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Burlesque Roulette – Review

I never thought I’d see a stripper twirling her tassels to Woody Guthrie’s “This Land Is Your Land,” but we were primed with booze enough to sing along. I ordered another Heineken and followed the bouncing boobs—”This land was made for you and me!” Welcome to Burlesque Roulette, a revue that takes place on the… Read more »

Las Vegas Burlesque and Bar Shows Overview

Las Vegas Burlesque and Bar Shows Overview The burlesque renaissance, sometimes called the neo-burlesque movement, is alive and well in Las Vegas, even though we do not have a full-time neo-burlesque venue yet. All of the current neo-burlesque shows take place in bars and nightclubs on specified nights, some monthly, some weekly, some a couple… Read more »

Twisted Cherry Burlesque

One of the things I like most about the neo-burlesque movement is that everyone seems to have a different idea where to go with it. Twisted Cherry Burlesque has decided it’s a weird form of experimental musical theater. According to their Facebook page, in January: “This month we are celebrating the music and stories brought… Read more »