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Las Vegas Wet T-Shirt Contest

Little Darlings Vegas (club website) has a weekly wet t-shirt contest on Wednesday nights.  As of this writing, it’s the only regularly-scheduled wet t-shirt contest in Las Vegas. The contest is open to amateurs aged 18+. Little Darlings will supply the t-shirts and the water. Expect the contest to begin sometime after 11 pm, usually just… Read more »

Wet T-Shirt Amateur Contest Wednesday at Little Darlings

Come Celebrate History with Wet Titties Little Darlings (club review), a Las Vegas nude club, is known for celebrating holidays no one else has ever heard of with crazy events and contests. So this coming Wednesday, February 11, the club will be celebrating White Shirt Day with (naturally!) a wet t-shirt amateur contest. The contest is… Read more »

*Mr. D’s Wet T-Shirt Night

Best Las Vegas Wet T-shirt Contest I didn’t hesitate to volunteer when the DJ announced that the wet T-shirt contest would be starting soon and he needed four judges. When I gave him my name, he said, “That’ll be ten bucks.” [Note:  The wet t-shirt contest has been suspended for now. I’ll post an update… Read more »