A Monday Night Halftime to Remember

A Monday Night Halftime to Remember

Sapphire Las Vegas Dancer

Oshun Dances at Sapphire

If you like lap dances, and you’re looking for the best lap dance in Vegas, I’m here to report it happens one day a week, between the hours of approximately 7 pm and 7:15 pm, five months of the year (September through January, including playoffs).

I’m talking about the Monday Night Football dollar lap dance tsunami at Sapphire (club review / club website).  The club’s lap dance orgy is always spectacular, but this is a special treat.

The clock runs out at the half, with the Eagles creaming the Panthers, and you hold up a dollar. You have a fistful in your other hand. Within seconds, that buck is grabbed and you have a dancer in your lap pulling her top off.

Sapphire’s Full-Contact $1 Halftime Laps

And this dance will be about more than just a brief glance at the dancer’s titties.  At Sapphire, the halftime laps are full-contact, in-your-hands, in-your-face, in-your-lap lap dances of the type that Sapphire is famous for 365 days a year.  Thirty seconds later the DJ tells the dancers to grab the next dollar and you can give the dancer you’re with a another dollar to keep her there for another 30 seconds, or let her fade into the night as a different dancer grabs the next buck you’re holding up.

Some guys keep the same dancer throughout the whole 15 minutes of halftime. Some guys do a lot of switching. I counted the number of switches during the Eagles/Panthers game, and there were 30 dollar dances during that time. Let me tell you something guys: This is 15 minutes of high-mileage fun for $30. Fifteen minutes out on the floor would be five consecutive dances at $20 each. That’s $100 for 15 minutes. This is 15 minutes for $30, and you can make your own decisions on whether you want to switch from the girl you’re with or keep her.

Many of the dancers want you to keep them, so they try hard. Who can ask for anything more in a lap dancer than one who tries hard to make you want another? And these are Sapphire dancers, really gorgeous women with bodies to get lost in now and dream about later.

On this past Monday, the house was full for the Eagles/Panthers game. I think the Showroom where the games are screened holds like 300, so it was a big crowd. The Sapphire lap dance crew that comes into the showroom for halftime is impressive in both quality and quantity. Sapphire’s website says it sends in “more than 100” dancers for halftime. I do know I couldn’t count them.

Sapphire Gem Jessica Ann Needs Help Untying Her Top

Add Sapphire Dancer Jessica Ann to Your Bucket List

At the two-minute warning (meaning two minutes till halftime starts for the non NFL literate) I turned around in my seat to find Sapphire dancers stretched all the way across the back wall of the showroom, and it’s a long back wall. I was awestruck. I felt like a tsunami was about to engulf us.

It’s not hard to get a dancer in your lap even though so many guys buy the dances. I look at these guys who don’t buy dances, and just scratch my head. Geez, did they actually come to watch the game? Are they crazy not partaking of this … how can I describe it? … spiritual experience?

Let’s say you hate football, but you love lap dances. Go for the halftime show. It’s worth the $20 admission fee, especially since your food and three drinks are covered with your entry fee.

A Half-Time Buffet of Excellent Man Chow

Sapphire Las Vegas Dancer

Brittnay Is a Sapphire Gem

The buffet is excellent man chow. Caesar Salad fixin’s, French dip sandwiches, baked potato, mac’n’cheese, sautéed onions and peppers, wings, dogs, chips, pretzels, served by staff at a buffet table, all sauces, toppings, and condiments available, all you can eat. Tailgate food. Best MNF food spread of the Vegas strip clubs, and it’s included with your entry fee. They keep the table staffed and the food fresh. Try not to stuff yourself before halftime (good luck).

The play is to get here any time before halftime, depending on how much of the game you want to see and how much you want to eat and drink before halftime. Come with a fistful of dollars.  The dollar dances begin the moment the clock runs out and you want to be prepared in advance.

If you’re coming here from out of town and you already have plans to watch the game at the casino sportsbook where your money’s on the line, think it over.

Come with like 50 singles. If you don’t have the singles, there will be money changers roaming the aisles, or you can go to the bar or grab any waitress for change. Be generous with the dancers. This is 15 minutes in heaven, guys. Tip extra to the ones you want to keep. Be friendly and gentlemanly to all dancers even if your team is losing. Let the dancers soothe you.

It’s a sad thing to be sitting there at dollar dance time, waiting for change. Be prepared. This is the most lap dance you will ever get in Vegas for your lap dance buck.

If you live in Vegas or you come to Vegas frequently, you may become addicted. Fortunately, Sapphire throws a big Super Bowl bacchanal.

After that, you may go through withdrawal symptoms until next September.

But damn, what a season.

For More Information on Sapphire’s Monday Night Football Parties

For more information on times, game viewing screen sizes, etc., see our 2017 post on the Vegas Strip Club Monday Night Football Parties.  For VIP packages with a drink discount, visit the club web site.  For free transportation to Sapphire in one of the club’s limos, call 702.869.0003.

There is a $15 fee for the club limo, but the club will waive the fee 100% if you purchase a buy-1-get-1-free drink coupon or a bottle. A no-brainer.



8 Responses to “A Monday Night Halftime to Remember”

  1. Mike

    Is the halftime show still dollar dances or has vegas inflation changed that?

  2. Randy

    I’m taking my wife to Las Vegas and I want to get her a hot lap dance by a guy. Where would be the best place to go for one?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Randy, I’d recommend taking your wife to the Men of Sapphire show.

      The guys come into the audience during and after the show selling lap dances as high-mileage and hot as the lap dances with the girls in the main club. You exit into the main club for free after the male show is over.

      The show runs Thursdays through Sundays at 10 pm.

  3. Ted

    Semi Vegas related. Taking a trip to SoCal soon. Are any of the clubs there comparable to Vegas clubs? I’m terms of high mileage dances? Or are they all just sit on your hands watch type places?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Ted, I know that in San Diego in 2014, Cheetahs’s was shut down for repeated violations of the city’s no-touching ordinance. The dancers filed a lawsuit in 2016 against the cops for harassment.

      The cops periodically hassle other clubs as well. Ironically, that probably means touching goes on, or the cops wouldn’t find harassment profitable.

      Maybe San Diego readers can advise on where to get good mileage.

    • Michael

      Quite an old post I know, but Pacers in San Diego is great. I’ve had some very very high mileage dances there. Even with the bouncers doing the pop in quite often.



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