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Coming Soon: Our March 2020 Dancer of the Month — Serena of Palomino Club

Nothing says springtime in Vegas like a beautiful young girl with legs up to here and a smile like sunshine. Coming in March, thanks to Palomino Club’s in-house photographer, Matt Lotter, we have a sizzling photo set of just such a girl:  Serena, one of the club’s new dancers. And wait till you see Serena… Read more »

Meet Ashley of Palomino Club – September Vegas Strip Club Dancer of the Month

Ashley of Palomino Club TVO is proud to announce our September 2018 Dancer of the Month, Ashley of Palomino Club. Ashley is just a classic girl-next-door type — assuming you live next door to a blonde bombshell with legs up to here. When she smiles she lights up the room. Ashley dances at Palomino just about every… Read more »

Announcing Our August Vegas Strip Club Dancer of the Month

Ari of Palomino Club Watch for our August 2018 Dancer of the Month, Ari of Palomino Club. We’ll be posting her photo gallery on Wednesday, August 1. Ari is a stunning beauty who looks both exotic and girl-next-door at the same time. Maybe it’s her flawless skin, her big brown eyes, her easy smile and… Read more »