The Dumbest Mistake in U.S. Political History

Democrats’ Election Chaos Plan and the Electoral Count Act of 1877

Bat Plague: The Hoax that Keeps on Giving
(to Republicans)

You know those Democrat election chaos plans?

You know how Democrats keep extending the time they’re allowing for ballots to come in by mail?  (In Nevada, it’s now 10 days.  California now allows ballots to be received 17 days after Election Day.)

You know how Democrats have been warning it may take months to count the mail-in ballots?  Why, New York took two whole months to count the June 9 primary ballots for a single Congressional District with a fraction of the ballots they can expect for the elections in November.

And a number of swing states, including Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, now prohibit counting of even a single ballot until the polls close on Election Day, even if mail-in and absentee ballots have been coming in for weeks.

You know those fantasies Democrats have been spinning about Pelosi becoming president if the winner of the election cannot be determined by January 20?

I’ve mentioned before that while Nancy Pelosi passes laws to find out what’s in them, Trump’s team has actually read our laws to find all the forgotten ones he can use to achieve his agenda.  So let me introduce you to the Electoral Count Act of 1877.

The Electoral Count Act requires that electors for the Electoral College be chosen by 41 days after the election. That’s December 14.  What happens if all ballots have not been counted by December 14?  The Electoral Count Act requires the electors to go to whoever is ahead in the count on that date.  The Atlantic (link directly above), which is the first rag I’ve seen discussing this law, just found out about it within the last day or two and is now in full-blown panic.

And what if blue states refuse to pick electors?  Then Trump doesn’t need 270 Electoral College votes to win.  He only needs a majority of electors from the states that select them in time.

Trump Voters Intend to Vote in Person, Democrats by Mail

Today’s Biden “Rally” in Michigan

A recent Pew poll shows over 80% of Trump supporters intend to vote in person.  Machine counts take no time at all, so those votes will definitely be counted by the December 14 deadline.

But only 40% of Biden supporters (to the extent that he has any) intend to vote in person.  The rest will vote by mail.  So 60% of Democrat votes will be sitting in the huge, contested paper-ballot stacks going uncounted until weeks or months after the election, subject to signature challenges, postmark challenges, citizenship challenges, and every other kind of challenge ever used in U.S. electoral history.  In Brooklyn, 25% of mail-in ballots in the June election were ruled invalid.

What’s most hilarious is that Democrats have used their Bat Plague hoax to truly terrify their voters into voting by mail.  “Americans should not have to risk their lives to participate…” said Rodneyse Bichotte, a New York Assemblywoman, and you can find Democrat rhetoric like that everywhere.

Democrat governors and mayors have also used lockdowns to reinforce the fear.  If it isn’t safe to go to work or a bar, if Bat Plague is so dangerous we have to suffer 25% unemployment in a state like mine, how can Democrats suddenly go into reverse and call for their voters to vote in person?

Team Trump stayed quiet about the law long enough.

Democrats’ lockdowns also mean Democrats have destroyed much of their Get-Out-The-Vote machine.  For example, in Las Vegas the Culinary Union has a provision in every contract allowing its 60,000 members to get paid time off from work to go vote.  This enables the union to conveniently bus virtually 100% of their members from a small number of work locations to the polls.  There the members vote according to a card the union gives them.  The union then provides a free lunch as another incentive to vote.

But this year, Nevada is mostly shut down by the Democrat governor for the Bat Plague hoax.  Because of the shutdowns, hotel occupancy has been way down and 45,000 Culinary Union members are on furlough or permanent layoff.  That means they won’t be bused to the polls from work.

Hillary Clinton beat Trump in Nevada by only 27,000 votes.

And that’s not the only GOTV machine Democrats crushed with their shutdowns.  The University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) is half shut down for in-person classes with the rest of the state’s colleges.    UNLV has over 31,000 students.  The College of Southern Nevada has another 21,000 students, and there are more universities in Reno and elsewhere.  Huge numbers of these students get herded into polling places on campus most elections.  But most of them will not be on campus to get herded in November.

What will Biden do in swing states like Pennsylvania with Springsteen and Jay Z/Beyonce concerts banned?

In New Hampshire, 55,000 out-of-state students are missing from the campuses of colleges like Dartmouth.  Now the University of Wisconsin at Madison looks like it will be shut down.  College students support Biden over Trump by 52 points!  In New Hampshire, Hillary beat Trump by only 2500 votes.  Trump won Wisconsin by a hair when the University of Wisconsin at Madison was open.

Now Trump would have won an honest election in a landslide.  He is winning the national popular vote and is up six points in Michigan right now, with a similar lead in other swing states.  I’ll be doing a post on how I know that any day now.

Democrats have been hoaxing their followers for over four years into a state of foaming-at-the-mouth TDS and they intended to hoax their way into control of the White House and Senate.  Instead they have hoaxed themselves into electoral extinction.

Put that in your election war games simulations, suckers.

12 Responses to “The Dumbest Mistake in U.S. Political History”

  1. 808forever

    This just cements my belief that impatience on the part of some Dopes is ruining their once carefully laid plans. I wonder why they haven’t been left out to dry yet for their foolishness.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Bill, Trump is winning Michigan right now by 6 points. I’m going to put up a post any day now showing how I know that.

      And even if the race were actually tight or Biden was winning by 6 points, after 4+ years of hoaxing, Democrats just hoaxed themselves into electoral extinction.

  2. Arnold Snyder

    Former NSC Rich Higgins says Team Obama behind the Democrat election chaos strategy plans to quietly withdraw to Cuba around November 3.

    Democrat ClA Brian Dean Wright and military intelligence specialist Fiona Mikayes are both calling for Mattis to be court martialed. Let me remind you Mattis was on the board of the massive fraud Theranos.

    Mikayes says the crackdown on the treason plot starts right after the election, when Trump will have an election mandate.

  3. Arnold Snyder

    Mail-in voting is going exactly as expected. This post is already playing out before our eyes.

    In North Carolina, where early mail-in voting has already started, 1/4 of returned ballots so far are “spoiled”, according to Democrat statistician John Couvillon. That means they can’t be counted.

    This has been the average rejection rate everywhere this year.

    Every single absentee ballot returned from Craven, Lincoln, and New Hanover counties in North Carolina was deemed spoiled. Half of returned ballots in Moore County have been rejected.

    Studies of swing states showed twice as many absentee ballots were requested by Democrats as Republicans. Democrats’ returned ballots are rejected twice as often as well.

    A Pew survey shows 60% of Democrats intend to vote by mail. Only 20% of GOPs intend to vote by mail.

    Trump has been emphatic in his rejection of mail-in voting.

    “I have to tell you, that if you go with this universal mail-in […] tens of millions of ballots being sent to everybody and their dogs, dogs are getting them, OK? People that have been dead for 25 years are getting them, you have to see what’s happening. Then you’re never going to have a fair election,” Trump told Fox News.

    Did Democrats embrace this policy, which is so disastrous for them, out of automatic rejection of Trump due to TDS?

    • Aaron

      Washoe and Nye county have been permitted to reopen. Meanwhile FL is letting all their bars go back to 50% capacity.. This whole thing is stupid.

  4. Chris

    I hope the sooner Trump wins and this election is behind us, the sooner we can go back to normal. 52 days to go. The rest of the country should not suffer the way Nevada has chosen to cause its self-inflicted suffering. I miss boobs.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Chris, the corpse-like Public Health Director of LA County accidentally let it slip that schools would be reopened after the election.

      But Fauci is out telling Harvard that the entire U.S. should be locked down until the end of winter 2021 to have a mild flu season.

      I think we reopen after the election.



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