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372k PA Mail-In Ballots Rejected (Updated)

90% of Ballot Rejections were for People “Accidentally” Voting More Than Once 372,000 mail-in ballots have been rejected in Pennsylvania so far, with 90% of them rejected because the voter had voted more than once. That was supposedly accidental.  Do you believe that?  Do you know any Americans who believe they are allowed to vote… Read more »

Democrat Absentee Ballot Vote Fraud

The Calloway Brothers’ Absentee Ballot Fraud Service Now that Las Vegas is reopening, this website is about to go back to celebrating the party here full-time. But I have a few last things to say about Bat Plague and vote fraud, and this post is one of them. In Atlantic City, the Calloway brothers ran… Read more »

Democrat Mail-In Vote Fraud Ring in Texas

Houston Democrats Hire Convicted Forgers to Help with Vote Fraud A retired teacher has gathered evidence that Democrat campaign surrogates in Harris County, TX (home of Houston, Texas’ largest city) are filling in ballots for nursing home residents and getting the residents to sign them without actually knowing for whom they’re voting. She literally has… Read more »