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How Much Does the Highest Mileage Cost in a Vegas Strip Club?

High Mileage Lap Dance and VIP Dance Rates in Vegas How much do you have to pay to guarantee the highest possible mileage in a Vegas strip club lap dance or VIP dance? The standard lap dance rate in even the best Vegas strip clubs is $20. For longer dances, I regard Sapphire’s dance prices… Read more »

The $10 Lap Dance – Still Alive in the Vegas Strip Clubs

You’re low on bucks, but you still want to have some high-mileage lap fun in the Vegas strip clubs.  Don’t despair, my traveling friend. Snyder’s here. We’ve reported at length on the best Vegas strip clubs for budgets big and small , the best early-bird specials, and the best Vegas strip club happy hours.  This report… Read more »