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Start of the Unwind of the Democrats’ Election Fraud (Pinned)

Trump is Forcing the Fraudsters to Declare Him Winner in a Landslide

If you haven’t read my late post yesterday, you should start there.  That post contains the first tells that the Democrats’ election fraud is being unwound and how the unwind is likely to play out.  The Big Dick has arrived.

Don’t believe people who tell you Raffensperger’s magical discovery of 3000 “misplaced” Trump votes in Fulton County, Georgia is merely a crumb.  Don’t believe people who tell you that the reversal of the election in Clark County, Nevada is about 139 votes.  People who tell you that are either disinfo agents or poorly informed.

Trump tweeted immediately about the Nevada election reversal and said it was major.  And it was.  No one reverses an election over 139 disputed ballots.  There are 139 disputed ballots in every single dogcatcher race in America and there always have been and the elections aren’t overturned.

And here’s Ric Grenell, former Acting DNI, saying Nevada Democrats are in “full panic mode” after the decision not to certify the local race.  Grenell says “the entire County’s ballots are now suspect.”

And it’s indeed impossible that the dispute is about only a county commissioner race.  At this point, people who still rely on the fake news and corrupt officials for information have to be regarded as brainwashed and incapable of learning from experience.

What we are likely going to be seeing now is an unwind of the vote fraud.  I don’t believe the FBI is “investigating.”  I don’t believe that Trump ever relied on our crooked state legislatures and crooked Congress and crooked courts.

The election was a sting and the investigation is over.  I’m pretty sure the FBI is telling the vote fraudsters exactly what law enforcement has on them and what the penalty is under Trump’s election interference Executive Order.  I believe we’ll start seeing tons of software “glitches” suddenly discovered and “misplaced” Trump ballots found.

And judges who had planned to do the wrong thing will do the right thing.  If they don’t…

For four years, the Democrats have been pushing a narrative that Trump was a Hitler-style dictator who would refuse to leave office.  I believe that’s because they knew all along that they would push Trump into this trap.

I believe Trump is going to make them reverse their fraud themselves.  I believe he is going to force the criminals to declare him winner by a landslide.  But if they just plow through in their attempt to steal this election, and if the U.S. Supreme Court helps their effort, I believe Trump will refuse to turn the country over to Biden.

I’ll be live blogging today’s counterattack below.

Detroit Fails to Certify Vote (Pinned and Now Updated)

At roughly 6 pm EST, the Wayne County, Michigan (Detroit) Board of Canvassers failed to certify their election result.  Reportedly the certification was stopped by a state senator and stirring words by John James’ lawyer.

Democrat members Kinloch and Wilson voted to certify, Republican members Palmer and Hartmann voted no.

100 affidavits testifying to vote fraud in Wayne County were submitted to the Board of Canvassers by Detroit residents before the vote.  The witnesses had served as poll watchers on election day.  80 precincts in Detroit had results “out of balance” with the number of people who actually showed up to vote.

Every election, Detroit runs Democrat ballots through the count machines multiple times.  They did it again this year even though they were supposedly under state supervision.  The GOP has finally had enough of it.

Update:  Now On to State Canvassing Board

Jenna Ellis, an attorney working on stopping the steal, says:  “This evening, the county board of canvassers in Wayne County, MI refused to certify the election results.  If the state board follows suit, the Republican state legislator will select the electors. Huge win for Trump.”

End of Day Update:  GOP Agrees to Certify Wayne in Exchange for Audit

Detroit News says GOP will certify in exchange for audit of the absentee ballot irregularities.  So now it depends on what “audit” means.

More “Misplaced” Votes “Found” for Trump in Georgia (Updated 4x)

It Just Became Three Counties, All with the Same Vote Fraud Method

David Shafer, Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party, reports that more votes have been discovered during the hand count in Fayette County, Georgia, mostly for Trump.  He says, “Apparently a memory card was not uploaded.”

“Misplaced” votes for Trump were also found in Floyd County yesterday.  The “misplaced” votes are running roughly 2 to 1 for Trump.  State officials are calling these “amazing blunders.”  There are 159 counties in Georgia.

Meanwhile, Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger who, like Gov. Sisolak of Nevada, suddenly claimed he was in quarantine for Bat Plague after the proof of vote fraud started to emerge, was on CNN last night saying Lindsey Graham encouraged him to throw out ballots.  Lindsey Graham denied that right before fist-bumping Kamala Harris on the Senate floor.

Update: Shit Just Hit the Fan

Just before 6 pm EST, Angela Stanton King, a GOP House candidate in Georgia, tweeted: “I don’t know who needs to hear this but the sh*t done hit the fan.”  So something is happening in Georgia right now.  Will update as info comes in.

Update 2:  Third County Found with “Misplaced” Trump Votes

Oh, this one’s great.  Thanks very much to TVO reader Nunya for reporting that Kayleigh McEnany just said on Hannity that a third GA county (Walton) found more votes on a memory stick today that was not loaded. Votes favored Trump.

Here’s the Walton Tribune talking about it.

I’m guessing this was what Angela Stanton King was talking about when she said the shit had just hit the fan.

In three separate Georgia counties votes on a memory stick were not loaded into the vote count?  And they’re all for roughly the same number of votes, with most of the votes for Trump?  Not credible anymore that this was an accident.  This was organized vote fraud across the entire state.

More Statistical Evidence of PA and GA Vote Fraud

Sidney Powell tweeted the link to this study showing vote flips in the same-sized bundles (6,000 in PA and 4,800 in GA) were injected into the system, at the same time, to overcome Trump’s lead in both states.

Specifically, after the 11/4/20 01:00Z cutoff time, only swings of Biden votes (in multiples of almost exactly 6,000 or 4,800 at a time) seem to have been received.  These kinds of one-sided vote gains are statistically impossible.

She also said, “Rest assured the Kraken is on it!” and “The statistical analysis cannot be refuted.”   I posted the other day that there is a supercomputer called the Kraken.

Again, I believe this is the manual vote fraud that occurred after the Dominion vote fraud that systematically flipped/stole 6% of Trump’s votes.

Sidney Powell Says on Newsmax that Trump Got 80 Million Votes

I don’t get Newsmax but this source does and I’ve never seen his quotes challenged.  He says Sidney Powell was just on Newsmax saying President Trump received over 80 million votes.

She said the illegal algorithm in Dominion Software was set to steal a fixed percentage of Trump’s votes.  Note:  Elsewhere today Powell has been saying (see link below) that anyone in the GOP who lost by 6% or less should challenge their election, so I assume the fixed percentage was 6%.

Powell said when the Dominion software stopped running on Nov. 3rd, the states had to delete more votes from Trump plus fabricate enough fraudulent paper ballots to get Biden into the lead because the 6% steal wasn’t enough.

So it appears to me that what she is saying is that the 4 am vote flips and deletions we saw in the state vote count logs on November 4 were not the Dominion vote fraud.  It was extra vote fraud committed manually because the 6% of votes Dominion had stolen wasn’t enough.

Here is the clip.

Trump Fires Chris Krebs of CISA (Updated)

CISA is the federal law enforcement agency within the DHS charged with protecting our elections from software vote fraud exactly like the type we’ve seen in the 2020 elections.

I posted last night that CISA’s “coordinating council” consisted largely of Smartmatic and their front company Dominion, the company behind the millions of vote flips and deletions in 40 states.  Dominion and Smartmatic wrote the CISA statement saying the election was secure, then used it as evidence that they hadn’t interfered in the election.

Last week Trump fired most of the top people at CISA, but CISA Director Chris Krebs remained.  Now, at last, Trump has fired Chris Krebs.  Former ClA Director John Brennan hardest hit about his boy’s firing.  He was rending his garments on CNN about it.

15,000+ Voters in Nevada Also Voted in Another State

I believe this is from the work Matt Braynard has been doing on former residents of Nevada whose names were fraudulently voted here.  Now it’s been confirmed as coming from the GOP press conference in Nevada this afternoon.

Trump Electors Challenge the NV Election

Now Trump Electoral College Candidates have contested the Nevada election.  They are challenging 40k ballots.  Here’s the Trump campaign’s Nevada counsel saying Trump won the state.

Absentee Ballots in PA Returned but Not Counted were 100% GOP Registered Voters

So Far, No Dem Returned Ballots Went Uncounted

Former Trump campaign data chief Matt Braynard has had his team calling up people in Pennsylvania who requested an absentee ballot but did not return one.

Turns out many of the people who the state says didn’t return a ballot actually did return their ballots.  Of the people in Pennsylvania who returned ballots that the state claims it never received, 100% were registered Republicans.

There were 165k people in PA who requested absentee ballots but never returned them.  Of the people Matt has reached so far, 40% say they actually returned the ballots.  Again, they were 100% registered Republicans.  So far, 30 people have submitted declarations signed under penalty of perjury saying they returned their ballots.

Calling started in GA, NV MI, WI, and AZ today.  Calls in Pennsylvania continue.

Braynard has also identified tens of thousands of double voters and non-resident voters in each of the disputed states.

In Court in PA (with End of Day Update)

Rudy Giuliani has been admitted to the US District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania Pro Hac Vice.  Looks like the judge is a Republican, but an Obama appointee.   But he was appointed in 2012 and Harry Reid didn’t nuke the filibuster for judgeships until 2013.

Trump team attorney Jenna Ellis tweeted that Rudy was excellent in his opening argument.

Update and Reupdated

Josh Gerstein reported that the PA Supreme Court has ruled today that it was fine with election officials blocking all GOP election observers.  Here’s more from the PA Supreme Court, which has been in on the election steal from the start.

But Rudy is in federal district court and Jenna Ellis is reporting that federal court is back in session.  I do not know if there is a difference between the federal court case and the PA Supreme Court case.

Rudy told Maria Bartiromo before court that he was ready to go all the way to SCOTUS.

End of the Day Update

Jenna Ellis reports:  “You media morons are all laughing at Rudy Giuliani, but he appears to have already established a great rapport with the judge, who is currently offering recommendations on martini bars for Team Trump in open court.”

The media laughs because propaganda is all the Dems have.

Data from Seized Server Show Trump Won 410 Electoral College Votes

Louie Gohmert Suggests ClA Involved

I’ve been seeing this claim around for a few days now, but here’s OANN reporting on it.

Note in the OANN report Louie Gohmert says, “There are some who believe this is the U.S. intelligence that manipulated all this.”  I’ve been posting here for a few days now that the Scytl servers were located on a ClA hacking base in the U.S. Consulate in Frankfurt.

The OANN report also includes the info from the Virginia GOP Senate candidate who says Trump won 410 electoral college votes.  The states he reportedly won include California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Virginia, Maine, New Hampshire, Georgia and Michigan.  Yes, California.  You can see the alleged real election map in the video through the link.

Because the info is coming from a Virginia GOP Senate candidate I’m more inclined to believe it.  Obviously, OANN is as well.  Virginia is Deep State central.

Trump has been deliberately leaking to alternative media for four years now because the mainstream media is completely controlled by the ClA, China, Qatar and other internal and foreign enemies.  That’s another reason I find these reports credible.

How a Philly Mob Boss Stole the Election

Skinny Joey’ Merlino Ran a Ballot Factory for Biden for $10 a Ballot

The Buffalo Chronicle is reporting that Philly mob boss “Skinny Joey” Merlino had a crew whip up 300k ballots for Biden for $10 a ballot at the Democrats’ request.  The ballots were paid for in cash.

The ballot factory was located in two private households.  It took 60 hours to whip up the ballots.

“Skinny Joey” was granted early release from a two-year prison sentence earlier this year.  Here’s more on Skinny Joey and his many stints in prison for racketeering, loan sharking, illegal gambling, and extortion.

More Arrests

NBC LA is reporting two men in L.A. have been charged in a 41-count criminal complaint after they submitted over 8000 fraudulent voter registration applications on behalf of homeless people between July and October 2020.

This is the vote fraud method known as “ballot harvesting.”  You register thousands of homeless people to your own address and request absentee ballots for them if mail-in ballots aren’t automatically sent.  Then, when their ballots arrive, you fill them out and sign them yourself.

This vote fraud method is why signature verification was illegally ditched this year in Nevada, Georgia, and many more states.

Nevada GOP Announces Lawsuit

The Nevada GOP has just announced a lawsuit here to throw out the fraud in the Nevada general election.  The press conference started at 2 pm PST.

GOP House in Michigan to Impeach Whitmer

Republicans hold a majority in the Michigan state House and they’ve announced they intend to impeach Whitmer, the Democrat tyrant governor locking down the state again over the Bat Plague hoax.  The Hill reports it takes a majority to impeach Fascist Barbie.

New Lawsuit Against Newsom Relies on Recent Ruling About Separation of Powers

Pacific Legal Foundation is suing Newsom over his ongoing California lockdown orders.  The California Superior Court recently ruled that Newsom had violated the State Constitution by unilaterally ordering that all registered voters be sent mail-in ballots.

Specifically, the judge rejected Newsom’s argument that Section 8627 of the Emergency Services Act gives him the power to rewrite laws.

The judge also issued a permanent injunction restraining Newsom from issuing any further unconstitutional orders that make “new statutory law or legislative policy.”  Newsom almost immediately defied that order by issuing new Bat Plague restrictions.  You can read the new lawsuit here.

And here are CA churches suing to overturn Newsom’s ban on singing in church.  Some court will have to throw him in jail to stop him in his open disobedience of the law, the constitution and court orders.

Lin Wood Says Joe Biden will End Up in Prison

See it here.  He says many others will too.

Sidney Powell Says Every GOP Who Lost by 6% or Less Must Sue Now

Here it is.  They can also join an existing lawsuit.  I told you Trump would go for every election Democrats stole.

Netanyahu Signals Trump Victory

Journalist Amir Tsarfati tweets:  “I guess someone is sobering up!  Netanyahu just said in a radio interview: ‘Why should I say who won in the US presidential elections? We all know what is about to happen…’”

Pieczenik Signals that Britain is Behind the Election Fraud

I’ve posted before about Pieczenik’s retweets of claims that the British monarchy is behind the election steal here and that $100 million from the Pentagon for military equipment that was never delivered went to bank accounts in the UK.  Now here is Pieczenik again with the same claim.

I don’t need to hear from any of you little New York Times readers that this is crazy.  Pieczenik’s never been wrong about a big claim like this.  He’s retweeted:

Continuing to speak of AP and the Mockingbird Media and indeed the ClA as somehow controlled by an ideology DOESN’T CUT IT anymore.  Malloch-Brown of Dominion Voting Systems is on Her Majesty the Queen’s Privy Council.  The U.S. is at war with the UK.  We are STILL fighting for sovereignty!

Pieczenik also retweeted this claim:

The entire British establishment is pedophilic, and one of the ways they’ve compromised American politicians is through blackmailing them with this. Once these traitors have ‘done the deed’, they’re in for life. Maxwell/Epstein work for London and Lord Rothschild. Understand me?

Steve Pieczenik Signals Cuomo is Finished

Democrat Nazi Governors Can Either Tell the Truth or Go to Prison for Violating the Civil Rights of Nursing Home Patients

Steve Pieczenik retweeted a Judge Jeanine rant on Tucker this morning about Cuomo’s murder of people in nursing homes in New York.  Cuomo’s weapon was Covid.  He forced infectious Covid patients into nursing homes and then rewrote NY law so he couldn’t be sued.

Pieczenik added a comment that Cuomo’s political career is finished.  And he’s right.

Cuomo either deliberately murdered the most vulnerable people in America with Bat Plague or, more likely, he lied about New York’s Bat Plague death numbers for political purposes.  Either way he is toast now that his vote fraud machine is getting shut down.

Remember, Attorney General Barr has formally demanded information from Cuomo about his handling of Bat Plague patients in nursing homes.  He demanded the info as part of an investigation into Democrat governors Cuomo, Whitmer, Murphy, Wolf and Newsom for violating the civil rights of institutionalized persons.  They were the only five governors in the country who forced infectious Covid patients into nursing homes in violation of CDC guidance.

All five delayed sending Barr the info until after the election.  They thought their vote fraud would save them.  Now they have to come up with the goods.

So they can either stop pretending that 240k people in the U.S. died of Covid or they can go to prison for violating the civil rights of institutionalized persons.

I’m posting about this here because Bat Plague is all part of the Democrats’ election fraud scheme.  It’s a psyop that’s part of an attack on our freedom and our system of government.

And as Trump is unraveling the vote fraud, he will also be unraveling the Bat Plague fraud.

Pieczenik Confirms Obama was a “ClA Creation”

I’ve seen Pieczenik confirm before that Obama was ClA, which was obvious since Obama worked for a ClA front after Columbia (if he ever went to Columbia, which I doubt.)

But this is the first time I’ve seen Pieczenik confirm that Obama was a “ClA creation.”  Obama’s mother was ClA and his grandparents were ClA and reportedly Brennan and Brzezinski took over Obama’s education when Obama was at Occidental College.  More on Obama some other time.

Just understand that the people who run the ClA have grown impatient with our elections and system of government and decided to go for direct control.

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  1. Arnold Snyder

    Ringo, I am not interested in, and will not provide a platform for, disinfo from AP, which is conspiring in the election steal.

    What part of me saying that “believing in the mainstream media right now is mentally retarded” did you not understand?

  2. Ray

    Thank you once again Arnold for your detailed posts despite the non-believers who are giving you trouble lately.

    Are we still on track for the election results to be official and Trump to be declared the official winner before Christmas? Possibly on December 14th?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Ray, they are not non-believers.

      They are disinfo agents hired to post disinfo.

      I would say we’re on track. Reportedly things went well in court in PA. So well, the media is pretending the case is nothing.

      And in Michigan the GOP stopped the certification of the Detroit vote. The stopping of the certification of that vote has them all shrieking.

      All good.

  3. Ian

    I really do hope that ion the aftermath of all this that big tech and the disgusting, lying scum that comprise the main stream media are taken down, as they are culpable in this massive election fraud and treason!

  4. TJ

    Arnold, your work on this site has been doing wonders to keep me sane! Thank you for the hard work!! Whenever Vegas gets back to normal, I owe you a beer!!

  5. Bill

    Pa Supreme Court is just Governor wolfs yes men. There was really no point to trying them the federal case will decide it hopefullu

  6. Nunya

    Kayleigh McEnany just said on Hannity that a 3rd GA county (Walton) found more votes on a memory stick today that was not loaded. Votes favored Trump.

  7. David L

    Arnold, I’m not sure if *everything* is on the tracks with this (you’ve referred Central Intelligence Agency a few more times than I’m comfortable with).

    Having said that, I’ll reiterate what I wrote last week. If a tenth of this can be shown in open court, they’ll need to stack the bodies like cordwood to have room.

    • Arnold Snyder

      David L, you have no idea. I’m holding back on the ClA.

      I will write tomorrow about adjustments in how on track everything is.

      But I can tell you 100% for sure Trump will never be turning the country over to these Nazis.

  8. RollWave

    You misread the Michigan Audit story. GOP didn’t certify results “in exchange” for an audit. They certified results, and then “asked” the Secretary of State’s office to do an audit.

    MI SoS hasn’t agreed to anything.

    Wayne Co gop basically agreed to a “amnesty now then we’ll tighten border security afterwards” situation.

    Once the results are certified, there’s no more leverage. No reason for SoS to do a real audit.

    • Arnold Snyder

      RollWave, I agree.

      Initial reports that I read said “in exchange” but it’s not credible even if there was a formal deal. The Republicans caved and are corrupt.

      I’ll write up what I believe this means for the overall scenario tomorrow.

  9. Hawaii4Trump


    I f’ing love this site.
    Arnold you’re a genius!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Arnold Snyder

      Hawaii, most interesting thing is that Brennan was bitching about it.

      Not a surprise in the least, except for how bad Brennan is at camouflaging what he’s doing.

  10. Nunya

    Report I read about MI said the 2 republicans were doxxed and attacked and reversed course. As far as GA goes, I’m wondering if the Perdue Senate race is being recounted – I don’t think so but with all the ‘found’ votes, Perdue could possibly hit the 50% threshold where a run off would not be required. He should sue for recount.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Nunya, thanks for that info. I think it’s safe to say none of them will stand up to the left.

      It will be up to SCOTUS or, if they fail us, the military.

      All I know is that every source I know, public and private, is completely unworried and saying Trump is having fun and will be president for four more years.

      Post soon.

  11. Ian

    Dusky, are you a moron? The results of this so-called election don’t even pass the smell test.


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