The Counterattack Intensifies Thursday Live Blog

Dominion Software Was Set to Count Trump Votes as Worth Less Than Biden’s (Pinned)

Each Trump Vote Counted as 3/4 of a Vote, Biden Votes Counted as 1.25 Votes

Here is the revelation of the day.  I’ve already posted links below to the big Rudy Giuliani press conference earlier today.  But one point made by Sidney Powell is especially mind blowing.

At 1:44:33 in the video, Powell says that end users can weight votes for different candidates differently on the Dominion voting systems.  For example, a vote for Trump can be weighted as 0.75 votes, while a vote for Biden can be weighted as 1.25 votes.  Then Powell says, “And those may be the numbers actually used here.”

Again, they are likely not finished with the deciphering of the vote fraud data, but we’re getting very specific new information now six days after the servers in Frankfurt were seized.

She says the algorithm weighting Trump and Biden votes differently was not just used in the swing states, but “was likely used across the country.”  That would mean 1/4 of Trump’s votes were stolen across the country, everywhere the Dominion software was used.  And Biden got an extra 25% of his total real votes added to his count.

For the math-impaired, if Biden really got 60 million votes, Dominion gave him 75 million.  If Trump really got 90 million votes, Dominion counted them as 67.5 million votes.  The rest had to be done with fraudulent absentee/mail-in ballots for Biden and “misplacing” Trump absentee ballots.

About a week ago, I posted either Rudy or Powell saying the Dominion software had been used everywhere, even in systems that didn’t think they were using Dominion.

Extra Vote Injections for Biden

Powell also says there were vote injections into the system that hugely favored Biden, “the same identical six-digit number multiple times in at least two states that we’ve analyzed so far.”  And she’s talking largish six-digit numbers; she specifically gives as an example 341,542 votes injected for Biden with only 100,012 injected for Trump, with the identical numbers injected multiple times 20 minutes apart in at least two states.

Be sure to let me know when all this is reported in the mainstream media but so far all I’ve seen is lies from them about the press conference.

Live Blog

Art of the Deal

Michigan Lawmakers Flying to DC to Meet with Trump

One of the things every single source, public and private, keeps saying is that Trump is having a great time right now.  It’s under control.  He’s in his element.

The minute I hear Trump’s in his element, I think of deals.  Now Michigan “lawmakers” are flying to DC to meet with Trump tomorrow, at his request.  I assume this means Republicans from the Michigan state legislature but maybe it includes the state senate.  Republicans hold the majority in both.

I believe Trump is going to come out of that meeting with a deal.  I’m guessing it will be a deal to send a Trump slate of electors to the Electoral College.  And I’m guessing Trump is making these deals in every disputed state with a Republican legislature.

We know Trump is talking to GOP officials who decide whether or not to certify county votes (see below).

New Affidavits Filed on Massive Vote Fraud in Detroit

60k to 100k Fraudulent Ballots Dropped Off at 4:30 am

Rudy Giuliani held a press conference at roughly 1 pm EST today to announce two 60 new affidavits in which witnesses swear under penalty of perjury that a truck pulled up to the Detroit vote count center on November 4 at 4:30 am, after election officials believed Republican election observers had left.

The vote count employees thought the truck was dropping off food, and everyone rushed out to it.  But instead of food they found the truck was filled with garbage cans, paper bags, and cardboard boxes of ballots, roughly 60k to 100k ballots in all.

The ballots were taken into the center.  The ballots’ envelopes were blank, with no signatures and no info entered in the address fields voters are required to fill out.  That automatically makes the ballots illegal to count under Michigan law.

But the ballots were not only counted, many of them were triple counted.  All ballots directly observed by the witnesses contained only votes for Biden.  There were no votes for Trump and no votes in the down ballot races.

Rudy also said some Detroit precincts had 2-3 times more voters than registered voters, or even residents.

Although the Detroit election officials believed all Republican observers had left, two Republican observers remained at the count center and witnessed the entire event.

This Giuliani Press Conference was History; Don’t Miss It

This Giuliani press conference was history.  Another big moment is when Sidney Powell reports an algorithm was plugged in to steal votes from Trump during the election.  Again, we’re getting more detail suggesting they have the Scytl servers from Frankfurt and Steve Pieczenik’s claim that ballots were tagged with QFS blockchain “watermarks” may soon be confirmed.

Watch the full thing here, with Rudy coming out at 58:30 to start the press conference.

Rudy Debunks Media Lies on the Court Cases

If you don’t have time to watch the whole thing, watch the clip above and watch this clip where Rudy debunks all the media lies about the election fraud lawsuits.  None have been dismissed by the court.  The only one that has been withdrawn is one where the Trump campaign got the relief they wanted.

Another media hoax is that Rudy didn’t argue fraud in the courtroom this week in PA, thus there can’t be any fraud.  Attorney Jason Miller explains that’s because the hearing was on a motion to dismiss, not an evidentiary hearing.

I’m linking to that clip because, as I’ve said again and again, the media is conspiring in the Democrat/CCP election steal attempt/insurrection and cannot be believed on anything you can’t verify independently.

GOP Board of Canvassers Officials in Wayne County, MI Formally Rescind Votes to Certify

Affidavits Filed Stating They were Coerced Into Voting by Threats to Their Families

I reported yesterday that GOP election officials in Wayne County, Michigan (Detroit) had refused to certify the Detroit election results because of 0ver 100 witness affidavits testifying to vote fraud plus more votes in Detroit precincts than voters.

They had been coerced into voting to certify by Democrat thugs threatening their families (you can see video of the thugs and threats in yesterday’s post).  But they then refused to sign the certification legal documents.

The communist Michigan Secretary of State, who has been front and center in aiding and abetting Michigan vote fraud, claimed the voice vote was sufficient to certify.  Now the GOP officials have sent formal notice that they have rescinded their voice votes, which were made under coercion.  They have also filed affidavits testifying to the coercion.

So the Wayne County, Michigan election result is not certified.  That immediately gives Trump a 177k lead in Michigan even before correcting all of the other vote fraud in the state and may stop certification of the state election results.

Trump has called the two GOP election officials to talk to them about guaranteeing their safety and the safety of their families.

Court Victory in Pittsburgh

2349 absentee ballots have been thrown out by a PA Commonwealth Court judge, reversing a lower-court judge.  The voters, if they were real voters, didn’t date their declarations.

It is weird watching the lawyers pursue these cases for 8000 votes here and 2349 votes there when we know Dominion stole 10s of millions of Trump votes and gave Biden 10 millions of fraudulent votes, but enjoy the show.

Rudy Says We Can Get at Least 60k Illegal Wisconsin Ballots Discarded

Says Michigan Won’t Certify

Rudy was on Newsmax with Greg Kelly yesterday.  Read it or watch it here.  Note that Biden’s phony win margin in Wisconsin is only 10k votes.

Rudy fully expects to be going to SCOTUS over Pennsylvania.  And that would be all we need.

Dominion Voting Systems Developed by Peking University Group

See it here.  Sidney Powell has kept saying the software came from China.

Articles of Impeachment Brought Against Whitmer

Reported here by Jack Posobiec.  Michigan state legislators have brought articles of impeachment against tyrannical Democrat Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer over her latest lockdown order.

They were trying to rustle up the final votes yesterday and it looks like they’ve succeeded.  Yesterday I linked to a mainstream media article on it that said Michigan only requires a majority of the state legislature to impeach.

We now know Trump has been in contact with GOP Michigan legislators because they are flying to DC to meet with him tomorrow (see below).

In Arizona, Ducey Kisses the Ring

In Arizona, GOP Gov. Ducey has announced election results won’t be certified until all lawsuits have been settled.

The corrupt Arizona Secretary of State had been pushing for certification without an audit.

Dominion has Abandoned Their Offices

Rush Limbaugh just reported that Dominion Voting Systems has been abandoning their offices.

There are no executives or staff in the offices and phones are going unanswered.  Doesn’t sound very bullish for Dominion’s beliefs about their chances in court.

Also, Lauren Witzke, the GOP Senate candidate from Delaware, is reporting that while Sidney Powell was on television this morning describing Smartmatic’s capabilities to switch votes, the Smartmatic website went down.

I reported earlier that hundreds of Dominion employees had scrubbed their Dominion employment from their Linked In profiles.

Now Corrupt Michigan Dems are Trying to Remove GOP Officials from Wayne County Board of Canvassers

WXYZ Detroit is reporting Wayne County lawyers are researching whether GOP officials who refuse to certify the massive, blatant vote fraud in Detroit can be removed from the Board of Canvassers.

Wayne County Commission Chair Alisha Bell has confirmed this report.  The rats are desperate.

Sidney Powell is Now Calling on Every GOP Candidate Who Lost to Sue

On Tuesday or Wednesday Sidney Powell called on every Republican candidate in a national, state or local race who lost by 6 points or less to sue or join a GOP lawsuit contesting their election result.

Now Powell is calling on every GOP candidate who lost to sue or join the lawsuit.

That suggests Powell now has evidence the Democrat vote fraud was bigger than 6 points and affected every race in the country.  This seems to confirm Rudy Giuliani’s report that a detailed investigation into the Dominion/Smartmatic/Scytl vote flipping is well underway.

Lin Wood Calls Out the National and Georgia State GOP

Jason Shephard Appears to be Enabling Vote Fraud in the Cobb County Recount

Wood says, “Members of the Georgia and national GOP were not willing to take action to expose election fraud.”

Kemp and Raffensperger and many U.S. senators and congressman would really prefer to return to peaceful grift.  They are not fighting back against blatant Democrat vote fraud.  They appear to be hoping that their “election insurance” will survive this election so they never have to face our wrath.

Wood specifically calls out Jason Shephard, Chairman of the Cobb County Republican Party, as being in on the election steal.  Click on that link to see new testimony on vote fraud being committed in Cobb County during the recount there.  Looks like they are deliberately trying to “misplace” more Trump votes during the recount.

Federal District Court Hearing Today on Georgia Vote Fraud Case

Wood also reports a federal district judge has scheduled an emergency hearing this afternoon in the case Wood filed yesterday.

In addition, Wood reports Dominion, Scytl, Smartmatic and Clarity, all companies involved in the Dominion vote flipping, are about to be included in litigation across the country (same link as directly above).

Like my source on war breaking out between the military and ClA (below), Lin Wood is also openly saying the Chinese Communist Party interfered in our election, as well as “crooks in the Democrat Party and disloyal members of the Republican Party (traitors).”

So that’s a partial confirmation of my source, plus new evidence that Trump is going to impose asset seizure on those who aided foreign interference in our election.

Clark County, NV Board of Elections Overturns an Election

Rudy Giuliani reported on Lou Dobbs yesterday that the five-member county Board of Elections in Clark County, NV (Vegas) decertified the Democrat winner in an election yesterday and certified the Republican candidate as winner, based on improper signature verification.

Rudy says the exact same criterion will overturn the Biden win in Nevada, as it affected 155k votes on the exact same ballots, with the exact same decertified signatures.

News on Dominion Vote Flip Investigation

In the same interview, Rudy says votes in 28 states were sent to Germany and Spain to be counted by Smartmatic, a company founded in Venezuela in 2005 by Chavez specifically to rig elections.

He says, “We are in the process of investigating this in great great detail.” He says the way the Smartmatic vote fraud worked is small numbers of votes were flipped in every precinct in an effort to keep the vote fraud subtle.

I’ve been reporting on the seizure of Dominion/Smartmatic/Scytl servers in Frankfurt, Germany, most likely from a ClA hacking base in the U.S. Consulate there.  Rudy’s comments seem to support that new vote fraud data is being recovered from the servers.

Sidney Powell has said Dominion/Smartmatic/Scytl’s vote flipping is responsible for at least 6 points of election fraud.

GOP Defeats Wisconsin Elections Commission Last-Minute Attempt to Alter Recount Rules

I reported yesterday that the WI Elections Commission was holding an emergency meeting at 6 pm to alter the recount rules in the elections manual.

But the three GOP members of the commission held fast and defeated the attempt.  Now Wisconsin faces a real audit in Dane and Milwaukee Counties, or vote fraud central in Wisconsin.

Trump Tweets

Trump Continues Pointing and Laughing at the Blatant Fraud

Trump has retweeted that chart of the Wisconsin November 4th 3:42 am vote dump for Biden I posted yesterday. 143,379 votes suddenly “found” and reported hours after the count had been stopped for the night and all counters and observers sent home.  Click to enlarge:


“Open Warfare” Breaks Out Between Military and ClA

Regard this as informed gossip for now from a military contractor.  A source says open warfare has broken out between the military and the ClA over the ClA’s involvement in the election steal.  Reportedly Brennan was involved and Haspel at least knew.

He says what I’ve been speculating and Louie Gohmert hinted at:  that the Scytl vote hacking operation there was run by the ClA , reportedly in cooperation with the CCP.  He says people in the ClA are preparing their bug-out bags.

He says Acting Sec. of Defense Miller’s move yesterday to have special operations report directly to him is a direct result of this.

The defense news site Breaking Defense says:  “There is a sense that SOF has been doing its own thing that doesn’t always represent the community, creating a narrative that SOF has been off the reservation.”

My source agrees with this, saying the bureaucracy was exploited by bad actors.

Breaking Defense also says the change means the top special operations official at the Pentagon can go directly to the Defense Secretary on operational matters, including secret raids against high-value targets.

Thomas Wictor says the move essentially makes Special Operating Forces a new branch of the military, like the Army or Navy or Marines.

Giuliani on More Vote Fraud in Georgia

At his major press conference early this afternoon (see below; it was historic), Rudy Giuliani said Georgia had double voters (meaning people who had voted in two states), out-of-state voters, and other problems in addition to the “misplaced” votes and pre-printed Biden votes I’ve been reporting on.

Update:  Lawsuit Coming in New Mexico Tomorrow

Rudy also said he had witnesses testifying to significant vote fraud in New Mexico and Virginia, though he wasn’t sure yet if it involved enough votes to flip the states.

A short while later, Amir Tsarfati reported that a Trump team lawsuit regarding vote fraud in New Mexico would be filed tomorrow.

And it’s just being reported now that the Floyd County, Georgia Election Director has been terminated as a result of “misplaced” Trump votes being found in the recount there.

Giuliani on More Vote Fraud in Pittsburgh

Joel Pollak reports:  “Giuliani says 15k of 17k provisional ballots in Pittsburgh were cast by people who were told that they had already voted by mail.  Did they forget they had voted [by mail] or were Democrats filling out and assigning ballots to random people, hoping they would not show up?”

I can tell you that every one of these voters is being contacted by either the Trump campaign or Matt Braynard’s team to ask whether they voted by mail or not and I suspect Giuliani already knows the answer.

Giuliani specifically said at today’s press conference (see below) that he had much more evidence of vote fraud than he has presented to us so far.  He said he would love to release it all but what was the point when the media would ignore it or lie about it anyway?

Bobulinski’s Back

Hunter Biden Involved in Deal between CCP and Kremlin

The Senate Homeland Security and Finance Committees have released new evidence of Biden crime family deals with Russia, Oman and members of the Chinese Communist Party and People’s Liberation Army of China.  The evidence was provided by Tony Bobulinski,

Specifically, as Hunter Biden was getting millions of dollars from Ye Jianming of the CCP/PLA, Ye was arranging to buy a 14% stake in the Russian state-owned energy company Rosneft.  Hunter’s emails at the time show he had extensive discussions with Ye about the deal, including that Ye was angry about the execution of the deal.

The emails also show Hunter had a standing weekly call with Ye and was helping Ye with “staff visas and some more sensitive things.”

It’s no accident evidence from Tony Bobulinski on Biden family corruption is back.  Trump is educating the public on the background of foreign interference in our election.  You can expect a lot more revelations like this before major arrests and asset seizures start.

Trump will NEVER turn the country over to these Nazis and crooks.

Mnuchin Just F*cked the Fed

No More Bailout Bucks for You!

This is the most important development of the day that no one will get.  This is the start of the end of Bat Plague and the Fed is furious.  It’s no accident this comes out today after Sidney Powell’s revelations of the Dominion vote weighting that robbed Trump.

Bat Plague has essentially been a systematic transfer of wealth from Main Street small businesses and households to superbucks Wall Street and multinationals, with the money hose flowing through the Fed and its Bat Plague asset purchases.

Now Mnuchin has just cut off the flow and returned $455 billion to Congress to spend on Main Street.  What’s especially delicious is Mnuchin’s statement that in the unlikely event it should become necessary, the Fed can request permission from the Secretary of the Treasury, plus funds, to restart the program.

Trump is in the process of neutering the Fed just as he’s neutering the ClA with his changes in the Department of Defense and his firing of everyone at CISA but the typists.

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  1. Johnny Cash

    Please shut everything down again.
    I am so sick and tired of hearing all these fucking “experts” at work concerning China19.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Johnny, this stuff will end when the Democrats are rounded up for Gitmo.

      It’s all part of the election fraud.

      Remember that they are using mind control and torture techniques on you that are designed to break the will of prisoners of war. We are literally prisoners of war at the moment and you have to hang tough.

  2. Nunya

    If Hillary Clinton goes to Gitmo, or anywhere else for arrest, that will be best day since Election Day, 2016! I want to see hundreds or thousands perp-walked!

    • Arnold Snyder

      Carter, thank you.

      I will wait until I have time to check this firsthand myself before posting.

      I believe Rudy is more likely to be correct than the media.

  3. Jon O

    Something I was thinking about is how even if there was 30,000,000 Democrats who voted for Biden, they should all be arrested and sentenced probably to death. They all committed treason by engaging in voter fraud and voting for a Chinese loyalist. It is not a stretch to say that Trump should round up every registered democrat once this mess is over, let them stand trial as a group, and let the death penalty take place. This is really the only way to permanently fix this problem as I think any true patriot would agree. Otherwise they will keep coming back like the roaches they are.

    The government also needs to nationalize Facebook, twitter, and the main news channels. This is the only way that we will ever get HONEST information is if the government controls it under President Trump. How else is the bulk of the population supposed to get legitimate information? It is very hard to find accurate information!

    Lastly, I am absolutely supportive of a third, fourth, and additional terms for President Trump. He has had his entire first term stolen from him and despite being THE best President in history (INDISPUTABLE) he had to deal with the Democrat nazis the entire time trying to derail him.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jon O, the DOJ and a number of states have already filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google. Google will be broken up.

      Removing Section 230 protections will destroy Twitter and Facebook unless they agree to regulation requiring free speech. Facebook may still go down even then for illegally spying on users. Facebook is also facing an antitrust lawsuit and will be broken up.

      Their disinfo won’t matter when they don’t have monopolies or when their Section 230 protection is removed. We’ll have much more of a free market in info.

      Also, SCOTUS has indicated a willingness to take another look at a case that provided the media with too much protection from defamation suits from public figures. With Amy on the court, that protection is going to be cut back. The threat of lawsuits will force these outlets to stop the lies. If they don’t stop the lies, they will go under.

      I am angry at the Democrats too. But I’m profoundly relieved at how few of them there actually appear to be at this point. We’ll know exactly how many soon. And after the full extent of the Democrats’ vote fraud is revealed, there will be even fewer Democrats.

      Also, when Trump keeps his promises to the black community, a huge chunk of the Democrat base will turn away from the Dems. Trump promised the Platinum Plan for economic development in the black community plus school choice for every American child. When he keeps those promises, the black community will be a completely different place.

      I estimate that the hardcore commies are something like 6-7% of Americans and a good chunk of them are Boomers. They’re already dying off, so America won’t be plagued with them much longer.

      If the millennials finally catch a break and get decent jobs, which was well underway before Bat Plague, the commie contingent will shrink further still.

      And if we change immigration laws to keep America haters out, I can’t imagine where Democrats, as they currently exist, will find new customers.

      So be confident. The future is not going to be like the past 40-50 years.
      Freedom actually works if you don’t have an organized crime syndicate in the government stealing hundreds of billions of dollars a year.



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