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Monday Night Football in the Vegas Strip Clubs

It’s the Green Bay Packers vs the Detroit Lions tonight. Last week, only three Las Vegas strip clubs had announced MNF parties — Sapphire, Hustler and Crazy Horse III. This week, we’re down to one. Crazy Horse makes no mention of MNF this week. I guess last week’s party was special because it was the… Read more »

Monday Night Football Parties in the Vegas Strip Clubs

Only three Las Vegas strip clubs have announced Monday Night Football parties so far this year. I suspect others will be screening the games and likely having drink specials, etc., but most of the clubs that have opened their doors since the shutdown ended have been lying low and not doing much re: advertising or… Read more »

The Vegas Strip Clubs Make Monday Night Football Great Again

Ah, football . . . What’s happened to the game I used to love? Now that the NFL has become concussion-conscious, every time some linebacker bumps his head, there’s a ten-minute break for prayers and lawsuit filing. This is precisely why a Vegas strip club is the best place to watch Monday Night Football. While the announcers… Read more »