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Just in Time for the Holidays: Mouse Pads with Tits & Ass

Leave it to the Japanese to come up with a game-changing improvement to the mouse pad. Consider how often you’ve been surfing the net when the thought occurred to you:  I sure wish my mouse pad had breasts.  Now you can have the mouse pad of your dreams. Or, perhaps you’re a butt man and you’ve… Read more »

Just in Time for the Holidays – Cake Decorations with Nipples

When I think holidays, I think cake. And when I think cake, I think naked girls. Finally, this holiday season we can have cute girls sitting on top of our cakes wearing nothing but smiles and diaphanous negligees. Sexy Sue Cake Decorating Dolls are now available from Two plastic dolls, each about 4 inches high, are… Read more »

Just in Time for the Holidays – the Bettie Page Action Doll

And You Thought Dolls Were for Kids It’s already November 8 — time to start shopping for everyone on your naughty list. And here’s the perfect gift for the perv who has everything: The Bettie Page Action Doll. This 1:6 scale doll features the Queen of Pinups beautifully recreated as a 12-inch tall collectible. Bettie comes with… Read more »