The Best Vegas Strip Club Deals 2018

Deja Vu Showgirls Las Vegas Dancer Jade

Jade Dances at Deja Vu Showgirls

The Vegas strip club scene gets the most beautiful dancers from around the country and world and is the most competitive in the world, and that means great deals for us worshipers of the female form.  That’s because the competition results not only in good deals, but because good deals tend to bring in crowds and crowds tend to bring in the best dancers.

I only recommend deals at Vegas strip clubs I would actually go to myself.  Just because a titty bar has cheap beer doesn’t mean it’s worth going to.  If I’m recommending the deal, it means you’ll not only save money, but see hot dancers and have a great time.  

Best Vegas Strip Club Drink Deals

First and foremost, no strip club in Vegas can match Deja Vu Vegas for its open bar drink deals.  Deja Vu Showgirls runs an open bar (domestics and wells) seven nights a week from 6 pm to 10 pm.  On Mondays, that open bar extends all the way to midnight.  And on Tuesdays, that open bar is followed up by $2 beers, wells and call drinks all night long.  (You can also get $2 call drinks and imports during the open bar period.)

And out-of-towners who arrive by the free club limo not get into the club free, but get a ticket for a free drink for after the open bar closes.

$2 Tuesdays at Deja Vu tend to fill up the club, and where the crowds go, good-looking dancers follow.  That’s why Deja Vu is our top Vegas strip club pick for Tuesdays.  Deja Vu also runs special drink deals, like a free bottle, for groups.  See the club website for the latest.

Another of my favorite Vegas strip clubs with great drink prices seven days a week is Palomino (the only Vegas nude club with a full bar), which offers $6 drafts and $8 bottles for locals and tourists alike all night long.

And Vegas’ newest strip club, Legends Room, has $10 domestics during all open hours for locals and out-of-towners alike.

Read on for the best deals on Vegas strip club dances, packages, parties and special events.  

Best Dance Prices in the Vegas Strip Clubs

Leia Dances at Little Darlings

Leia Dances at Little Darlings

Little Darlings Vegas is the only strip club in town where every $20 lap dance is fully nude and takes place in a private room.  That’s a great deal.  And the club’s private bedroom dances start at 15 minutes for $125, with no extra bar tab.

Nude VIP dances at Palomino Club take place in fully-private booths with a curtained door starting at only $100 for ten minutes, with no extra bar tab (a miracle for Vegas).  That’s a great deal for having fun with girls who look like they just stepped out of a Victoria’s Secret catalog.

Deja Vu’s private bedroom dances start at 15 minutes for $150 with only a two-drink bar tab.  Deja’s Vu private bedrooms are furnished with your choice of sofa or full-sized bed and have doors you can close behind you.

And Legends Room offers private room dances starting at 15 minutes for $150 with only a two-drink bar tab.  What’s especially nice is that the bar tab stays at two drinks even for 30- and 60-minute private dances.  Legends Room private dance rooms are furnished with sofas and opaque curtains you can draw across the door.

For more info on the best dance deals, see our Vegas strip club VIP room price and privacy value guide.

Best Package Deals

Palomino Club Las Vegas stripper

Renee Dances at Palomino Club

Sapphire’s  VIP65 package is a terrific deal for out-of-towners.  Your $65, if you buy online, gets you free limo transport to the club, a line pass, free admission, a $50 drink voucher plus a shot (worth $25-30), and a reserved table for the night.  This elegant club, with its 400 stacked and slender lap dancers, gets packed at peak hours and a reserved table is the only way you’re likely to find a place to sit down to indulge in the club’s high-mileage lap dance orgy.

Palomino Club’s $60 Flying Solo package gets you free round-trip limo transport, free admission and three drinks.  After 8 pm, the cover is usually $30 person, and you know what round-trip cab fare would be.  This package is now available seven nights a week, but that’s subject to availability on Friday and Saturday nights.  That means you should plan to go early (around 8 pm) on a Friday or Saturday night to take advantage of this package.

Crazy Horse 3 offers a $50 package that includes free limo transport to the club, free admission, plus $60 in booze.

See our page on Vegas strip club packages for deals on packages for couples and groups.

Best Vegas Strip Club Party Deals

Monday Night Football Parties

Sapphire Las Vegas stripper photo

Jessica Ann is a Sapphire Gem

If you’re here on a Monday night in September through December, Monday Night Football at Sapphire is a great way to experience the club.  For $20, you get two drinks, free limo transport, free admission, and the best Monday Night Football buffet in town—real food, not just dogs and pizza.  Past buffets have included chicken and rice, barbecue, tri-tip, salads, roasted veggies, wings, mac ‘n cheese, and a table of pastries and donuts.

And the best part of Sapphire’s Monday Night Football party is the 100+ dancers who descend on the crowd for the topless $1 dance tsunami at halftime.  Add it to your bucket list.

Palomino Club has a free buffet (rotating between Hawaiian, tacos, sushi and barbecue), drink specials and free admission for Monday Night Football games, and as mentioned above, Deja Vu offers a 6-hour open bar plus free pizza.  See our post on Monday Night Football at the Vegas Strip Clubs for details.

Fight-Viewing Parties

UFC and boxing fight-viewing parties are always a great time in the Vegas strip clubs, with clubs getting packed for the big bouts.  Not all clubs show all of the fights, but Deja Vu and Crazy Horse 3 always do.  Fight party deals change with every fight, so check back for details.

Porn Star Party Deals

Legends Room Las Vegas dancer Kat Dior

Porn Babe Kat Dior is a Regular Dancer at Legends Room

Sapphire has been featuring weekly porn star parties every Friday and Saturday night for a couple of years now, and they’re very popular.  The stars not only do a couple of stage performances, but hang out with the club’s guests between stage sets, looking for guys who’d like to venture in the club’s VIP with them.  You can also party with the stars at their private tables with a two-hour open bar for $135 (set up online here)—a great way to flirt or get to the front of the line for a private dance with your favorite.

Legends Room also features porn star parties every Friday and Saturday night with their exclusive collection of resident adult stars who each appear a few nights a month.  The stars do stage sets and are available for lap dances and private shows.  Legends Room’s regular porn stars include Tasha Reign, Jesse Jane, London Keyes, Kenna James, Rachel Starr, Brenna Sparks, Kat Dior, and Eden Blair.

After Hours Parties

Girl Collection Las Vegas dancer

Sophie Montana Dances at Girl Collection

No club beats Floyd Mayweather’s Girl Collection for its wild late-night hip-hop party.  Think not only dancers on stage, but twerking in the aisles and between tables, doubling up in guys’ laps, and getting the guests to dance with them—they’re gorgeous, and it’s a lot of fun.  Dollars fly around the room in a blizzard—you have to sweep them aside to set down your drink.

The party is at its best after 1 am on Friday and Saturday nights and around 2-3 am on Thursday and Sunday nights.  The champ himself often shows up to join in.

Special Events

Little Darlings takes the cake for crazy and fun special events, from naked bull-riding contests to oil wrestling to lesbian gladiators, midget wrestling, BBW contests, World’s Oldest Porn Star appearances, and every other crazy thing you can think of.  With their party crowd there to have fun, these events are always a great time.  Admission is usually $20 for special events for locals and out-of-towners who arrive by the free club limo—otherwise $35.


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  1. Dan

    Arnold I know everyone has said it, but what a great website. I’m going to vegas early Oct Monday through Wed. Looking for some beautiful black big booty woman to spend time with. Since Laceys and Floyd’s won’t be open, do you have any other suggestions?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Dan, thanks. Best place for beautiful black and brown big booty women Monday through Wednesday is Chicas Bonitas. It’s a few doors down from Palomino Club and Lacy’s, across from Jerry’s Nugget casino. Pretty neighborhood girls, fun and friendly place.

      • Peludo

        If I may add, I stopped by The Library a couple of times since it reopened and I saw mostly beautiful black women, so that might also be an option for Dan. 10-15 minutes away from the strip, but definitely an alternative for what you’re looking for.

          • Peludo

            Thanks for the heads up! Wow, couple of times I went I was one of the few customers there, but there were decent girls that if I asked them to they would get on stage (not a set lineup of girls going up & down with a schedule).

  2. Ricky Heard

    Hey Arnold I’ll be in Vegas Valentine’s Day Weekend Feb 9-13. I’m thinking of getting a table special on that Friday Feb 9, 2018. I wanted to know which club do you recommend where I’ll see the bustiest dancers? I’m talking huge implants ddd etc?



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