than 90 minutes west of Las Vegas. The accommodations at Sheri’s Ranch range from clean and functional (like a basic motel room) to suites comparable to those in a fine Strip hotel. There’s also a fully-furnished BDSM chamber, and a… Read more »

Alien Cathouse

Alien Cathouse 2711 E Highway 95 Amargosa, NV 89020 (775) 372-5678 Alien Cathouse is a laid-back, less-expensive brothel about 90 minutes drive north of Vegas on US-95 N, in Nevada’s flying saucer territory; Area 51. The easygoing courtesans range from neighborhood girl types, attractive older women and frequently adult film stars such as Jenevieve Hexxx… Read more »