The $10 Lap Dance – Still Alive in the Vegas Strip Clubs

Chicas Bonitas Dancer

Chicas Bonitas Dancer

You’re low on bucks, but you still want to have some high-mileage lap fun in the Vegas strip clubs.  Don’t despair, my traveling friend. Snyder’s here.

We’ve reported at length on the best Vegas strip clubs for budgets big and small , the best early-bird specials, and the best Vegas strip club happy hours.  This report will focus on the last of a dying breed, Vegas strip clubs where you can still get a $10 lap dance.

Lap Dance Deals in the Friendly Neighborhood Clubs

At the top of my list is Vegas’ only Latina strip club, Chicas Bonitas. This is a friendly neighborhood titty bar serving a mostly Hispanic customer base. There’s always soccer on the TV monitors and the hip-hop is in Spanish.  It’s just down the street from Palomino Club, across the street from Jerry’s Nugget Casino.  If funds are tight, you can catch the North Las Vegas Blvd bus to the place.

Chicas Bonitas has a full bar, so you must be 21+ to enter and the dancing is topless. I like this place. It gets crowded on the weekends and has a fun party atmosphere. The dancers are a good mix of Hispanic, Black and Caucasian girls with an emphasis on thick and curves. Drinks are cheap — $5 for wells and domestics. With the ten buck dances, this place is always easy on your wallet. Cover: $5 after 7 pm for non-locals; locals free.  

Talk of the Town Gets Pretty Neighborhood Dancers

Talk of the Town Gets Pretty Neighborhood Dancers

Next on my list is Talk of the Town, another little hole-in-the-wall club, this one right on Las Vegas Blvd about three-quarters of a mile north of the Stratosphere.  No alcohol is served, so you only have to be 18+ to enter.

It used to be that at Talk of the Town all lap dances were fully nude and priced at $10.   Now, some dancers still do fully nude laps for $10, some do topless-only for $10 and charge $20 for nude. Some will only do $20 nude laps. Whatever, the club still does have $10 laps, with availability dependent on the girl you want, how her night is going, what the crowd’s like, and how polite you are. With no booze, this place is automatically easier on the wallet than any of the topless clubs; a soft drink comes with your entry fee and costs a few bucks each after the free one.  Cover: $10 before 8 pm; $25 after. (So get there before 8 pm and have an extra $15 to tip the dancers.)

Babes, out on the Henderson border, is hard to get to from the Strip even if you have a car and would cost a small fortune in a cab.  But it has 2-for-$20 lap dances daily until 8 pm. Babes is another friendly neighborhood bar with friendly drink prices, lots of drink specials, and mostly neighborhood girls working there. There’s also no cover charge here for anyone, which may make it worth the drive. In the evenings I’ve met a number of good-looking dancers here who just prefer to work in a low-pressure club.

Stage dancers at Babes respond to tips at the rail with a lot of gratitude. It’s the kind of easygoing club where you can meet a dancer and sit and talk with her over a drink. The club opens at 5 pm, but there may or may not be any dancers there that early. Go after 6 pm.  Even better, after 7 pm.

Cheetahs, the only “major” Vegas strip club on this list, also has a daily 2 for $20 lap dance special until 7 pm. This isn’t quite the same as getting a $10 lap dance, and not all dancers honor the 2-for-1 lap dance deal, so always ask.  But dancers in this club are friendly. 

The MNF Dollar Dance Super Lap-Dance Deal

Oshun Dances at Sapphire

Oshun is a Sapphire Gem

Last but definitely not least is my own favorite discount lap dance deal in Vegas.  It’s available only during football season, and only on Monday nights.  This is the $1 lap dance tsunami that takes place at Sapphire at halftime during their Monday Night Football parties.  The clock runs out at the half, with the Eagles creaming the Panthers, and you hold up a dollar. You have a fistful in your other hand. Within seconds, that buck is grabbed and you have a dancer in your lap pulling her top off.

Each of these mini $1 lap dances lasts about 30 seconds, so technically you get the equivalent of a one-song lap dance for a measly $6!  These are Sapphire’s famous in-your-face, in-your-hands, in-your-lap lap dances, and even at 30 seconds a pop, they are memorable.  

Some guys treat these 30-second dances as try-outs for VIP dances later in the evening.  Over a hundred dancers participate, and in theory you could sample 25 to 30 dancers during halftime.  Other guys fall in love early and just keep feeding dollars to the first girls they get in their laps.  That’s 15 minutes of high-mileage fun for only $30!  Are you ready for some football?

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      Mike, no, there are dancers in the club at Sapphire on Sunday afternoon doing lap dances, but they only do the halftime $1 lap dance tsunami for Monday Night Football.



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