Talk of the Town’s Dancers Are Back

Talk of the Town, a hole in the wall nude club that has always catered to a mostly locals customer base, once again has dancers performing after 4 pm and until 2 am. Talk of the Town is an adult book/video store on the north end of the Strip (Las Vegas Blvd) that features nude dancers in the back room.

This club is very laid back and unlike most of the Vegas strip clubs. The stage is small with seating for maybe half a dozen guests on the rail, maybe a dozen or more in seats up against the walls. It’s not a high-energy, high-tech, eardrum-pounding, flashing lights kind of place. There may be only three to six dancers on any given night. The bookstore clerk tells me that the dancers start at 4 pm (or whenever they show up). That kind of a place. Call (702) 385-1800 before you go just to make sure the dancers are there, especially if it’s early.

No alcohol is served, so the dancers only have to be 18+, as do the guests. They do have private rooms and used to have a shower show room, though I’m not sure if that is still the case. I’m glad to see this club is back in gear. Nude, no alcohol, 18+

Other Vegas News . . .

Still no word on Floyd Mayweather’s Girl Collection, which was the only big booty urban strip club still in operation in Vegas before the pandemic shutdown. Las Vegas went through half a dozen urban strip clubs in the years I’ve been doing this blog, the most successful and longest lasting being Club Lacy’s. When Lacy’s closed, Floyd’s place was the only one left. Hopefully, it will return soon.

Also, no word on Sophia’s or Honey’s. Sophia’s was the club that replaced OG, when OG closed three years ago. I have no idea why they’re not coming back. OG was a Vegas landmark for decades. Sophia’s never quite got up to speed and then the shutdown happened.

Honey’s was a new club that had been announcing an upcoming opening for a few months, but never opened before the shutdown, so it never has been opened. It had been through quite a few strip club variations through the years — Striptease, Velvet Lion, Eden, Legends Room. Don’t know if we’ll ever see Honey’s in operation.

The fact is, Vegas is suffering because the conventions are gone. For a couple months, it looked like the town was coming back to life. The World of Concrete convention actually gave it a shot and did a smaller version of their annual convention. There was optimism in the air. Then last month the masks came back. Are lockdowns and vax passports next? There are no conventions booking Vegas now. It’s too much of a costly gamble. We’re all hoping 2021 isn’t going to be a repeat of 2020. Vegas will never be Vegas again until we have swarms of rowdy businessmen on expense accounts painting the town red every weekend.

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  1. Erik d

    Talk of the town returning is good, they usually had 1 or 2 pretty cute girls and a couple not so much, but decent priced dances that were pretty good IMO. The rest of this report not so much. I was hoping more progress was being made but the mask mandates make it hard to do. Here’s hoping the last half of the year turns for the better.



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