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What Clubs are the Hottest? The TVO HOT Rankings

What are the hottest strip clubs in Vegas? History buffs, mark your calendars … add one more milestone to July 10th. Today, in the Pacific Time zone, in Clark County, Nevada, the official HOT Rankings for Las Vegas strip clubs are revealed. Best Scoring Men’s Clubs in Las Vegas – “TVO HOT Rankings™” Ranking Gentlemen’s… Read more »

Centerfolds – Las Vegas’ Newest Strip Club

Centerfolds (club review) is a new Vegas topless club that just opened in the space that used to be Foxy’s on Highland. There’s a new owner and new management. I stopped by Friday night but there were no customers and only one dancer. It does not appear to be an urban club anymore. I didn’t stay…. Read more »

Foxy Girls / Foxy’s – CLOSED

Foxy’s was a small urban club that appeared to be doing well. Foxy’s had renovated the club when they took it over from Foxy Girls just a couple years ago, so the property was in good shape. For most of this year, however, Foxy’s has been closed, sitting there dark whenever I drove by. There was… Read more »