These are Not Your Father’s Pin-Ups: Evil Pinups Appearing at Little Darlings This Weekend

evil pinups4The Evil Pinups (Shay Lynn and Jaded Dawn) will be performing throughout Labor Day Weekend at Little Darlings Las Vegas on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights, August 29, 30, and 31.

These are not the typical innocent-looking, petite young dancers we usually see at Little Darlings (see pic). Both dancers have been working the nude beauty pageant circuit for years and have made girl-on-girl, bondage, and fetish films.

Shay Lynn (whom I’ve seen dancing with the Suicide Sirens, brandishing flaming swords) calls herself  a “dancer, porn star, troublemaker.” She once made a girl-on-girl porn film with Jaded Dawn set during the French Revolution.  (One of the girls played a serving wench, the other an aristocratic lady.  I only saw the trailer, but the plot possibilities boggle the mind.)

The show is big on props, which change with every show. Jaded Dawn has performed nude on stage twirling six-foot scarves set on fire, wrapped in live  pythons, and sloshing around in a champagne bowl.

If you like big tits and kinky girl-on-girl fetish stuff, you’ll like the Evil Pinups.