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Monday Night Football in the Vegas Strip Clubs

The 2017 Monday Night Football season has begun. As in prior years, the best MNF viewing parties are in the Vegas strip clubs. I’m not exaggerating. The MNF parties in the Vegas strip clubs get bigger crowds than the casino sportsbook parties. Why? Because strip clubs have hot topless babes you can get into your lap… Read more »

Alexis Monroe Hosts Sapphire’s MNF Kickoff Party — Free Food, Free Booze & Dollar Dances

Sapphire Vegas Returns the Love with this Blow-Out MNF Party In just three hours Monday Night Football is here. Today’s kickoff-day double header starts at 4 pm.  As soon as I post this, I’m heading off to get ready for the MNF parties in the Vegas strip clubs. Sapphire just announced that their kickoff-day extravaganza… Read more »