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Monday Night Football Viewing Parties in the Vegas Strip Clubs

During football season, Monday night becomes a big party night in the Vegas strip clubs — with drink deals, free food, and topless cheerleaders. If you’re in Vegas tonight to bet on the Monday Night Football game, after you get your bets down in the casino sports books, go to a strip club to enjoy the… Read more »

Monday Night Football in the Vegas Strip Clubs — When the Game Sucks, the Parties Rock

It’s the Baltimore Colts (5-6) versus the New York Jets (3 – 8), another MNF game between two underperforming teams. Bad plays, penalties, time outs and commercials galore — it’s not easy to sit through a game when it hardly matters who wins. Unless, of course, you’re watching the game at a Vegas strip club. The Colts… Read more »

Monday Night Football in the Vegas Strip Clubs Tonight

It’s the dominating Minnesota Viking (5 – 1) vs the struggling Chicago Bears (1 – 6) tonight in the biggest MNF mismatch so far this season. The Vikings were 5 – 0 until their last game, which they lost 21 – 0 to the clearly superior Eagles. The Vikings are hoping to destroy the Bears tonight… Read more »