The Antifa Murderer of Jay Danielson has been Killed

U.S. Marshals Get the Bad Guy

Antifa Murderer Michael Reinoehl

On Tuesday, I wrote about the organized, preplanned murder of a Trump supporter, Jay Danielson, Saturday night in Portland.  The murder was carried out by a death squad of Democrats’ Antifa-BLM terrorists.  You can read the details of the hit in my post here.

This morning, U.S. Marshals announced Micheal Reinoehl had been killed last night.  Reinoehl was the gunman who shot Jay Danielson in the heart in Portland for wearing a Patriot Prayer hat.

The Marshals had received a tip that Reinoehl was hiding out in Lacy, Washington, near Olympia.  A group of officers from the state Dept. of Corrections, the Pierce County Sheriff’s Dept. and the Lakewood Police Dept., all deputized by the U.S. Marshals and acting in U.S. Marshal capacity, attempted to peacefully arrest him.

Witnesses say Reinoehl was armed with a semi-automatic rifle when he engaged in a firefight with the officers. He unleashed 50 rounds on them before the officers shot him.  He was pronounced dead at the scene.

You can see a video of the aftermath here.

The murder investigation isn’t over, because although Reinoehl was the gunman, Oregon state police have confirmed the murder was carried out with the assistance of a group of at least a dozen Antifa-BLM co-conspirators.  They served as spotters, crime scene cleaners, lookouts, and a disinfo/propaganda team.

Last night, Democrats’ Antifa-BLM terrorists rioted outside the Kelly Penumbra police building in southeast Portland.  This morning, on multiple locations on the street outside the police building, Antifa-BLM members wrote “PPB [Portland Police Bureau] murdered Michael Reinoehl”, and “You Killed Michael”, and “Blood On Your Hands”.

What’s most appalling is that Antifa-BLM members wrote  “Long live Mike the best ally ever”, with hearts drawn around it.  Not only are Democrats’ Antifa-BLM terrorists not troubled by the murder, they praise the murderer over and over.

That may be because Democrats and the media have been funding, training and praising Antifa-BLM for five years now.  Biden campaign staffers and Kamala Harris have personally donated and raised millions of dollars to bail out violent Antifa-BLM terrorists when they’ve been arrested, including the Antifa-BLM who burned down a black neighborhood in Minneapolis.

We’re not talking about trivial bail amounts either.  The bail for some of these terrorists was hundreds of thousands of dollars apiece.  They were charged with serious crimes, including murder and rape.

And Antifa media had even started putting out puff pieces and outright lies about murderer Reinoehl himself.  Although there’s clear video of the stalking and shooting of Danielson, and Reinoehl’s victim had only a chemical spray to protect himself, the media started claiming Reinoehl was the victim. The DNC-controlled media is that corrupt.

Reinoehl lied on about killing Jay in self defense. Oregon State Police confirm
it was an ambush and an execution.

Reinoehl is the fourth Antifa-BLM terrorist fatally shot by law enforcement while they attempted to kill others.  Charles Landeros was fatally shot after he pulled out a gun and aimed it at school personnel in Eugene, Oregon. Willem van Spronsen was fatally shot while carrying out a firebombing attack on the ICE Detention Center in  Tacoma, Washington.  Officers shot him when he tried to light up a full propane tank.  Connor Betts was fatally shot by police after killing 9 and injuring 17 others by gunfire in Dayton, Ohio.

A number of other Antifa-BLM terrorists were arrested in Portland, Denver and other cities by the Marshals on federal charges overnight.  The FBI investigations Barr ordered are finally paying off.  It’s getting hard to keep up with all the arrests.

Dinesh D’Souza says Antifa is learning a bitter lesson.

I’m working on a major post about what polls are showing about voters’ anger at the Democrats not only for supporting Antifa-BLM terrorists but for the ongoing lockdowns over the Bat Plague hoax.  That will be up later today or tomorrow.


The GOP just won another election lawsuit, this time in the Minnesota Supreme Court.  Democrats tried to legalize ballot harvesting in the state and the GOP stopped them.

So far the GOP has won every one of these lawsuits against same-day voter registration, ballot harvesting and mail-in voting.  Eight states to go, including Nevada, where the Democrats clearly plan to bus in people from California to same-day register and overwhelm us.  Same-day registration was illegally rammed through by Sisolak in July.

8 Responses to “The Antifa Murderer of Jay Danielson has been Killed”

  1. Ian

    I’m not American so I’m often puzzled by the goings on i9n American politics. But, I wonder, why doesn’t Trump just invoke the insurrection Act and deal with these traitor leftist politicians, antifa and blm domestic terrorist vermin, once and for all?

    • John

      Why doesn’t he?

      That’s a great question. He has made some great decisions and will get my vote, but he is worried about reelection, so he is making carefully calculated decisions instead of the intellectually honest ones.

      As Arnold has alluded to, rather than ending the damage as he could, he is letting Democrat (and Republican) states that refuse to reopen and return to normalcy fail, run deficits, and deal with massive crime. He is doing this so that he will gain support in the long run after Democratic policies fail.

      So in short, he would rather see cities burn to gain support in the long run than fox the problems immediately when he in fact could.

      • Arnold Snyder

        John fails to take into account that lawsuits about reopening have already reached the Supreme Court. Roberts ruled in favor of Newsom in a church-reopening case in which the DOJ supported the church.

        So Trump cannot overrule governor’s mask mandates and shutdown orders.

        Also, Trump cannot just order people arrested without evidence. Trump has had undercover federal agents gathering evidence against Antifa-BLM and their Democrat leaders and funders all summer. The crackdown started last week.

        I will not host ignorant Trump bashing, John. Take it to the Bulwark or Huffpo. I’ve let you make your points and I’ve responded to them. Now you just keep repeating your talking points.

        I will be taking down your comments from now on because you’ve failed to respond to my points. And I will be taking down your comments if you show up using another name.

        I understand that people are frustrated that Trump can’t wave a magic wand to instantly stop the Democrats’ insurrection and Bat Plague hoax. But in my opinion, anyone bashing Trump on these points at this point, with all that’s at stake, is a shill for Nancy Pelosi.

      • 808forever

        Johnny boy, here’s a couple of things to chew on before your ungraceful exit.

        1. I’m a taxpayer just like you, but support what Trump did. He’s responsible for the welfare of ALL our (legal) citizens, and he had to do something to help those still unemployed in blue states. You know as well as I do that those states kept the jobless rate high to make him look bad, and his action totally wrongfooted them.

        2. I can assure you the general public is still not ready for the hoax revelation. How do I know this? By looking at what my friends post on social media.

        I have about 70 FB friends (list is small by design, and I despise SM anyway), and I can conclude about 95% of them aren’t ready to hear the truth yet. I keep seeing posts linking to fake science articles about the Plague, or fake news bashing Trump. Commenters trying to show them the truth (like myself) are ignored or yelled at. Two of them, once Trump supporters, have switched to Biden over this hoax!

        Until the likes of Fauxi and his ilk are thoroughly discredited in the eyes of the public, the truth can not be revealed yet. Not especially now, when Trump has huge momentum going his way into the election.

        You can vote for whoever you want, but being intellectually dishonest by not countering Arnold’s points isn’t a good look for you. Think about that the next time you want to call Trump ‘spineless’.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Ian, three reasons. First, the Insurrection Act requires advance notice. So it gives Antifa a chance to shut down and go into hiding.

      Second, the military is as filled with Obama traitors and corrupt officials as the rest of the U.S. government. Remember, there’s a DoD audit going on that is finding trillions of dollars were stolen during the Obama administration. Three generals became big loudmouths against using the Insurrection Act in late May, during the siege of the White House. These generals are literally in on the insurrection because they don’t want to get prosecuted for their crimes.

      In other words, Trump literally has to worry about mutiny. If you don’t believe me, read this (complete with links).

      Third, Democrats want an overreaction from Trump. They want a Kent State, or better, a Maidan Massacre, that the DNC-controlled media can use to post photos of the innocent civilians killed, with their graduation photos, their Little League trophies, their grieving loved ones weeping for the cameras.

      Trump has refused to give them what they’ve wanted. Instead, he has used federal SWAT teams from Border Patrol, Immigration, the Bureau of Prisons, the Coast Guard, the U.S. Marshals, and other federal agencies, to investigate and arrest Antifa-BLM terrorists and re-arrest all the violent criminals Democrats let out of prison for their riots.

      For example, it’s been the U.S. Marshals working with the deputized Oregon State Police and deputized sheriffs and local cops that arrested murderer Michael Reinoehl and dozens of other violent Portland Antifa this past week. The U.S. Marshals had been undercover with Antifa collecting evidence for the arrests all summer. In Washington State yesterday, dozens of Antifa drove their cars onto I5 and parked them, blocking the highway. Deputized Washington State Police, with an ICE SWAT team, got them all arrested within minutes and had their cars impounded.

      So now, instead of getting released to return to rioting by Soros-funded Portland and Seattle DAs, Antifa-BLM are getting federal charges, federal bail, and federal prison time. The Soros-funded DAs can’t do anything about it.

      Trump’s SWAT teams can move quickly and lightly, before Antifa even knows they’re on the scene. They have advanced equipment and special training.

      Using federal troops where a local government isn’t cooperating is a nightmare. For example, in DC we saw the mayor refuse to pay the hotel bills of National Guard called out to protect the White House. She kept them shuffling from hotel to hotel. She delayed food reaching them.

      With the SWAT teams, this isn’t an issue. And the SWAT teams have been deputizing state police when they need extra bodies.

      So Trump can still invoke the Insurrection Act if he ever needs to. He still has the threat of yet more force to intimidate the Democrats and their paramilitary. But he hasn’t needed to yet. Most of the summer was spent gathering evidence to get federal convictions not only of the Democrats’ thugs but of the Democrats funding them. It was also spent letting voters see what Democrats are really about.

      That was critical to do because too many Americans have been willing to vote Democrat to virtue signal when the economy was great and the stock market was high. Virtue signaling is a luxury you can only afford when you’re rich. It was important to let these voters see the real price if they continued to virtue signal by voting for these people.

  2. 808forever

    Wow, the replies in that Twitter post about the Minnesota lawsuit……..

    The desperation is real :DDDDDDDD



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