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Dating Vegas Strip Club Dancers

Is She Making a Pass At Me? “Miguel,” a TVO reader, recently posted a question on our Vegas Strip Club Etiquette page about a couple of Vegas strip club dancers who offered extraordinary sexual contact plus their real contact info outside of the club.  He wanted to know what to think of this.  Here’s his… Read more »

How Much to Tip in a Vegas Strip Club

I get a lot of questions about tipping in Vegas strip clubs. When do I tip? Who do I tip? And how much? One thing you should know about the people working in Vegas strip clubs is that their primary earnings are tips.  They receive little or no pay from the club, and instead survive on… Read more »

What to Wear for a Lap Dance — The Great Debate

I was sitting with a dancer at a Vegas strip club having a beer when another dancer approached. I heard her say to the dancer I’d been talking with, “That guy over there in the pink shirt is a creep.” The dancer I’d been chatting with glanced toward the guy and said, “He can’t be… Read more »