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Zombie Burlesque – Review

Like Sean of the Dead in G-strings and Heels — So, the zombie is having an emotional crisis. He’s hungry for brains, but the other zombies have already eaten all of the brains. He’ll settle for any human flesh at this point, but the other zombies have also eaten the entire body of their latest victim… Read more »

X Rocks – Review

This show has recently moved from the Rio to Bally’s and has gone through quite a few changes since I saw it at Rio a couple years ago. Most notably, the intense hard rock score has been slightly mellowed down. Bally’s Back Room is an intimate venue that seats about 150 (off the top of… Read more »

Zumanity – Review

If you go to, you’ll find an online game called “Zumanity Hoops,” in which you get to try to undress the delectable Julia Kolosova. Julia starts out wearing a sexy schoolgirl outfit—a plaid miniskirt, over-the-knee white stockings, and a top that looks more like a bra than a blouse. While Julia adopts sexy poses… Read more »