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TVO’s Las Vegas Strip Club Dancers of the Month – All of Them

Dancers of the Month – Topless Vegas Online   These are the Vegas strip club dancers that have caught my eye and kindled my imagination since I started this series.  You can click on each dancer’s name to see her full photo gallery and read more about her.   Octavia of Palomino Club (December 2019) No one has… Read more »

How to Take Pictures of Naked Girls

One of the best parts of my job as the editor of this website is watching photographer Hew Burney taking pictures of dancers. Why did I waste my life learning how to write when I could just as easily have learned photography? We walk into a strip club and we start scanning the room for dancers. Sometimes… Read more »

TVO’s Dancers of the Month: Meet Lilith and Fiona from Palomino Club

Lilith and Fiona are dancers at Palomino Club (club review / club website).  They dance many nights a week, and almost always on the weekends. Lilith (the blonde with dreadlocks) and Fiona (the brunette with the flowing Lady Godiva mane) were web cam girls prior to becoming dancers.  They usually come to the club together… Read more »