Tao Beach Report – One Weird Thursday

I took my wife to Tao Beach at the Venetian yesterday afternoon around 3:30. The temp was in the neighborhood of 100ºF, so we got a couple cold drinks and found a place to sit in the shade. There was a pretty good crowd. People were dancing, the beach balls were flying, the pool itself was crowded, but sadly I must report that not a single female was topless. That’s not necessarily a big deal—as I discussed in my Topless Pools Overview, sometimes no starter shows up.

More disturbing, however, was that the male/female ratio was almost 2-to-1 male. I’ve never seen that here before. And that’s just what I found inside the pool area. Outside, there was a line of guys all waiting to enter. (Needless to say, no females in that line.)

I was also disconcerted to see that the crowd did not look like the normal young hip party-pool crowd I’ve seen at Tao Beach on prior visits. This was an older crowd—not a lot of women you’d go out of your way to see topless. My wife, who’s in her 50s, said this was the first topless pool she’d been to in Vegas where she felt she could compete. (I said, “Baby, you’re way above the competition at every pool in town.”)

In any case, it was still a pleasant place to have a drink with my wife. Beware: The pina coladas are heavy on the rum.

I’ll get back to Tao Beach soon to check it out again. You can never judge a pool by one visit. I’ll update my main review of this pool if it appears the scene has changed. For now I’ll attribute it to one weird Thursday.