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Amateur Nights in the Vegas Strip Clubs

Vegas strip clubs use amateur contests to audition dancers.  You don’t have to want a job at the strip club to participate or win, but most contestants are girls who are hoping to land a job. That’s what makes the contests fun to watch. The prize money and the possibility of landing a new career… Read more »

Las Vegas Wet T-Shirt Contest

Little Darlings Vegas (club website) has a weekly wet t-shirt contest on Wednesday nights.  As of this writing, it’s the only regularly-scheduled wet t-shirt contest in Las Vegas. The contest is open to amateurs aged 18+. Little Darlings will supply the t-shirts and the water. Expect the contest to begin sometime after 11 pm, usually just… Read more »

Little Darlings Brings Back the Wet T-shirt Contest

Tomorrow night, Wednesday, April 5, Little Darlings (club review / club website) is having a wet t-shirt contest, open to females 18+. The last Las Vegas wet t-shirt contests disappeared a year or so ago when Mr. D’s Sports Bar quit having their weekly wet t’s. Call me old-fashioned, but I like wet t-shirt contests, especially in… Read more »