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A New Vegas Topless Show — Cherry Boom Boom — Opens at the Tropicana

Cherry Boom Boom is like a 75-minute rock’n’roll aerobics class with more than a dozen dancers in skimpy outfits – some topless in some numbers. The production is heavy on the lighting and visual effects and confusion. Apparently the show grew out of a Hollywood show with the same name that starred Carmen Electra. This Vegas version of… Read more »

Cherry Boom Boom — Review

[CLOSED AS OF OCTOBER 28 2016] I’m not going to say this show is a catastrophe, but I’ve seen actual train wrecks that were more pleasant to watch. What the hell were they thinking? Here’s the problem: The program lists a Supervising Choreographer, an Associate Choreographer, two Specialty Choreographers, and two Contributing Choreographers. There’s also a… Read more »