The Biden Family’s Real Business

The Biden Family Protection Racket

You guys realize the importance of the report that the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, plus Treasury Committee, have released on Hunter Biden, right?  Yeah, I know the media said it was nothing new and all unproven.  They are lying.

The report shows that Hunter Biden got millions and millions of dollars from foreign billionaire criminals in Russia and China and elsewhere in exchange for arranging protection from U.S. investigations.

For example, Hunter got $6 million and a large, flawless diamond from Ye Jianming, who is now in prison in China for corruption, to block a U.S. investigation into the activities of Ye Jianming’s associate Patrick Ho.  Hunter failed to block the investigation because Trump got elected. So Ho wound up in U.S. prison at the end of 2017 for violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, money laundering and conspiracy.  It was all for a global money laundering and bribery scheme aimed at government officials in Africa.

Patrick Ho also helped Iran evade sanctions and illegally trafficked arms to Libya, Chad and Qatar.

Now you are starting to understand why it was so important to the swamp for Hillary to win.

They’re In On Sex Trafficking Too!

Other multi-million dollar payments to Hunter came from Elena Baturina, the wife of a Russian mobster involved in international sex trafficking of Russian and East European women.

Hunter used part of the money to make payments to the trafficked women.

This is something of a big deal, because the Russian mobster was the former mayor of Moscow and the founder of the “political party” that has run Russia throughout the Putin era.  That means he’s not just mob, he’s former KGB.  Russian collusion, anyone?

Hunter also got huge payoffs, partly via a joint bank account, from Gongwen Dong, who was laundering money for Chinese Communist Party officials into hundreds of millions of dollars worth of Manhattan real estate.  Gongwen Dong got “disappeared” in the middle of closing on $163 million in NYC luxury condo deals.

So we’re starting to get a clearer picture of what that $1.5 billion was really for.

Other billionaire criminals have been paying Hunter as well—too many to discuss in a single post.

Burisma and Beyond

Hunter used a good chunk of his money to pay off his stripper baby mama while declaring her an employee and failing to pay payroll taxes for her.  He also gave at least $1.4 million of it to Joe Biden’s brother James.  When James Biden’s bank, to meet federal reporting requirements, asked for documentation of the legal source of the money, James Biden refused to provide it and the bank moved to close the account.

If you remember, the entire scandal over the Biden family’s affairs started with revelations about Burisma’s “weird” decision to pay Hunter some $80k a month for years.  Burisma is in the natural gas business and Hunter has no experience or expertise in that business.  He doesn’t even speak Ukrainian.  But the money flow started right after Joe Biden got the Ukrainian prosecutor investigating Burisma fired.  Slow Joe got the investigation stopped by threatening to withhold $1.8 billion in U.S. aid to Ukraine.

Now Joe is under indictment in Ukraine for conspiring with President Poroshenko to steal that $1.8 billion and a lot more billions in foreign aid.  Some $40 billion stolen from Ukraine wound up in the Caribbean bank accounts of shell companies.  The shell companies were supposedly selling arms and other defense goods to Ukraine, but somehow those never got delivered.

The Democrats ran a hoax impeachment to prevent this stuff from coming out, and Rudy Giuliani said today that all of this is just the tip of the iceberg.  He said Biden has been selling his office for 30 years, and this is a RICO case. You can find documents proving all these claims through the above links.

A reporter at Axios actually got up the gumption to ask Joe about all of this today.  Joe pulled his “Come on, man!” schtick and claimed he never knew anything about Hunter’s business affairs.  But that’s a lie too.  Biden’s adviser Amos Hochstein testified under oath that he’d discussed this at length with Vice President Biden and his staff in October 2015.  Hochstein discussed the matter further with Hunter a month later.

Meanwhile, Democrats have been trying their hardest to get an Antifa-BLM riot going today, first in Louisville, then in Chicago, to distract from all this.  Maybe they’ll succeed, but probably not in Louisville.  The Democrat Kentucky governor, to his great credit, had the state police in Louisville in force and asked the president to send in the National Guard.

Joe may have dementia now, but he was a first-class grifter in his prime.  We are going to learn over the next four years that half the DC swamp, from both parties, has been in on this and other rackets ripping off taxpayers for years.

Update – Audiotapes of Biden Conspiring with Poroshenko

Here are the newly-released audiotapes of Biden on the phone with President Poroshenko of Ukraine in which Biden tells Poroshenko to ignore Trump after his inauguration and continue to deal with Biden.  Biden goes on to suggest he and Poroshenko work together to damage Trump.

Youtube removed these tapes, so they have been uploaded to Bitchute.

Poroshenko admitted to recording these tapes for his own protection.  Earlier tapes recorded Biden conspiring with Poroshenko to fire the Burisma prosecutor in exchange for $1.8 billion in U.S. aid.  Biden also publicly bragged about doing so at a Council on Foreign Relations event.  Poroshenko is facing charges in Ukraine for conspiring with Biden to steal $40 billion in foreign aid.

12 Responses to “The Biden Family’s Real Business”

  1. 808forever

    Kentucky’s Dopey gubna is using the police like it should be used, and asking for Guard help?

    Looks like he’s seeing the writing on the wall about his parties plans, and decided to do the sensible and correct actions to protect his constituents. I hope others will follow suit.

  2. BennyHill

    Hunter Biden could kill his baby on TV and the left would say it was fine.
    Once again NOTHING will come from this.
    In a few months they will destroy all evidence.
    Get prepared for a terrible new world.

  3. Arnold Snyder

    I’m laughing because Democrats are suddenly scrambling to get their supporters to vote in person:

    That’s because mail-in voting in North Carolina has been a disaster for them. They are on track to get only half the mail-in votes they need while GOPs are surpassing the amount they need by 10%.

    But 2/3 of Democrats have truly bought into the Democrats’ Bat Plague hoax, with a full 1/3 believing voting in person would be life threatening.

    Plus, Democrats have no ground game this year and their best GOTV machines are shut down by Democrat governors. That includes Souls to the Polls in NC and the Culinary Union machine in Vegas.

    And it’s been confirmed that if Democrats try to slowroll the vote count in PA, MI, and WI, their Republican legislatures are required to pick their states’ electors on Dec. 8 for voting on Dec. 14.

    I’m also laughing because Trump warned them over and over and over not to do mass mail-in voting and to reopen their states. That guaranteed their TDS would push them into the trap.

    Trump landslide coming.

  4. Bill

    It will probably be freezing here but I will be up first thing in the morning and out my door to vote. No mail in for me.



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