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X Rocks [Remastered] in Bally’s Back Room

X Rocks, the kinky topless casino production show, has moved to the Back Room at Bally’s. The show has also been redesigned with a lot of new music and dance numbers. I like the new show better than the version that used to play at the Rio. It’s still mostly a hard rock score, but… Read more »

X Rocks Brings Vegas Another Shower Show

I saw “X Rocks” at the Rio last night for their one-year anniversary show. This time, I had a good seat, and I found out that I’d missed a lot the first time I saw it because I literally couldn’t see much of it. Technically, the King’s Room should be too small to have bad seats,… Read more »

X Rocks – Review

This show has recently moved from the Rio to Bally’s and has gone through quite a few changes since I saw it at Rio a couple years ago. Most notably, the intense hard rock score has been slightly mellowed down. Bally’s Back Room is an intimate venue that seats about 150 (off the top of… Read more »