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Free Drinks in the Vegas Strip Clubs for ConExpo 2020

Your First Drink Free at Treasures Free Round-Trip Limo Too Treasures has a great deal for ConExpo attendees. Call the club at 702-257-3030 and ask for their free limo. They’ll pick you up at your hotel and bring you to their club, waive the $50 entry fee, and when you’ve had enough fun playing with their… Read more »

Open Bar for ConExpo at Sapphire Vegas

Open Bar Plus 400 Stacked 9s and 10s Every Night of ConExpo If you are among the thousands of attendees and exhibitors at ConExpo next week, March 10-14, Sapphire Las Vegas will be hosting an open bar from 10-11 pm for you every night of the convention.  That’s five hours of free booze (everything but… Read more »

Big Parties This Weekend in the Vegas Strip Clubs

Thursday, December 10 Anniversary Bash at Sapphire – Open Bar, Free Food, and Luke Kaufman Tonight Tonight, from 7-9 pm, Sapphire (club review / club website) is throwing its 13th Anniversary Party, with hundreds of dancers and an open bar sponsored by Coors Light, Jack Daniels, Don Julio, Jagermeister, Rum Chata, Makers 46, Bonnie Rose, Glenfiddich, Bacardi… Read more »