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Cosmopolitan’s Marquee Day Club – Review

This pool is an extension of Cosmo’s Marquee Night Club, one of Vegas’ most popular club scenes. I haven’t visited this pool yet, but will get there soon to provide a full review. From the pics I’ve found online, I’d have to say this is definitely a party pool.  More to come …

Tao Beach Report – One Weird Thursday

I took my wife to Tao Beach at the Venetian yesterday afternoon around 3:30. The temp was in the neighborhood of 100ºF, so we got a couple cold drinks and found a place to sit in the shade. There was a pretty good crowd. People were dancing, the beach balls were flying, the pool itself was… Read more »

Caesar’s Palace Venus Pool – Review

This pool is classified as Euro-American, as its character depends largely on the day of week that you visit. In the past, Venus Pool Club had a locals’ free-day on Mondays that they called “Caligula Mondays.” Because it was free for locals, it turned into a real party scene. Other days of the week, when… Read more »

Artisan Naked Pool – Review

This is the only non-casino hotel in Las Vegas I know of that has a pool open to the public year-round and allows topless sunbathing for women. They host pool parties with a DJ every day, with no charge for anyone most days. The pool itself is small, surrounded by palm trees, ten double-size daybeds,… Read more »