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Spearmint Rhino: “Shape Up … or Ship Out!”

Leading Club Warns Dancers: Don’t Smell So Bad!   Country singer George Strait has a hit song titled, “She Let Herself Go.” The ironic title is about a wife who finally allows herself some freedom, luxury and fun after a suffocating marriage. I don’t think the message that Spearmint Rhino is sending to their dancers… Read more »

Random Vegas #8 Prince Harry, ED Expo, Sapphires Gaming, John Gray, Cannibas Guide, New Club, Reopened club, Weekday Deals

Item#1 Prince Harry’s Underwear Sold The tale of how Prince Harry’s underwear became a souvenir for Carrie Royale in August of 2012 is a legendary Vegas story (Read here). The prince’s partying at the Hustler Club, and the Encore pool, made the news around the word. TVO has documented it more than most. So when… Read more »

Spearmint Rhino Las Vegas

Spearmint Rhino is Still One of the Plusher Clubs in Vegas Spearmint Rhino has finished a major remodel that was driving away customers, as many of its dancers left for Sapphire and Treasures. Still, Spearmint Rhino remains one of the plusher clubs in Vegas and it’s now larger; it continues to eschew the typical high-tech… Read more »