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Former San Diego Vice Cop Weighs in on Harassment of Strip Clubs

According to the San Diego Reader, San Diego’s vice cops continue to harass dancers at Cheetahs, a nude club in the Kearney Mesa suburb. We’ve been following this story since March of last year when the dancers at Cheetahs sued the city for $1.5 million for human rights violations. In that case, the dancers were… Read more »

Harassing Dancers a Job Perk for San Diego Cops

According to the San Diego Reader, Cheetah’s strip club in San Diego is now fighting its license revocation. We’ve been following this story since March when the San Diego Police detained all of the dancers at Cheetah’s and took photos of them undressed so they could “catalog their tattoos.” (Links to prior articles below.) None… Read more »

Former Vegas Strip Club Mogul Mike Galardi Gets off the Hook

Mike Galardi, former owner of Cheetahs in both Las Vegas and San Diego, did time in a federal prison (2007-8) for bribing city officials in both towns.  But now he has finally caught a break. One of the San Diego officials, Mike Zucchet, had filed a lawsuit against Galardi in 2012, alleging that Galardi had… Read more »