The Best Vegas Strip Club Private VIP Rooms

You Can Be Alone with a Dancer for a Private Show at Prices That May Amaze You

If you want to be alone with a dancer for a truly private show, and you want to have this intimate experience in elegant surroundings, Vegas can accommodate you and for a lower price than you might think.

Private VIP Rooms in Vegas vs. the Group VIP

First off, most Vegas strip clubs don’t have private rooms. In most strip clubs, customers can get lap dances out in the main showroom, or can pay more to get dances in the group VIP. The group VIP is generally smaller than the club’s main showroom, often with the lights turned lower, and sometimes with more comfortable seating than in the main room.

But group VIP rooms tend to be busy affairs where multiple customers get dances simultaneously. In many group VIPs, there are booths instead of seats, which isolate the customers a bit more from each other, but still, these rooms are often crowded and afford a great view of the guy sitting next to you.  (For a value guide to the best deals and most privacy at the regular strip club VIP rooms in Vegas, see Vegas Strip Club VIP Rooms—A Value Guide.)

A few clubs have semi-private rooms, and a few even have curtains that can be pulled closed—or almost closed—to increase privacy. But these semi-private spaces are more cubicles than rooms in the traditional sense, and the curtains are often diaphanous so you can see and hear other customers walking by just a few feet away, and they can see you.

However, a handful of Vegas strip clubs stand out for their deals on truly luxurious private VIP rooms:  Palomino Club, Sapphire, Floyd Mayweather’s Girl Collection, Deja Vu Showgirls, and Little Darlings. In these clubs, if you want to be entertained in total privacy and plush comfort, in rooms where you can close a door or curtain behind you and control both the music volume and the lighting, the rooms are there for the asking, and at prices that may amaze you.

At Palomino, Girl Collection, Deja Vu and Little Darlings, for example, you can get 10-15 minute private-room dances with outstanding dancers at the same price other Vegas clubs charge for dances in crowded group VIPs.

And Sapphire offers an unsurpassed experience in privacy, elegance, service and dancer selection in their Skybox private rooms at a price lower than clubs with less elegant rooms and nowhere near the dancer selection.

Let’s take a look at the private VIP rooms in this town.  [All prices in this article are the most recent prices I was quoted.  A.S.]


Vegas Strip Club Private VIP Rooms

Sapphire’s Elegant Skybox Private VIP Rooms

For Groups and 1-on-1 with a Dancer

Sapphire (club review / club website) boasts ten private rooms, called Skyboxes, on the second floor (elevator access). The elegant rooms are of various sizes—some are obviously designed for bachelor parties or other groups, others for a private experience 1-on-1 with a dancer, with a door you can close.

Take a look at one of the larger rooms for private parties:


Sapphire Las Vegas Private VIP Rooom

Sapphire Elegant Private Room
$800 for 1 Hour Includes $300 Bar


Sapphire Private VIP Room Dancer

Sapphire Dancer Jessica Ann in Skybox Private Room

The smaller private rooms at Sapphire—which are similar in design to the larger ones, but sized for one-on-one entertainment with a dancer—will cost you $500 per hour for the dancer plus a $300 bar tab. (That’s in the same ballpark as Hustler’s $740/hour private room price, for a more elegant room at Sapphire and a greater selection of dancers.)

The larger party rooms will run you $600 per hour plus a $400 bar tab, but can accommodate up to a dozen guests, making them the best strip club deal in Vegas for private group parties. The Sapphire private group party rooms are about 2 to 3 times the size of the Hustler private group party rooms and, again, the dancer selection is better.

Sapphire’s Skyboxes have large picture windows that overlook the main showroom–a beautiful view.

If you are interested in booking one of the larger party rooms or a 1-on-1 private room, see the Sapphire website for VIP package deals or call 1.702.869.0003.

Floyd Mayweather’s Girl Collection:  Private 1-on-1 Rooms Plus Floyd’s Suite for Group Parties

Floyd Mayweather’s Girl Collection (club review/club website) is Las Vegas’s first ultra-lounge gentlemen’s club.  It features nine rooms designed for one-on-one high-contact encounters with dancers behind a door you can close behind you, plus Floyd’s private suite, suitable for larger group private parties. 

Floyd Mayweather's Suite for Private Parties at Girl Collection Las Vegas

Floyd’s Personal Suite is Available for Private Group Parties at $2500 to $5000 a Night

The smaller private rooms at Girl Collection are furnished with a small red leather couch and cocktail table.  They have dark smoked-glass doors you can close behind you and are located down one side of a guarded private hall for excellent privacy.

Girl Collection Private Rooms for One-on-One Dances

Girl Collection Private Rooms for One-on-One Encounters with Dancers

Girl Collection private-room dances start at $150 for 10 minutes. That’s unusual for a club of this caliber (consider it Floyd’s gift to you). Thirty-minute dances are $500 (that includes a bottle or champagne, while 60-minute private-room dances are $700 (includes two bottles or champagnes).

Floyd’s private suite is available for $2500 to $5000 a night, again a terrific deal for a club of this caliber.

Girl Collection Private Hall to One-on-One Private Dance Rooms

Girl Collection Private Hall to One-on-One Private Dance Rooms
(We Lit It for the Photo. It is Usually Much Darker.)

Call 702-410-9999 to book Floyd’s private suite, or contact the club at the Girl Collection website

Palomino Penthouse Theme Rooms for a Private VIP Room Experience

Palomino Club (club review / club website) features four curtained Theme Rooms located on the second floor and designed as one-on-one private rooms for completely nude private shows. All have adjustable sound and lighting and two have flat-screen video monitors.

Here’s Riley in the Emperor’s Room:

Palomino Penthouse Private VIP Room

Riley in a Palomino Penthouse Private VIP Room
Official club price:  30 Min. for $350 (includes $100 bottle) / 60 Min. for $600 (includes $150 bottle–note that some dancers have been quoting higher prices)
Photo by Miles Long®, @mileslong4real


And this is LaDonna in the Bedroom:

Palomino Club Private VIP Room

LaDonna in the Palomino Penthouse Private Bedroom
Official club price: 30 Min. for $350 (includes $100 bottle) / 60 Min. for $600 (includes a $150 bottle–note that some dancers have been quoting higher prices)
Photo by Miles Long®, @mileslong4real

The main difference from what you see here is that, since Palomino is a nude club, the dancers will be completely naked. (The models in these pics are both regular dancers at Palomino.)

Palomino Club is also one of only five strip clubs in Vegas (with Girl Collection, Hustler, Deja Vu Showgirls and Little Darlings), where you can save money by booking a private room for less than an hour.

At Palomino the club price for 30 minutes is $250 plus a $100 minimum bottle ($350 total), or $450 plus a $150 minimum bottle (total $600) for an hour.  (Note that some dancers at peak hours have been quoting higher prices.  Dancers are independent contractors and the club can’t control the prices they charge.

To get the club price for a private bedroom show at Palomino Club (or close to it), see our post How to Negotiate in a Vegas Strip Club).  Or opt for the private curtained-cubicle shows (see our VIP Room Value Guide).

Call 1.702.327.7258 or visit Palomino Club’s web site for more information on their private rooms and VIP packages.

Private VIP Rooms at Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club

Hustler Club has a greater number of private VIP rooms than any other strip club in Vegas. Most are located on the second floor. I’m not sure how I’d characterize the design of these rooms … Whimsical? Eccentric? Kooky? Playful? Oh, hell, just take a look.

Private VIP Room at Larry Flynt's Hustler Club Vegas

Private Room at Hustler Club Vegas
$460 for 30 Min. / $740 for 1 Hour
(Includes Bottle of Champagne)

There are some private rooms at the club that are a little less eccentric, but you get the idea.

The prices on most of Hustler’s private rooms are $460 per half-hour or $740 per hour, and the price includes a bottle of champagne. A couple of the larger rooms (suitable for small groups, maybe 4-5 guests and a dancer or two) are priced at $800 and $1200 per hour and there will also be a bar tab (you will have to negotiate based on the size of your party.)

Larry Flynt’s Private Suite can be had for $2800 an hour, plus a bar tab. It fits about half a dozen guys.

Deja Vu Showgirls’ Private Couch Rooms and Bedrooms

Deja Vu Showgirls (club review/ club website) offers both private Skyboxes for small groups and elegant private VIP rooms for 1-on-1 encounters with a dancer, all with real doors you can close behind you.  The rooms are furnished with comfy sofas or beds that you can stretch out on with the girl you’ve chosen.

Deja Vu Showgirls Private VIP Room

Deja Vu Showgirls Private VIP Room
$150 for 15 Minutes
$250 for 30 Minutes
$500 for 1 Hour

Deja Vu is the only Vegas topless club with a 15-minute private room option, and the rate is only $150, with no additional bar tab.  That is a terrific deal–only $10 more than most Vegas clubs charge for 10 minutes in the group VIP.

Deja Vu’s 30-minute private-room rate is $250, and if you’ve gotten a 15-minute dance and are having a great time with the topless girl who’s entertaining you, the club allows you to extend a 15-minute dance to 30 minutes at the lower rate.  

The 60-minute rate is $500. 

By comparison, the only other topless club in Vegas where you can save money by booking a private room for less than an hour is Hustler, where the rate is $460 for 30 minutes (including the bar tab) or $210 more.

Deja Vu is a high-mileage topless club with a friendly atmosphere and a low hustle factor.

Little Darlings Private Bedrooms

If you can live without booze, Little Darlings (club review / club website) private bedrooms are the best deal in town for a full 60-minute immersion in erotic bliss with a naked girl. 

Little Darlings Vegas Private VIP Room

Little Darlings Dancer Vallerina Estrella in One of the Club’s Private Bedrooms
15 Minutes for $125
30 Minutes for $250
60 Minutes for $400

Little Darlings is the only nude club in town with a 15-minute option on private-room dances, and they take place in a small room with a full bed.  At 30 minutes, you can move up to a larger room with a full bed.  In all of Little Darlings private bedrooms, you can stretch out and get creative with the naked girl who’s entertaining you.

People often ask me what the difference is between a dance in a private booth and a dance in a full-out bedroom.  Well, here it is:  The difference is in the spaciousness and in the positions you can get into.  It’s like the difference between sex in the front seat of your car and sex in a comfy bed where a girl can get into whatever position you want.

Little Darlings private bedrooms have open doorways, but the rooms are located down private low-traffic halls and you control the lighting.

Vegas Strip Club Private Room Comparison Chart

15-Minute Offerings
15 min Little Darlings 125 Dancer  That’s less than most Vegas clubs charge for 10 minutes in the group VIP.  Private bedroom with full-sized bed.
15 min Deja Vu Showgirls 150 Dancer  That’s only $10 more than most Vegas clubs charge for 10 minutes in the group VIP.  Private room with door you can close behind you.
10 min Floyd Mayweather’s Girl Collection 150 Dancer  Private room with dark smoked-glass door you can close behind you, down a private, guarded hall.
30-Minute Offerings (In Order by Price)
30 min Little Darlings 250 Dancer  
30 min Deja Vu Showgirls 250 Dancer  If you’re having a good time, you can extend a 15-minute dance to 30 minutes at the lower rate.  Private couch or bedroom with door you can close.
30 min Palomino Club 350 Dancer & $100 bottle Only $100 more than curtained cubicle (covers bottle). Your choice couch or bed.
30 min Hustler Club 460 Dancer & champagne $200 more than club’s group VIP (covers bottle)
30 min Floyd Mayweather’s Girl Collection 500 Dancer & $250 bottle Only $100 more than the group VIP.  Smoked glass door, down dark private hall.
60-Minutes and Up (In Order by Price)
60 min Little Darlings 400 Dancer  Large private bedroom with full-sized bed.  Age 18+
60 min Deja Vu Showgirls 500 Dancer  Private couch or bedroom with door you can close
60 min Palomino Club 600 Dancer & $150 bottle Only $150 more than the club’s curtained cubicle (covers bottle). Your choice of couch or bed, opaque-curtained door.
60 min Floyd Mayweather’s Girl Collection 700 Dancer & $350 bottles or champagne Only $100 more than the club’s group VIP. Smoked glass door, down dark private hall.
60 min Hustler Club 740 Dancer & champagne $265 more than club’s group VIP (covers bottle)
60 min Sapphire 800 Dancer & $300 bottle Only $100 more than a booth in the club VIP.  Unsurpassed comfort, elegance, privacy & dancer selection.  Fully private room with door you can close.
60 min Sophia’s 800 Dancer & bottle  Private room with curtained door.  About 1 step down from Sapphire’s Skyboxes, but can’t match the dancer selection. 
60 min Spearmint Rhino 900 Dancer & bottle Simpler room than at Sapphire.  Open door. 
60 min Centerfolds 1500 Dancer & bottle  More basic room than at Sapphire or Sophia’s.  Curtained door.

The above chart makes clear what a great value some clubs’ private rooms are compared with the same club’s group VIP.

At Sapphire, an hour in a booth in the club VIP is $400, with a $300 drink requirement. An elegant private Skybox upstairs is $500 with a $300 drink requirement. This one’s easy to figure out; it’ll cost you an extra $100 to be alone with the dancer for an hour, in an elegant room where you can shut the door behind you.  If you’ve found a dancer you would like to spend an hour with, why not treat yourself? (Club review / Club website)

Private room dances at Floyd Mayweather’s Girl Collection start at only $150 for 10 minutes—a terrific deal for dancers of this caliber.  And it’s only an extra $100 to get a private room instead of the group VIP for 30 or 60 minutes at Girl Collection (club review/club website) as well.  The rooms are furnished with sofas and small tables, have smoked glass doors you can close behind you, and are located down a dark and private guarded hall.

At Palomino Club, you can get a private bedroom show instead of one of the club’s private curtained-cubicles simply by adding a reasonable bar tab ($150 for a one-hour private bedroom show).  If you’re going to be drinking anyway, imagine the extra pleasure of stretching out on a bed with a beautiful naked dancer entertaining you.  (Club review / Club website)

I like the deal at Deja Vu Showgirls, where you can start with a 15-minute dance in a private room with a door you can close and upgrade to 30 minutes at the lower rate if you just can’t bear for the dance to be over.  Plus, a 15-minute private room dance is only $10 more than other Vegas strip clubs charge for 10 minutes in the group VIP.  This is where a number of top Vegas dancers come to entertain their local regulars.  (Club review/ Club website)

If you can live without booze, the 60-minute private bedroom dance at Little Darlings is a steal. (Club review / Club website)

Is Privacy Worth It?

When crowded, group VIP rooms can be more hectic than relaxing, and the plain fact is you’re sitting there in a room with a lot of other guys. For a lot of men that alone makes a private show worth the extra money.

Plus, in a private room, you can take your time, turn the lights down low, and ask the dancer do a private striptease for you, then explore her body up close. You can turn down the music and actually talk to the dancer if you want to, and you’ll know her attention is focused on you.

In group VIP rooms, you often have very limited space. In a private room, you can stretch out your legs, even lie down on a lounge or bed, and simply get more comfortable than is possible in a group VIP room.

You can be kinky in a private room. You can ask the dancer to spank you or you can give her a foot massage. You can do things in a private room you could never do in a group VIP room.  And best of all, you can really focus on the experience.

If all you really want is a warm body up close, the group VIP room is fine. Private rooms are for a more intense experience, or more creative fun.

If you’ve never treated yourself to a strip club private show, it’s a great high.


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  1. j j solari

    if the new york times was running this blog they would not be hurting for subscribers right now.

  2. Cheo D.

    Now, this is a good, useful review, especially for the comparison between private room and regular VIP section, which helps us evaluate when/if it is worth it.

  3. Chris

    Are strawberries and whip cream a “by request only” and extra charge for the VIP room? I have seen other people get them, but have never been offered myself. I imagine its different in every club.-Thanks!

    • Arnold Snyder

      Chris, I know strawberries and whipped cream come with certain packages–for example, a couples’ package at Sapphire–and you could enjoy them in the VIP.

      If you’d like that, I’d work it out with the club in advance or get a package that includes that.

  4. jas

    the private rooms have been a big draw for me in the past. in my experience it’s been a lot of fun… but it does get expensive.

  5. Cancon

    My wife and I are interested in the 30 minute private room but only if my wife can get a bit of a girlfriend experience – maybe her blouse gets unbuttoned by accident, oops, forgot to wear a bra tonight. Are there girls and private rooms where this might happen, secretly of course? We don’t want a hooker or a brothel as there won’t be any touching below the waist. Maybe a 3 way lap dance?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Cancon, this should be pretty easy to find–maybe sit on the stage at Palomino and have your wife tip the dancers. Some of the dancers will go out of their way to lean over the edge of the stage to talk to her and have physical contact with her.

      They’ll ask if you’re interested in a dance and talk to one of those dancers about what you’re looking for. Or any dancer who approaches your table when you’re there as a couple would be a likely candidate.

      You can probably get this type of show in the VIP (three songs for $100, a tip would be appropriate for the extra service), but if you’re willing to spring for a 30-minute private room, odds are extremely high that you’ll be able to have this fun.

      My wife’s gotten felt up pretty much every time I’ve taken her to Palomino. She screamed the first time.

  6. Valentino

    Hi Arnold,
    Can I ask for a 10 minute vip room dance first and then when it finishes, if I would like for more, ask to do 20 minutes more and pay total for a 30 minute vip room dance? if that is possible, which is the way to ask for it?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Valentino: That’s not standard but may be negotiable depending on the dancer. Try it and see if it works. If you’re in a club that requires a bar tab with VIP dances, you’ll also have to “upgrade” the bar tab.

  7. Valentino

    If I enter a vip room with one dancer and pay the bar tap, then I go out to the main floor and go back again to the vip with another dancer, I will have to pay a new bar tap, right?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Valentino: Right, assuming you’re in a club that requires a separate VIP room bar tab. (One of the reasons guys who get multiple VIP dances like Palomino Club is that there’s no bar tab required in the VIP.)

        • Buzzard

          Hey Arnold, If my wife and I get t the package deal (or a bottle service) and decide to get a VIP dance, how does that affect the price? Will we be charged for an additional bar tab to go to VIP for 30 minutes? We like to drink but it sounds like we would buy twice the alcohol we could drink, even if the drink prices are exorbitant.

          • Arnold Snyder

            Buzzard, it depends on the club. At Palomino, there’s no bar tab in the VIP, so you can take your bottle with you or leave it on your reserved table for when you get back.

            At most other Vegas clubs (all the other major ones), there’s a separate bar requirement for the VIP, even if you bought a package with a bottle.

  8. Dave

    I am planning to be in Vegas next week and would like to treat myself to a true VIP experience.

    I was wondering, of of the clubs that offer a 60 minute private VIP room, which would be the best overall experience? Not only the quality of the dancer, but also at any of the clubs, do you get elevated service and attention from the staff for paying for the private room?

    Thank you for the advice!

    • Arnold Snyder

      Dave, Sapphire includes full host service if you go for a Skybox. That experience sets the standard for high-end service among the Vegas strip clubs.

  9. Newbie

    Hello Arnold,

    Your site is fantastic. The info you’ve provided, as well as the comments on every page are very helpful – especially for a beginner.

    I have a few questions for you regarding private room sessions. This might be a little long but it seems like you are diligent about providing great info so here we go 🙂

    1. Without going off-menu, how do people typically spend their 60 minutes in a private room? Perhaps it’s taboo to discuss.. but.. can you elaborate for someone who is inexperienced? 🙂 Maybe I need ideas!

    2. If you don’t give specific guidance, is there a go-to routine that most dancers will stick to? What would that be?

    3. If you are respectful, clean, and decent in appearance, would a make-out session ever be considered?

    4. It sounds like the bar tab portion of the private room fee is less about buying alcohol and more about paying the house fee for the room. I certainly can’t imagine drinking that much within an hour. Am I missing something?

    5. With the enormous bar tab, I would imagine providing endless drinks to the dancer would be easy to do. Do they typically drink quite a bit? After writing that… it sounds a bit odd to be sitting around drinking during a private session… right?

    6. It seems, given the cost of the private room, any interruption would be unwelcome. Do the hosts barge in to take drink orders if you don’t specifically ask them to?

    7. Is tipping during the private session expected or considered a bonus since quite a bit has already been spent?

    8. In a fully nude private session, would you typically get more mileage if you have the dancer leave her bottoms on? If yes, what would be a good way to relay this request?

    9. Would you advise against a private session with the younger dancers? Would they be less likely (due to inexperience?) to provide a great time?

    Thank you again for what you do here. I really look forward to reading your response!


    • Arnold Snyder

      Newbie, if you get a 60-minute private room dance, the dancer will guide you through it. But in general, she’s going to do everything she can to turn you on. It will essentially be foreplay and sex, in every position you seem to like, without actual penetration or oral contact with genitals or you removing your clothes.

      Don’t expect kissing on the mouth, but I’ve had dancers encourage me to suck on their nipples.

      You are correct about the purpose of the bottle fee–that’s the money the house makes on the room. Most clubs jack up the price of a drink in a private room, so it’s often not as much alcohol as you’d think. The dancer will often have a drink with you as you get things going, but she’s not going to sit there getting sloshed. In a 60-minute private room show, you’ll most likely leave the room with part of a bottle left. Just take it back to your table. You can share it with other dancers if you like.

      Hosts will get you settled in the room and get your drinks, but they will not be barging in on you during the rest of the show.

      Tipping is not required with a 60-minute show, but you may tip an extra $20 at the end if you got a great show. The dancer may ask if you’d mind tipping the doorman so she doesn’t have to do it. If you tip the doorman, that’s essentially your tip to her.

      In a nude show, you’ll get plenty of mileage no matter what. She’ll communicate with you and make it easy for you to communicate with her about things you like. Again, the dancers are good at guiding first-timers through this experience.

      If you’re going to a club like Palomino Club or Sapphire, even the younger dancers will be quite experienced. These aren’t break-in clubs. The quality of the show has more to do with the girl’s personality than experience level at those clubs. That means, look for a girl who is flirting with you and turning you on even before you agree to a private show. Look for chemistry.

      If there’s a girl with a really hot body, but she’s standoffish or conceited or otherwise gives off vibes of being a pain in the ass, you’d better really like her body, because she probably won’t get any warmer in the private room.

      In general, a private show is a great experience. It’s much more intimate and erotic than a lap dance–just you and her alone in a room.

  10. Newbie

    Thank you Arnold!

    By the way – I love that you have some high quality pictures for your TVO Dancer of the Month features. I wish there were more resources to see which dancers are likely to be at which clubs. I think this definitely influences the choice. Most sites I’ve seen, including the club’s own sites, are lacking in this area. After seeing several Palamino girls on your site, I am now leaning towards going to the Palamino.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Newbie, the big limiting factor in photos of the dancers is that most dancers won’t allow their photos on the internet. They worry about future employers, husbands, less-tolerant family members and the like.

      But the photos I’ve posted of Palomino dancers are a good representation of the dancer quality at the club.

  11. Sam

    Hi Dear
    Your site is fabulous and extremely useful thanks so much.
    My wife and I are flying from overseas to Vegas we definitely eager to go to strip club it seems from your recommendations that palomino or sapphire are our choices; very high mileage is our main consideration !! How far can my wife go with the dancer can she take off her clothes of course in the VIP room !!!
    Are the dancer totally nude in both clubs in VIP or group VIP rooms.
    Any recommendations
    Appreciate your feedback

    • Arnold Snyder

      Sam, at Palomino the dancers get totally nude in the roomy private-curtained VIP booths or private bedrooms. Those private shows start at 10 minutes for $100. We have reports in the comments section of female guests at Palomino getting partially disrobed in those private VIPs. You can get high mileage at Palomino but you want to pay attention to how physical a dancer seems before you say yes to a private dance.

      If you’re tipping her on the stage, does she reach over the rail to hug you or your wife and maybe caress you with her titties? If so, she’s telling you she’s high mileage.

      Or tell one of the hosts you’re looking for a high mileage VIP dance. (Don’t tell him the part about your wife disrobing.) The girls who come over to your table will be up for that.

      Remember, dancers are often shy about approaching couples at strip clubs in Vegas, so you may have to make the first move. Tip dancers on stage and when they come over tell them you’re looking for a couple’s dance. Or ask the host or cocktail waitresses to send dancers over to your table.

      Sapphire is a guaranteed high-mileage club–no dancer could survive there without liking to get physical. But it’s a topless club, not fully nude, and your wife could not partially disrobe in the group VIPs there. You’d have to get a 60-minute dance in one of the private booths ($700), but if you’re going to spring for $700 I’d recommend going all the way and getting a Skybox for $800.

      Sapphire’s Skyboxes are the most elegant, roomy, and private rooms in town, almost like getting a hotel room for an hour. Your wife and the dancer could definitely get into some mutual bare-breasted fondling there.

      Again, Sapphire is a topless club, so no bottoms can come off in the Skyboxes. And you will likely have to let the dancers know that you’re looking for a couple’s dance by tipping and talking to the dancers on stage, introducing yourself to good-looking girls on the floor, or asking a host or cocktail waitress to start the ball rolling.

      I think you’ll have a hot time at either club. Think about your budget and how important total nudity is vs guaranteed high mileage.

      • Sam

        Thanks a lot for your detailed answer; highly appreciated !!
        Do you think it is a good idea to go on weekdays so that fewer customers are there in order to get more attention from dancers

        • Arnold Snyder

          Sam, you can go any day of the week, but just plan to get to either club a little bit early. Instead of going at 11 pm when things are getting hectic, go at 9-10 pm before the clubs get packed.

          And again, don’t just sit at your table and hope for the best. Worst mistake people can make in a Vegas strip club. Tip dancers you like on stage and talk to them. Walk up to dancers you think are hot and talk to them, compliment them. Ask the hosts or waitresses for introductions. The dancers will love it. They want to be approached and appreciated.

          Think of it as a party–you’re there to flirt and find what you want and get it on.

          If you feel like you might be too shy to do these things, just start out by tipping dancers you like on stage. Be the first to put out a couple of dollars, and when the dancer comes over to pay attention to you, just tell her she’s pretty and her dancing is so sexy. The right dancer will take it from there.



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